18+ Pros and Cons of Coronavirus Vaccine (Explained)

The new strain of Coronavirus, Covid-19, has unleashed terror and destruction worldwide in a manner unprecedented before. Each century has seen devastation wrecked by natural disasters, and one of the top causes is illness that razes whole villages and cities to the ground.

From the Bubonic Plague to the 1918 Flu, the last few 100 years are marked by destructive global pandemics, and this year, the Covid-19 virus takes the cake. With over 20 lakh deaths and 5 lakh recoveries worldwide, people are hoping for a miracle to get them out of this macabre situation.

Scientists are working against time to investigate and explore the various components of the virus to give us an answer. The only solution seems to be a vaccine to combat the disease. 

Pros of the Coronavirus Vaccine:

Immediate Relief:

With the release of the vaccine, the virus can be stopped in its tracks as soon as possible. At the moment, we have no weapons to combat this deadly disease, except maintaining constant vigilance on affected areas, basic sanitary habits like washing hands and wearing masks, and obeying the regulations ordered by the government for our own safety. 

Eradicating HotSpots:

Certain regions have been marked as ‘hotspots’ — these areas have been found to contain the highest number of individuals affected with the virus. There is a possibility of community transmission in these areas, so officials have cordoned these places off to avoid the virus from spreading. With the introduction of the vaccine, these places can be treated speedily, and transmission can be eradicated.

Getting Control Over the Situation:

Once the vaccine is introduced to the general population, it will not be possible for the virus to spread as quickly as it is transmitting at the moment. Soon, serious cases will be far few and in between to cause any real impact. Restrictions will slowly be removed, and people can get back to the lives they were leading before the pandemic. 

Faster Treatment:

Hospital rooms and ICUs are overflowing with the deluge of new cases that are pouring in every half an hour. This leads to serious cases being overlooked, and higher mortality rates. With the introduction of the vaccine, patients who are in critical conditions and/ or whose symptoms have been exacerbated by the presence of other illnesses will be given more priority.

Repairing the Economy:

Those whose livelihoods depend on working outside have been severely affected, and this has led to massive layoffs. A great financial depression has formed, and will take a lot of manpower to restore the economy to at least a shadow of its former self. With the implementation of the vaccine and the removal of regulated lockdowns once cases decrease, people will be able to go back to their jobs, earn their keep, and rebuild themselves.

Lower Mortality Rates:

As it goes without saying, the vaccine will prevent the virus from spreading everywhere. Men, women and children are being decimated left and right. Families fear losing kith and kin to the disease, and are praying for a cure. The mortality rate will decrease dramatically due to the vaccine’s efficiency. 


This pandemic has been extremely gruelling for people – both physically and mentally. Even those who have not had direct exposure to the effects of this illness have had to deal with mental issues. A vaccine will help expedite the process of recovering and returning to normal life as fast as possible. 

Cons of the Coronavirus Vaccine:

Introduction of Vaccine is Still Too Far:

Virologists and medical researchers are working round-the-clock to find some means of prevention against this devastating virus. However, the introduction of a tried and tested vaccine to the market is still pretty far off — this strain of coronavirus is very new, and researchers have to know exactly what the virus is capable of and its weaknesses to create the first line of defense. 

Cost of the Vaccine:

When the vaccine hits the shelves, there’s going to be a mad scramble to get them. Drug companies will take this opportunity to raise prices to skyrocketing amounts, which will create a huge divide between those who can afford it, and those who cannot, and lead to altercations.


Once the vaccine is introduced, everyone will try to get their hands on them. Governments will look for the tiniest opportunity to get ahold of the vaccine. Those countries who will lose the bidding war due to lack of funds, will lose out on getting the vaccine. The citizens of these countries will have to depend on the goodwill and the dregs passed out by the richer countries who own the vaccine.

Rise of Illegal and Dangerous Placebos:

Whenever a promising drug hits the pharmacies, there is a rise of cheaper drugs which promise similar cures. However, these so-called medicines are not approved by the drug administrations that regulate drugs, and these pills and vaccines could contain dangerous elements that could be a detriment to human health. People will have to be extremely alert and careful regarding such offers, so that they are not harmed by these get-well-quick schemes. 

Dealing with Anti-Vaxxers:

A large part of the population, especially in the United States of America, believe that vaccines cause great harm, and inflict autism on children. While this is woefully incorrect, the government and the medical community will have to stress upon the importance of the vaccine to avoid another outbreak. 

While there are quite a few hurdles to cross over, a vaccine will be the solution against the daily rising cases of death and affected rates. Vaccines are a preventive measure; they form the first line of defense against any disease.

These are dark times indeed, and inspirational instances like hardworking medical caregivers and the focus on getting out a working vaccine brings hope. We must believe in the efforts of our medical community, and wait patiently for a preventive measure, if not cure. Instead of panicking, we must take advantage of our privilege, and help out those in need.

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