18 Main Pros and Cons of Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus steel is a very unique and beautiful metal that features a distinct wavy, liquid-like pattern in it. While these variations of sturdy steel can be a beautiful bridal ring, the roots of its trace back to the ancient weaponry. As a weapon, Damascus held the superiority over the traditional iron weapons because of its hardness, durability, and the sharpness.

In fact, the Damascus blades were believed to be finer and much sharper than any other steel weapon in the history. Built by the sword smiths of the eleven centuries, Damascus steel completely vanished from the production by the year 19th century. But then, a resurgence of that unmistakable steel again occurred in the year 1998, and now Damascus steel rings are increasingly growing popular in a rapid manner.

Damascus steel has been gaining a lot of buzzes these days a new metal that can be used in bridal rings. Although the Damascus steel itself has been around here for the centuries, it is only in the recent periods that an increasing number of people are learning about this metal as a metal which could be used as an ornament for wedding and engagement events. With its many advantages as a metal to wear every day, there are a lot of disadvantages as well.

Pros and cons of Damascus steel:

Pros of Damascus steel

A long and illustrious history as a warrior’s metal:

One of the important advantages of the Damascus steel ring is that it is associated with the history of the warrior’s metal. Thus, it tends to be more popular amongst the people out there.

The warriors of the ancient period used to use Damascus for the making weapons and other materials and people have come to know about the durability and strength of the material. Thus this is preferred over many other materials.

Extremely durable and scratch resistant:

This metal was used by the warriors of the ancient and the historic periods and these rings are extremely durable and strong. The biggest advantage that this metal is now being widely used by a large number of people as wedding and engagement rings because of its scratch resistance feature.

The longevity that it offers is just great and thus it makes one of the ideal metal for the preparation of wedding rings or ornamental rings.

Unique patterns and eye-catching designs:

Another one of the most important advantages that Damascus steel rings are that these rings are available in various attractive and unique designs. Also because of the durability and the tensile feature of the Damascus steel rings, those designs are going to stay as they are, intact, for many years.

The liquid patterns of the metal itself give it a royal look, making it ideal for adorning purposes. Over those liquid patterns, any engraved designs give it a beautiful look and every bride loves wearing these Damascus steel rings on their wedding.

Affordably priced:

Wedding rings are mostly, golden rings or diamond rings. But, most certainly, these are quite expensive. But if you opt for Damascus steel rings for your wedding purpose, then certainly, you could avail of these rings at a much lower and affordable price. Also, it is worth buying because of the longevity and the durability it offers.

In addition, it scratch free and will last you many years without any further investment in it like recoloring, etc. which you otherwise might have to do if opted for other metals. Thus, overall, it can be said that it is a good purchase at a reasonable price.

Easy to maintain:

Damascus steel rings are quite easy to clean and maintain. This, unlike other metals, does not need any extra investment for its maintenance purpose. Slight brushing of the rings with some soapy water is enough to bring it back to the new state.

The lustrous and the sparkling nature of the ring can be restored using some simple products available easily at someone’s home, with zero money. It is also considered as one of the most important reasons to consider it and prefer it over other materials.

Environmental friendly and resizable:

Damascus steel is without a doubt, an environment material.  So, if you’re concerned about resizing the potential Damascus steel ring of yours, then you will certainly want to check with the jeweller prior to purchasing.

This is because it is not exactly a yes or no answer because it depends on which metal alloys were used to create the ring. It is possible to go up a quarter size by removing a bit of the lining or the liner completely. Besides, having so many pros, the Damascus rings have many cons as well.

Cons of the Damascus Rings

All Damascus Rings cannot be resized:

Damascus steel rings are also known for being difficult to resize which is considered to be one drawback of this metal. They are also pretty difficult to cut off in an exchange in the event that the ring does not fit you properly.

So, if you have bought a malleable Damascus steel ring, then making this change is not impossible. In any case, many reputable retailers might offer an exchange in the event that your ring does not fit you.

Ring should not be subjected to chlorine:

Many Damascus steel rings on the market are quite likely to rust. This is because of the properties of the various metals out there that are used in creating them.

If a cheaper iron or ‘tool’ steel alloys are used to create, the metal tends to rust when exposed to various chemicals like chlorine. This is the reason why many people are reluctant to purchase Damascus steel rings due to the fear that they may rust.

People allergic to nickel should not wear Damascus:

Damascus steel which is made up of high quality steel and alloys are typically hypoallergenic. However, they can sometimes contain nickel and thus can sometimes cause issues for those with nickel sensitivities.

Again, it depends on the materials used to create the Damascus steel so check with your retailer as to the properties of the metal.

Not always easily available:

Damascus steel rings are not always easily available in all the local stores out there. And even if available, then they might not be of good quality. So it is important and researches about a retailer which is reputed as well as known for producing quality products before making a purchase.

Surface painted patterns may flake off:

Not all rings can last you a life time. You have to choose the one very carefully. The key is to buy authentic Damascus steel with etched patterns, rather than surface painted patterns which inevitably flake off. Thus, it is important to do some qualitative research before you buy one for yourself.

So, some important pros and cons of Damascus steel ring. So, by reading them you can get an idea about the greatest advantages and disadvantages of this metal. Besides so many advantages, one should take care of cons as well and should take the required steps to avoid these.

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