20+ Pros And Cons Of Cyber Security (Explained)

The arena of information technology has taken up and overwhelmed almost every component of our livelihood. Be it one’s social life or working space or personal life- everything has been taken over and is thus controlled by information technology.

This has also made our life a lot easier than it used to be. We do not have to remember numerous phone numbers or bank details anymore and rely on the system.

But with ease comes hand in hand, risk. The risk of our private information being compromised to people or groups with ill intentions stays. This is where the role of cyber security comes.

Pros of Cyber Security

Protection from Unwanted Programs

Internet is an open space where all kinds of programs go about, even the ones that are very harmful to our system. Cyber security provides protection against all these programs, viruses, malware, spyware that can make our gadgets compromise information.

Denies Unauthorised Access

No company or individual would want their strategy or exclusive plans to go into the hands of any other individual or organization who might use this information to their benefit and against the former party. Cybersecurity helps achieve this and denies access to anyone who might not be trying to access information through the front door.

Prevents Hacking

Hacking is one of the main vices of the internet and information technology combined. Though hacking is both ethically and legally unacceptable, the finest of hackers can break through the defenses of a system and exploit the weaknesses of the system. Cyber security puts up a strong defense against these hackers and protects the computer.

Minimized Data Theft Hazard

Cyber security ensures that no unauthorized or malicious user can gain access to the system. It implements such a high-security protocol that protects the user against any major data theft and makes the experience a lot more relieving.

Reduces Computer Crash

Crashing computers and freezing screens and two of the main hindrances of working with technology. Many times people working with tight deadlines face these problems that put their work-life at risk. Cyber security helps diminish these problems and lower the hindrance of working with technology.

Cyber Security Protects Computers From Hacking

Increase in Cyber Defence

Every organization or company tries its best to maximize the security of its exclusive data. The defense posed by mere anti-virus or such software might be easy to breakthrough. Whereas a full-fledged defense of a cyber security program strengthens the defense and lets the user work from a safe space.

Detection and Deletion of Harmful Programs

If the cyber security system finds any malware, spyware or virus in the files that were present even before the installation of the security system, it immediately takes it upon itself to detect them and ultimately delete them to remove any threat to the system.

Deny Access from Possible Threat

Cyber security does not allow any access that might pose even the slightest threat to the system. It not just denies access to a possible threat and saves the hazard, it also notifies the user of the possible threat so that the user can build the defenses to be stronger.

Improves Stakeholder Confidence

If your company can showcase greater cyber security and defense against malpractices, it is bound to give your company a boost about fulfilling stakeholders’ confidence in your company and hence, make them invest more.

Faster Recovery

In cases of disruption of the system, implementing a cyber security system ensures a faster recovery and stable continuity of the business operation, which is a savior as otherwise, it would result in total disruption and ultimately cessation of the business operation for the time being.

Cyber Security Prevents Data Theft

Cons of Cyber Security

Difficult to Set Up

A cyber security system is difficult to set up for an average user. It requires professional technical knowledge and a professional to implement them and make them work. Thus, random installation of cyber security by regular people is not possible which makes it harder for the system to reach the masses.

Constant Need to Update the Security

Technology advances every minute and so does the security system. The user has to keep in mind to update his security system regularly to keep his device safe. Any missed update can put the whole system at a huge risk and compromise it.

Expense of Setting up The Whole System

Cyber security systems might be convenient to set up for the big farms, companies, and organizations, but not for individuals who might possess sensitive data that needs to be protected. The hindrance is the huge expense that is associated with it.

Security Patches May Back-Fire

When your content management system releases a new security update or patch, hackers can compare the patched and unpatched files to know the weaknesses that are mended in the patched file. Then they can attack the files that are unpatched. Hence, the security patches may backfire on the very system it was meant to secure.

Cyber Security Could Be Very Expensive

New Update Might Not Suit Your System

When a new update is installed, a lot of the workings do not happen as they were meant to be. Thus, time is required to work around the system and make it function as it was intended to while complying to the security system.

Makes the System Slower

Better security is synonymous with a greater number of passwords and more and more checking of the files by the security system, all of which takes time and thus slows down both the system and the productivity of the person working.

Incorrectly Configured System Blocks Firewall

If the firewall is configured incorrectly, it blocks certain services and actions of the user. This stays until the firewall is configured correctly, which requires the intervention of a professional, thus making it hard to work with a person who is not familiar with the technology.

Cyber security might still have a lot of loopholes that is being constantly worked upon, but then it is our best bait at saving our information from hackers and other ill users of technology.

Cyber Security Is Difficult To Set Up

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