25+ Pros and Cons of Crochet (Explained)

The several methods of knitting and crochet is something that has existed for a long time in the history of the human civilisation. This makes it one of the most ancient crafts of the human kind. The two most prominent methods of stitching and production is knitting and crochet. The reason crochet is so popular in the world is because of its immense output of warmth and sweaters that produce warmth.

This makes crochet a viable option in the regions of the world which are very cold. The best reason for use of crochet is that it keeps the members of the family happy through various projects and also a great pass time for the one designing.


1. Only One Hook Required

1. Crochet Produces Bulky Output

2. It is Faster

2. Lack of Fine, Smooth Texture

3. Easier to Learn

3. Various Colours cannot be Used

4. Safer for Beginners

4. Not good for Hats

5. Various Shapes can be Made

5. Lacks Modernity in Output

6. Make Simple Designs

6. Warmth comes at the cost of Comfort

7. Usually Used for Elegance

7. Alternative of Knitting

8. Stuffed Toys can be Made

9. Multiple Projects with One Hook


  • Only One Hook Required:

The advantage of doing crochets is that only on active stitch and one hook is required to finish the project. In the case of knitting, various stitches are required along with at least two to three needle points. This is unnecessary in crochets as it hosts only one source.

  • It is Faster:

The problem with knitting is that it takes an immense amount of time sometimes even long months, to finish one project, where as in the case of crochets, the project can be easily finished in a few days’ time due to the process having only one active source.

Easier to Learn:

The crochet making process is much easier to learn for beginners and for those who have just started learning or gaining an interest in the makings of the crochet or knitting as well. If you are interested in creating soft toys and nice, warm sweaters learn crochets.

  • Safer for Beginners:

The process of crochets is not only easier, but also safer for the fingers and skin of the beginners as it only has one active source through which the needle passes through over and over again. This makes it a process of safety and is helpful for beginners.

  • Various Shapes can be made:

The process of knitting is one in which the output of the projects is limited to certain shapes and sizes, but with crochets, the process is absolutely easy and produces content that may vary from toys to warm and comfortable sweaters for winter. This is a great advantage.

  • Make Simple Designs: 

The designs that come out of crochet making process is the kind that utilises the process of single pin output, which is the reason that so many designs have elegance. Hence the warm sweaters of winter that you may see photos of on social media are made through crochet.

  • Usually Used for Elegance:

The use of crochet is not one that keeps the designer unsatisfied with the output. The crochet process has been in the collective memory of the society for many long years and hence is recommended to those who like to make elegant looking beautiful sweaters and designs.

  • Stuffed Toys can be made:

The process of crochet making is also known as the ‘stuffed toys designer’. With crochet, very beautiful, smart, fluffy soft toys can be made. It is usually the case, that when people do not use crochet, they use machines to make beautiful soft toys.

  • Multiple Projects with One Hook:

Another great advantage of crochet is that it makes very good use of the resources you have, hence you can make several beautiful and elegant designs using just one pin from the very beginning. This is because the crochet process uses one hook for all projects.


  • Crochet Produces Bulky Output:

The problem with crochets is that the production of the output of crochet is usually bulky and heavy, making it quite uncomfortable and difficult to wear in winter and also increases the weight of the person wearing the sweater or pullover. 

  • Lack of Fine, Smooth Texture:

The problems with crochet is that the people using the method of crochet usually belong to extremely cold climates and have to use crochet to make the kind of material that keeps the body warm, but this is not applicable everywhere and hence knitting provides smoother texture.

  • Various Colours cannot be used:

The crochets cannot be used much when making sweaters that children will like, because it keeps the colours limited to at the most two. The usage of lesser colour is usually a lesser attraction for the children, where as in the knitting process various colours can be used.

  • Not good for Hats:

Hats are beautiful when worn in summer. Under the shining sun, wearing a hat is a good method of protection and of style. Crochets cannot make hats which can be worn the year round without discomfort, this again makes knitting the obvious alternative to stylish hats.

  • Lacks Modernity in Output:

The lack of modernity of the approach of the crochet makes it a less viable option when compared to knitting. The crochet is usually used for the purpose of making warm sweater and stuffed toys, but in the age of modernity, the crochet cannot be maintained.

  • Warmth comes at the cost of Comfort:

The comfort of knitting and products made out of knitting is often more than the crochet process. This makes it quite difficult to maintain the crochet method the year round. Knitting is an option which might provide style and comfort, but crochet can provide sustainability at the cost of comfort. 

  • Alternative of Knitting:

The problem with crochets is that the use of these methods is quite context specific and relative to specific geographic locations. This makes the use of crochet an alternative that can only be provided to those who have a better and more comfortable lifestyle and geographic condition.


The use of crochet is certainly the kind of alternative that keeps the warmth of the family members intact, but at the same time it is difficult to process the idea of crochets in a day and age that prefers style over substance. Even then, the use of crochet is still prominent and kept at a length.

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