15+ Pros And Cons Of Copper IUD

Copper IUDs are also known as non-hormonal IUDs. IUD is an intrauterine device that is inserted into your uterus.

The small T-shaped device is coated with copper to prevent pregnancy. Copper IUDs can last for about 12 years, and you are free to get them removed whenever you wish.

You might need your doctor’s help to get it removed. Copper IUD comes with their own advantages and disadvantages that one must be aware of before using one. 

Advantages of Copper IUDDisadvantages of Copper IUD 
Completely hormone freeLead to heavy periods 
Emergency contraceptionResponsible for IUD cramps
Is super convenient Provides no protection from STDs 


  • Effective
  • Convenient
  • Flexible
  • Tiny
  • Contraceptive
  • Birth control
  • Best method 

Advantages Of Copper IUDs

Copper IUDs come with a long list of advantages. It is flexible, small, and convenient. But, more than all of these advantages, it is 99% effective. The best birth control method. 

Hormone Free 

Copper IUDs are absolutely hormone free and are 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. So, if you are looking for a birth control mood that is also hormone-free, then you must go for a non-hormonal IUD which is also known as a copper IUD.

A lot of people have medical reasons for not taking hormonal IUDs. But this is by far the best contraceptive method to prevent birth control. 

Emergency Contraception

Unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy, but you can use a copper IUD as an emergency contraception to prevent unnecessary pregnancy.

It has proven to be the most effective contraceptive method in so many cases. In addition, you can keep it in your uterus for as long as you want, which will help prevent pregnancy. 

Super Convenient 

Birth control would be the last thing on your mind after you get your copper IUD fitted in your uterus. It has various benefits, and one of them is being super convenient. It is tiny and fits in just right.

You do not have to get stressed about its placement. You can remove it quickly, and it will not affect your fertility. You can go back to normal after getting it removed. 

Disadvantages Of Copper IUDs

Non-hormonal IUDs have their setbacks and side effects. Cramps and backaches are included. Copper IUDs can cause heavy bleeding, especially during the first three to six months. 

Heavy Periods

You might experience abnormal bleeding and heavy periods after inserting a copper IUD in your uterus. Experiencing heavy periods is normal as it’s one of the side effects. It usually gets better with time, but you must consult your doctor if the pain doesn’t disappear. 

IUD Cramps

Because of the copper IUD, you might experience some of the worst kinds of cramps during your periods. If the medicine isn’t working to ease the pain, then a doctor’s help is needed.

However, if you are experiencing cramps even when you are not on your period, this might be because your IUD must have moved from its initial position. 

No Protection From Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Copper IUDs are the most effective method in preventing pregnancy, but they cannot prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases. However, you can reduce the risk of suffering from STDs by having protected sex. 


  • The procedure is quick and simple
  • Take the help of a healthcare provider
  • Can lead to light Cramps 
  • Needs to be checked and replaced by a healthcare professional
  • There can be light bleeding after the removal
  • Fertility will go back to normal 

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