12 Pros And Cons Of Chromebook (Explained)

PC makers perceived a chance to exploit this development and concoct a workstation that depends intensely on online administrations. Without the requirement for very good quality equipment, these workstations called Chrome books were uncommonly modest and lightweight.

These PCs were made for clients who invested the greater part of their energy on the web. Chrome books run on the Chrome OS that works over a Linux stage. They are quick, secure, and like most customary PCs, can be utilized by different clients. 

Pros of Chrome Book


The primary thing that will stand apart when you go out on the town to shop for a Chrome book is that they are extremely modest. Most Chrome books go for 300 USD to 400 USD, yet some models can cost as low as 200 USD.

In the interim, a mid-run Windows PC can, without much of a stretch, cost multiple times or more than this sum. 

Information stockpiling and programming/security overhauls are completely robotized

In case you are not very good about supporting up your records all the time or in any event, sparing reports in progress, the Chrome OS is a perfect arrangement. The framework backs up your information to the cloud a few times each moment with no provocative.

You would then be able to get to your records from Google Drive on any PC or gadget on the planet, regardless of where you are operating.


Since chrome books do not depend on incredible equipment or enormous extra rooms, they are commonly more slender and lighter than customary PCs. The upgraded portability settles on chrome books, an incredible decision for laborers who need to move around a great deal.

With chrome books, conveying your PC in your sack or portable suitcase no longer should be an immense weight.

Are Chromebooks Lightweight


Most chrome books accompany an implicit confided in stage module that oversees passwords and ensures against infections. In addition, the Chrome OS accompanies its very own infection and malware assurance.

The framework constantly refreshes this insurance to the most recent rendition, so you never need to stress over your workstation being tainted by malware or infections.

Are Chromebooks Secure

Cloud storage 

Likewise, purchasing a Chrome book allows you two years of access to 100 GB of Google Drive stockpiling. This is a massive amount of cloud-based space that will typically cost an enormous sum if you get it from another stage,

for example, Dropbox. Having all of your documents adjusted to cloud-based stockpiling enables you to get to them from various workstations and from your telephone. 

Liberty to android apps 

The converging of Chrome OS and Android was an enormous advancement that greatly improved the conceivable outcomes of what you can go with a Chrome book.

Current chrome books would now be able to get to and download applications from the Android library through the Google Play application. 


Like your cell phone or tablet, the Chrome OS persistently checks for refreshes that it can download and introduce. This stays up with the latest, guaranteeing that it is constantly sheltered from malware and continually running ideally.

pros of chrome book

Cons of Chrome Book  

Limited storage capacity 

Since chrome books center on cloud-based stockpiling using Google Drive, most chrome books just have neighborhood stockpiling of up to 32 GB. This is one of the manners in which those producers have kept chrome books modest and lightweight.

This is not as a lot of a downside considering the 100 GB of Google Drive stockpiling that accompanies new chrome books. 

Do Chromebooks Have Limited Storage

No use of optical drive 

It may not be as significant now as it used to be before. However, chrome books never again have CD or DVD drives. This advancement is not special to chrome books, as even a portion of the more current Windows PCs never again believe optical drives to be significant.

We have begun to move away from this innovation, so this ought to be not be as quite a bit of an issue. 

cons of chrome book

Absence of similarity

Despite the fact that chrome books are more well-known now than they have ever been, there is no uncertainty that a large portion of the product being created are as yet being made to work with Windows.

You can discover essentially any sort of programming that is good with your workstation if you are utilizing a Windows PC. 

No MS OFFICE installed 

Since Google has its very own suite of Office-like items, for example, Google Docs and Google Sheets, Chrome book does not work with the conventional Microsoft Office stage.

This can be constraining for clients accustomed to working with Microsoft Office and abruptly wind up in a new stage where they cannot locate similar highlights that they have come to depend on. The Google Suite is a phenomenal stage without anyone else, yet it takes some becoming acclimated.

So is a Chrome book directly for you? On the off chance that your registering needs are insignificant and you have relentless web get to, a Chrome book might be a decent option compared to a progressively costly workstation.

In any case, in the event that you need greater usefulness or work disconnected all the time, it might be ideal to consider a Chrome book just as a reinforcement PC, if by any stretch of the imagination.

Chrome books offer another method for getting things done. However, the innovation is not exactly there yet to expect chrome books to be grasped by everybody. In spite of the fact that we concur that distributed computing is the future, apparently, what has to come is yet to come.

Is Microsoft Software Not Supported On Chromebooks

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