22 Main Pros and Cons of Carpet Weaving


The art and craft of carpet weaving is something that cannot be compared to other forms of art. This is because the art of carpet weaving is not merely about aesthetics, but about utility as well. This utility is a practical utility that is expected from products that have to be sold.

This is a craft that has existed over the years, with the Persian being most famous for their carpets and rugs in the medieval times. Now the whole world makes and carpets and it is a skill worth exploring. The process of carpet weaving is by hand and some parts through machines.

Benefits of Carpet WeavingDrawbacks of Carpet Weaving
Interior Designing ValueLabour
Looks BeautifulRaw Materials
Weaving had been a Family ProfessionPreparation of Design
Helps in Sustaining LivelihoodInitial Investment
A Form of ArtHand Knotting Process
Custom DesignsDifficult to Sell in Tropical Countries
Good for FloorsProblems of Competition
Gift a Carpet
Make a Business Out of It


  • Interior Designing Value:

The value of carpet designing is in its aesthetic value for interior designing. This means that the carpet to be designed is such that the room needs to look beautiful when the carpet is inserted inside it. For this reason many wealthy people make custom made carpets.

  • Looks Beautiful:

The beauty of carpet weaving and the process that goes into weaving these carpets is something that the people enjoy watching as well. In India the most popular carpet weavers are the ones who belong to the region of Kashmir and weave beautiful Kashmiri shawls and carpets.

  • Weaving had been a Family Profession:

The weaving of carpets is in many parts of the world a family profession. In the regions of West Asia and India, along with the Northern parts of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia are hubs of carpet weaving, contributing sizeably to the economy.

carpet weaving has interior design value
  • Helps in Sustaining Livelihood:

The craft of carpet weaving is something that has helped families sustain themselves over the years, while also contributing to the economy of the region and this it did in a heavy manner. The weaving of carpets is something that the people of these regions do regularly.

  • A Form of Art:

The weaving of carpets is a form of art as well. This means that the carpet weavers also have to have a great sense of aesthetics and form. This is a form of training that carpet weavers receive since childhood, hence making the process of weaving an art passed on to generations.

  • Custom Designs:

The designs that the customers want on their carpets is something that the customers can choose themselves. Hence the customers can also choose to have something of their own choice printed on the carpet by telling the weaver what to design. This makes carpet weaving personalised for the customer.

  • Good for Floors:

The floors that are often barren and look bad during the visit of friends and extended family can be replaced by the addition of beautiful carpet made by carpet weavers. Since carpet weaving is still usually done by hand rather than the machine, it has an ethnic touch.

Are Carpets Good For Floors
  • Gift a Carpet:

The gift of a carpet is something that the people can also appreciate and the one gifting can gift with a satisfaction in their heart. This is one of the best gifts that can be given to a loved one or a work friend and it can be gifted on any occasion.

  • Make a Business Out of It:

The business of carpet weaving has sustained not only families but entire economies of villages in parts of Northern India and even the regions of North Bengal. This is because carpet weaving is a booming business in cold, mountainous parts of the world. 


  • Labour:

The labour that has to be put into making the carpets and trimming the edges and ends after the process is over is something that takes a lot of time and hard work. This is one of the reasons why the people who weave carpets are so tired through the day.

Is Carpet Weaving Labor Intensive Job
  • Raw Materials:

The raw material to be bought to make a carpet is not so easily available at marketplaces and has to be ordered directly from the manufacturers of these raw materials. Some choose to make raw materials by themselves, but that is extra work and labour, creating more complications.

  • Preparation of Design:

The preparation of the design of the carpet that is to be weaved is something that takes its own amount of time and patience and has to be done by hand of the weaver. This means that the carpet weaving process is quite difficult for non-artists.

  • Initial Investment: 

The initial investment of the carpet weavers is something that often costs them a lot of their incomes. With travel expenses, maintenance and storage of raw materials and other such expenses, carpet weavers have a tough time managing their own expenses through the year.  They may even take loans.

  • Hand Knotting Process:

The hand knotting process of carpet weaving is a process that not only involves the pain and concentration of hand labourers and carpet weavers but also involves work of at least four people at the same point of time. This is because the carpet has to be held on together.

Is The Hand Knotting Process Really Tough
  • Difficult to Sell in Tropical Countries:

Carpets are of well use in countries which are cold and have a very icy climate. This is because in these places carpets keep warmth and keep the people free from problems of discomfort, but in tropical climate a carpet is not of much use, hence does not sell much.

  • Problems of Competition:

The problem of competition is something that puts the carpet weavers of the region against each other. This result in the possibility of bickering and monopoly of the carpet weavers of the area that they belong to. Hence the competition in carpet weaving is a serious problem.


The carpet weaving process is something that is truly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, although the carpet weavers are often neglected and not looked after leading to their poor health and vulnerable positions as artisans. This makes carpet weaving a difficult job, but one that is satisfying spiritually. This is the reason carpet weaving is so famous.

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