20+ Pros And Cons Of Drinking Alcohol (Explained)

During the modern times of the ongoing 21st century, the popularity of alcohol has definitely reached new heights. It is available in almost every market nowadays and is purchased all round the year. The various types of alcohol that are present nowadays have also been identified as a legal drug in most of the countries. It is known for having broken a number of social barriers in the present times.

Benefits  of Daily Alcohol ConsumptionDrawbacks  of Daily Alcohol Consumption
Ensures to protect the heartExtremely addictive
Helps to reduce other possible risksAffects the health of the skin
Provides protection from common coldPresence of harmful calories
Reduces the chances of gallstonesIncrease in the rate of crimes

Advantages of Daily Alcohol Consumption

  • Ensures to protect the heart:

The consumption of alcohol on a regular basis can definitely improve the functioning of the human heart to a great extent. It has been proven by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

The medical experts have thrown light upon the fact that an individual who consumes alcohol on a more or less regular basis is definitely much less prone to various heart diseases. They have also identified that particular amount of alcohol which should be consumed regularly and not an excessive amount which might otherwise lead to serious health issues.

A healthy pattern of drinking involves consuming less than three standard drinks on a daily basis. This can therefore help to improve and protect the human heart.

Is It Accurate To Say That Drinking Alcohol Is Beneficial For Your Heart
  • Helps to reduce other possible risks:

It has been proven by a large number of medical professionals that a daily consumption of a particular amount of alcohol can definitely help in reducing the chances of all other possible risks.

Such a confirmation has mainly been put forward by the American Diabetes Association who have shown that drinking alcohol on a regular basis can definitely help in reducing the chances of type 2 diabetes.

This particular drop rate has occurred by nearly 25% due to which it is often by prescribed by the doctors as well to consume that particular amount of alcohol as a part of the daily meal structure. The average level of the blood glucose that is present in various individuals is also maintained with the help of daily alcohol consumption.

  • Provides protection from common cold:

This is definitely one of the biggest advantages of consuming alcohol regularly because it has been proven that such a daily consumption can definitely help in preventing the common cold. It has also been proven by various recent studies that the individuals who are not chain smokers definitely undergo a decrease in the chances of being easily diagnosed with various cold diseases.

The consumption of nearly 8-15 glasses of red wine on a weekly basis has been found to be extremely effective in reducing the chances of developing a common cold by nearly 60%.

  • Reduces the chances of gallstones:

Another effective way in which the daily consumption of alcohol has been extremely effective is due to the fact that they have shown positive results in reducing the chances of gallstone development.

The consumption of nearly one unit of any type of alcohol can definitely lower such a health risk by nearly 1/3. This has been highlighted by the experts working at the University of East Anglia. 

Does Drinking Alcohol Regularly Help Lower The Risk Of Gallstones

Disadvantages of Daily Alcohol Consumption:

  • Extremely addictive:

This is certainly one of the most deadliest limitations of consuming alcohol on a daily basis. This is because it has resulted in many such scenarios wherein such individuals have become extremely addicted to the same. Most of the consumers are found to lose control over that particular amount beyond which they should not be consuming.

It becomes hard for them to avoid this particular habit and thus such addictions ultimately lead to various health challenges which can also lead to fatal results.

Is It True That Drinking Alcohol Every Day May Get You Addicted
  • Affects the health of the skin:

The consumption of alcohol on a daily basis has led to some serious consequences on the skin health on most of the individuals. It has led to the skin undergoing a massive deteriorationin various ways.

A large number of skin experts have found out that such heavy alcohol addictions can undoubtedly result in skin dehydration which can take a toll on the overall health of such an individual.

Skin being the largest organ of the human body should be properly taken care of. But such drinking habits can lead to the skin lacking from various essential nutrients and vitamins.

Does Daily Alcohol Drinking Impact The Health Of The Skin
  • Presence of harmful calories:

Studies have thrown light upon the fact that alcohol are known to contain a large proportion of harmful calories. This can lead to serious health damages in various consumers. Such alcoholic drinks are known to contain no such effective nutritional values.

Instead they are rich in calories which ranges upto 300 and can therefore affect the human health to a great extent. One of the most immediate side-effects is the occurrence of obesity in most of the consumers. Such high level of calories also fail to satisfy an individual’s hunger in the most dangerous manner.

  • Increase in the rate of crimes:

One of the most serious and dangerous impacts of alcohol addictions is the fact that it can definitely serve as one of reasons for a sudden increase in the crime rates in the recent times. Alcohol is known to interrupt the way of good judgement which serves as the sole reason behind such criminal activities.

One of the most common type of alcohol oriented criminal activities is the sudden increase in the cases pertaining to drinking and driving which have therefore resulted in nearly 10,265 number of deaths in the recent times. 


A number of studies have shown that alcohol consumption has become a part of every culture in the recent times. It has certainly become extremely popular wherein individuals from every part of the world are seen to consume a particular amount of alcohol on a regular basis. It is not just restricted to special occasions nowadays but instead a daily consumption of this particular item is found in almost every household.

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