16+ Pros and Cons of Buttock Lift Surgery (Explained)

A buttock lift surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure for enhancing and improving the appearance of the buttocks. It is a lift of the lower body for contouring the groin, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks.

It may be done as a part of belt lipectomy or tummy tuck. This surgical procedure of buttock lift does not add any volume to the region. But, at times, this process is combined with augmentation. This involves the alteration of the size or shape of the buttocks with the help of fat grafts or implants.

Benefits of Buttock Lift Surgery Drawbacks of Buttock Lift Surgery
Smoother and better-toned buttock areaLong recovery time
Removal of excess sagging skin and fat from the buttocks      2. Affected by weight fluctuations
Permanent or very long-lasting benefitsMay result in losing volume from the buttocks
      4. Alleviation from any discomfort caused by excess skinUnsuitable for heart patients
Unsuitable for pregnant women
Recovering patients from recent surgeries are unsuitable for the process

Advantages of Buttock Lift Surgery

  • Smoother and Better-toned buttock area

A buttock lift surgery will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of the buttocks. It is the most popular method for improving the shape of the buttock area.

It makes the region appear more full and round from flat or square shape. But as this is an antilogous process, the scope of fat grafting is limited to the amount of fat available in the body. If the body lacks enough fat, the curves may not look as exaggerated as one might expect.

  • Removal of excess sagging skin and fat from the buttocks

Buttock lift surgery ensures aesthetic removal of the excess fat and sagging skin from the buttock area. This procedure is generally accompanied by liposuction of the abdomen, the flanks along the back areas.

The butt lift noticeably improves the overall body balance of the person. The entire process lifts the buttocks and gives a proper shape to the whole waist region. Depending on the quality of the skin, the body shape, and the total amount of excess fat requires to be removed the surgeon will decide the best alternative for a particular patient.

If there is too much skin to be removed then a lower body lift may be considered for best results. If this removal causes the loss of buttock volume, then augmentation can be implemented to make-up with the loss.

  • Permanent or very long-lasting benefits

The results of the buttock lift procedure is almost permanent. If not so, then also its effects last for a very long period. Once a person undergoes the surgery, he or she can enjoy the benefits of the surgery for long if proper care is taken and the medical advice is followed without fail.

  • Alleviation from any discomfort caused by excess skin

A person with excessive fat and sagging skin face discomfort in mobility. Buttock lift surgery efficiently addresses the issue and alleviates such complications and discomfort. The patient may experience certain discomfort immediately after the surgery as the anesthesia effect wears off. A touch or movement might seem painful at that time.

But after that initial stage is over, the person feels much light and experiences easier mobility. A surgical swelling may remain for weeks or even months without hampering the effects of surgery.

Disadvantages of Buttock Lift Surgery

  • Long recovery time

A buttock lift surgery requires a long recovery time. There are restrictions in weight-lifting or performing any strenuous activities for 4-6 weeks. It is the recovery period. The surgeon will guide accordingly regarding the methods of sitting, sleeping postures including the usage of pillows to reduce the pain and minimize the tension of the incision.

If there is a small child or children, then it is required to keep someone else for their care-taking. A buttock lift surgery requires a recovery time of around a month approximately before normal activities are resumed.

  • Affected by weight fluctuations

The effects of buttock lift surgery wear off with excessive weight gain in the future. Therefore it is essential to follow the strict guidelines prescribed by the surgeon to remove the possibility of weight gain. Avoiding smoking, intake of a healthy diet accompanied by multivitamin supplementation are required. The diet should be healthily high-calorie ensuring the recovery and growth of the muscles without gaining fat.

  • May result in losing volume from the buttocks

A buttock lift surgery may result in the loss of volume from the buttocks. The removal of excess fat and sagging skin may result in the reduction of the volume of the buttock. In that case, a buttock augmentation procedure needs to be followed to manage the loss. This may incur extra cost and the entire procedure becomes much more expensive.

  • Unsuitable for heart patients

A buttock lift surgery is unsuitable for a person with a heart condition(s). he or she may not undertake the pressure of surgery like this. It is best to keep such people away from the complications of this sort of surgery. 

  • Unsuitable for pregnant women

A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of physical changes during this phase. There are notable changes in body weight and appearance at this stage. Therefore, a pregnant woman is not at all eligible for undergoing a butt lift surgery.

  • Recovering patients from recent surgeries are unsuitable for the process

Butt lift surgery is not suitable for everyone. A person who is in the recovery stage of surgery cannot undergo the process of butt lifting technique. The body of a patient who is already recovering from the effects of surgery cannot undertake the pressure of yet another surgical procedure.

Form the above discussion, we have got a fairly clear picture of the probable advantages and disadvantages of butt lift surgery. It depends on the overall general health condition of the patient. Avoiding smoking is a must in this case because smoking can cause a lot of side effects in the process. The respective surgeon is the best guide in the entire procedure. Therefore, expert consultation is necessary prior to the surgery.

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