23+ Pros and Cons of Calligraphy (Explained)

Calligraphy is an art form that makes the best artists look small and miniscule as it is one that requires great concentration and practice. The art of calligraphy when used on modern invitation cards and other purposes looks like an art piece made out of some ancient time, hence making your card look like an elegant representation of yourself.

Calligraphy should only be used when you are confident you have enough time on your hand, as the artist must be allowed to work in utmost comfort and peace to ensure you have a good card. Hence using calligraphy is a choice you will have to make.

Pros and Cons of Calligraphy

Pros of CalligraphyCons of Calligraphy
1. Beautiful Invitations
1. Expensive

2. Traditional Approach

2. Time Taking

3. Unique Style

3. Difficult for Those with Long Guest List

4. Handwritten Personalisation

4. Two Weeks Time is taken for a Hundred Invitations

5. Elegant for Wedding Cards

5. Problem with Design

6. Customize Colour Scheme

6. End Result May not Be Satisfactory

7. Design More Suited than Computer Design

7. Cannot be Used on Short Notice

8. Revive the Hand Written Style

9. Social Esteem


  • Beautiful Invitations:

Calligraphy calls for beautiful invitation cards for whatever may be the occasion. This is because it is the kind of art that is traditional, but at the same time has kept its roots firmly even in modern tradition. This makes calligraphy one of the ancient styles of art still relevant.

  • Traditional Approach:

The invitation cards you will be sending out will have a much more traditional outlook than normal digitised invitation cards. This will make the role of calligraphy a special touch to your special occasion, hence impressing guests and your family members. The use of calligraphy is a great method to do this.

  • Unique Style:

The use of calligraphy is going to give your invitation card, be it a wedding or a birthday, or even a holy occasion the chance to make it one of the most unique celebrations of the family and friend circle. This is also one of the great advantages of calligraphy.

  • Handwritten Personalisation:

The cards you will be sending out will have a personalised touch of handwriting making it an even more intimate occasion for people who have expectations from you. This can also be done by asking the calligrapher to write in a font that is sacred to your family.

  • Elegant for Wedding Cards:

The wedding invitations for the friends and family, and also some outside the social circle of your friends and family will have an elegant design, making a clear statement about the way you would like to present yourself and what your image actually, truly will represent.

  • Customize Colour Scheme: 

The colour scheme of the calligraphy artists will ensure that your card has the perfect balance of being an elegant and attractive card, but at the same time does not come off as too shiny and glittery. This will also be a perfect balance between boring and bland cards.

  • Design More Suited than Computer Design:

The advantage of anything that is handmade is that it appears more in tune with your intimate style and something that is not made out of a machine. This represents class and a good perspective about your present views about the world in general. 

  • Revive the Hand Written Style:

The use of calligraphy also suits traditional events more than the use of the digital form. The hand written style of making invitational cards and other such instances of tradition are slowly getting lost in the length of time and age. Use calligraphy to revive this.

  • Social Esteem:

The esteem that you will gain after using calligraphy in your invitational cards is something that is going to ensure that people remember your event for a long time, be it a wedding or a birthday or a coming of age celebration. Ensure calligraphy is done by a good artist.


  • Expensive:

When using calligraphy, remember it can be quite expensive. The writing on the outer envelope is cheaper than the one on the inside of the invitation card, but both the spaces will be expensive enough to take up a lot of your budget. The expense may be difficult to bear.

  • Time Taking:

The time taken to make even one card with calligraphy on it will be equal to printing at least ten cards when digitised. The fonts of handwriting are now available digitally as well, but you will not be able to get the same effect, hence making calligraphy your only option.

  • Difficult for Those with Long Guest List:

The invitation cards used for your event will be best written on calligraphy if it is a small gust list. With a big guest list, it is impossible to understand how you will be able to procure your cards before the event is due.

  • Two Weeks Time is taken for a Hundred Invitations:

A general calligrapher will tell you that you will need to book the invitation cards at least six months before the event is due with an average gust list. This is because the calligraphers take at least two weeks’ time for making a hundred invitations.

  • Problem with Design:

The design you have chosen may not be the one the calligrapher is most comfortable with. This makes it difficult for the calligrapher to keep in check with your request and the card in itself may be one that is born out of conflict between choice and form.

  • End Result May not be Satisfactory:

The end result of the card may not be satisfactory if your card is not well made and if the calligrapher is not well trained. This results in the dissatisfaction of your mood just before your event is scheduled to be hosted by you.

  • Cannot be used on Short Notice:

Calligraphy is definitely an option that cannot be used in short notice with the calligraphers themselves telling you that you are must be willing to move forward with the designs only if you have ample time on your hand, else it will be a lost cause.


Calligraphy is an art form, and like any other art form it must be used in cognizance with your time and the calligrapher should be given enough time to draw your card and design as it is completely handmade. The lack of time is not complementary to the art of calligraphy.

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