19+ Pros and Cons of Dancing (You must Know)

At some point in time, everyone has danced at parties or attended class for classical or ballet. This art has always been trendy no what the century is. In every culture, dancing has been praised.

Many girls at a young age join a dance class and make it their profession others make it their hobby. The wide range of dance never misses on to anyone and dancing is for everybody. Some people take up aerobics and Zumba into their fitness regime. 

Advantages of dancingDisadvantages of dancing
It Increases StaminaMuscle Pain
Weight LossMost Men Will Not Do It
Increase Respiration EfficiencyVery Expensive
Reduce Stress and AnxietyFitness Development
Strengthen and Tone MusclesIt Is A Short Career
Getting Paid For What You LoveStage Nerves
Emotional Benefit

Advantages of Dancing

It Increases Stamina 

Dance is an exercise and as we all know that physical exercise enhances and boosts up your energy.

Any form of dance can help you cope with the strenuous work in day-to-day life. Make dance a part of a fitness regime and see the magic. Dancing makes your body highly flexible.

It helps in Weight Loss 

Getting bored with going to the gym and walking join dance class to enjoy losing weight and gain some skills which are worthwhile.

Using gym instruments can affect your heart and muscles but moving body parts in rhythms can save you from certain types of diseases. Why spend so much money on gym instruments when you can spend less money on dance, lose weight and gain skill.

Increase Respiration Efficiency 

Dance of any form can be hard on the body so oxygen is required to keep you going. Therefore the respiratory process is strengthened. 

Reduce Stree and Anxiety 

According to researchers those who attend dance classes are devoid of stress and enjoy life to the fullest.

Dancing also keeps a check on your calories and cholesterol. This can have a dual effect, reduction of stress improves your quality of living helping you to produce the expert quality of work. 

Strengthen and Tone Muscles 

This is a very causal effect of dancing. Dance is a form of exercise and hence helps in weight reduction and toning your body. Dancing strengthens your body and makes you fit enough to let you join trekking or hiking. Becoming can prevent your muscles and bones from aging. 

Getting Paid For What You Love 

Taking up dance professionally can be a good idea. This art has never been old-fashioned and the new forms of dance that are evolving continuously are a must-try.

This job is better than any corporate sector job which is quite burdensome and monotonous in nature. Engaging yourself with children and earning doing what is love is much of a satisfaction.

Emotional Benefit 

Dancing can be beneficial emotionally, moving the body rhythmically can help in proper digestion and you can live life to the fullest. Some movements are like therapy and cure shoulder pain and muscle ache.

Disadvantages of Dancing

It Can Lead to Muscle Pain 

So this is the flaw of dancing. Nevertheless whenever it is a new form of exercise whether gym, walking, or dancing it hurts a bit but with the passing of time it can beneficial for your health. So it is preferable not to do rigorous practice at one go rather take time and enjoy the moments.

Most Men Will Not Do It 

So it is a disadvantage for men. Many men refrain from taking up dancing as a part of their fitness regime while some take up as their career.

It is the wrong understanding that dancing is just for women, even there are forms of dance where men are preferable to women and believed that men can perform it better than women can.

Can Be Very Expensive 

Some dance classes can be highly expensive, these are the ones in which they will train you to become a professional dancer and do stage performances which are not suitable for people who want to take up dance as an exercise to reduce weight and fat.

So research a bit before you join a dance class in your city. A variety of dance classes are available, make a wise choice depending on your needs.

Fitness Development 

Many a time it happens that people choose a dance class instead of the gym to lose weight, but it should be kept in mind that not all dance forms are meant to lose weight. Rigorous practice can reduce weight but weekly classes are not that effective.

It is A Short Career 

Very few dancing professionals have made their space in the industry and more people have failed in their journey to establish themselves as a dancer. Strong networks help a lot in forming a career in dance.

After a certain point in time, people retire from stage performance, and the only option left after that is opening a dance school.

Stage Nerves 

Students who later on take up dance as a profession faces problem in performing live. Many have stage phobia and cannot be confident in their skin to perform in front of so many people. So this can be a limitation to their career.

This may lead to the short life of their career. This may make them emotionally imbalance and reduce confidence in their skill. 

Too Much Travel 

Sometimes dance professionals have to travel a lot for their performances and this is why many leave their careers at its peak.

Dancers who are known globally share their story of why their career has become a burden on their families and why they cannot spend time and most importantly the festivals together. So check before you get serious about your dancing classes.

Dancing is a form of exercise that everyone should try once and it should not be seen as a feminine art.

Art is something that should not be discriminated and dancing is one of them which is common in every culture. Besides, it has a huge contribution to your happy and healthy lifestyle.

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