30+ Pros And Cons Of Dates (Explained)

Dates are tropical fruits that are grown on date palm trees. And it’s scientifically called Phoenix Dactylifera. Also, it is considered as the healthiest fruit in the world.

They are categories in the dry fruits and have a lot of importance in West Asian heritage.

However it has both pros and cons, and to know more about it, here is what you need to know.

Pros Of Dates Cons Of Dates 
High nutritious Tooth decay 
Cleanser for face leads to fructose intolerance
Treat blackheads Wax coating harms the body 
Great for exfoliating skin lead to hyperkalemia
Treat sunburn Not for babies 
Relief from itchinessThis leads to weight gain 
Dealing with hangover This leads to asthma attacks 
Fight fatigue  Cause skin rashes 
Helpful for a natural delivery Cause abdominal problems
Boost energy 
Improve fertility in males 
Good for dry lips
Anti-inflammatory agent 
Promote bones health
Protect kidney 
Helpful for headache 
Remove access oil from the scalp
Relive from constipation 
Remove build-up 
Moisturize the skin 
Reduce stress 
Good for hair

Pros Of Dates

It Has High Nutritious

The nutrition data of dates is something you should know. This one is packed with essential vitamins along with other nutrients which keep you healthy.

It has rich fiber and carbs, with per 100g of dates, you get :

  • Protein – 5.1g
  • Calories – 282
  • Total Fat – 0.4 g
  • Potassium – 656 mg
  • Sodium – 2 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 75 g
  • Antioxidants – 80400 micromol

Its Cleanse Your Face

Dates are also good for your skin complexion, and it has one of the best remedies for cleansing your skin.

Not just it strengthen the skin by taking dates on a daily basis but it keeps your skin supple.

Dates are also rich in pantothenic acid.

Ideal Exfoliator And Treat Blackheads

You can use dates as a skin exfoliator, however here fresh dates will work better along with whole milk and semolina.

Simply add dates with half a cup of milk and let It soak, then mass and add semolina. Use it to scrub your face and wash it off.

Vitamin A in dates helps in treating skin problems and removing dead skin cells.

Treat Acne, Sunburn, And Itchy Skin

Dates are rich in vitamin B, and it prevents the ane. It includes protein along with antioxidants for preventing infections related to skin and acne breakout.

It promotes glowing skin too, the nutrients in dates providing relief if you have sunburn. The antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals and UV rays.

Not just that if you have dull itchiness or bug bite, the date can help you in getting relief.

 Good For Dry Lips

Dates are rich in vitamin A, which improves the immune system and protects lips against pollutants, toxins, and infections that lead to dry lips.

Daily intake of dates for keeping your lips healthy.

Skin Moisturiser And Protecting In Summer

Dates are good for protecting your skin in summer,  it contains vitamin B.

Having a deficiency of vitamin B can lead to skin dryness.  Taking dates can help in providing skin soft and supple.

Good For Hair And Removing Excess Oil

The date is good for hair as it contains Vitamin C which keeps your hair follicles strong and stronger.

It’s good for removing the product buildup and keeping the scalp healthy.

Using dates with jojoba oil along with olive oil in the scalp can hydrate the roots. It can remove the excess oil from your hair.

Helps In Relieving From Stress

If you are going through stress,  you can munch on a few dates as it will help in relieving it.

Dates are high in fructose and glucose, it can be ideal for an energetic snack.

It boosts energy and you can consider replacing it with daily snacks.

Relieving From Constipation

Dates are natural laxative properties, and this can help in improving the bowel moment better as well as health.

This helps in killing the bacteria which causes constipation for restoring health.

Give You A Relief From Headache

If you are going through a headache, this can help in reducing the pain.

You can also use this for natural remedies, and eating handfuls of fruits for better health.

Fight Fatigue And Boost Energy

If you have fatigue and sluggishness, this can help in getting your energy back.

You can consume dates as a daily snack to fight off fatigue. Dates are rich in sugar,  it includes sucrose, glucose, and fructose.

It Helps In Facilitates The Natural Labour

Pregnant women eating dates on a daily basis can help in boosting the higher chance of natural labor for delivery.

Eating this fruit in later stages of pregnancy makes the delivery process much helpful and smoother.

Dates help in reducing the pressure that needs to apply for delivering a baby.

Protect Your kidney

Dates help in providing the various nutrients which help in keeping your kidney healthy in different circumstances.

According to the Always study conducted, dates reduce lesions which are caused by neurological disorders.

The extract can help in reducing the plasma to excess levels and creatinine in the kidney.

Helpful In Dealing With Hangovers

Having a hangover can cause problems for productivity and there are a lot of things that cause issues.

However, adding a diet can help, but it’s better to peel gently and let it soak in water, and then consume it in the morning.

Improve Fertility In Males

Eating dates contains vitamin and mineral which helps in improving the count of sperms/

Not just that, it can increase sexual libido. Apart from this, the presence of flavonoids and amino acids improves the performance of males in a sexual way,

Helpful In Fighting Against Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the common diseases, and it can be treated by synthetic medicines along with oral medicines and insulin supplementations.

Dates are also increased in the production of insulin and with several properties for an absorption rate of glucose intestine.

It also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Work Great As Anti Inflammatory Agent

Inflammation is a reactive machine that helps in fighting against several diseases, infections, and trauma.

The regulation of inflammatory agents helps in improving the crucial role of maintaining health.

Dates also have a compound that includes flavonoids and phenolics in effectively reducing inflammation in the body.

Promoting The Bone Health

Dates are rich in micronutrients including magnesium, manganese, selenium, and copper.

The micronutrient is helpful in developing your bone health.

It’s also a good supplement for bone problems.

It’s good for the highly effective treatment of conditions in bones such as osteoporosis.

Cons Of Dates

 Might Cause The Issues For Abdominal

Dates do not themselves cause abdominal problems unless sulfites are added which is common.

It’s a chemical compound that is added to the dried fruit in order to preserve as well as eliminate harmful bacteria which are harmful.

Those who are sensitive to sulfites can suffer from stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

Leads To Skin Rashes

Well, eating dried fruits like dates can lead to skin rashes.

One of the reasons behind this is the sulfites in the dates. This leads to rashes which are caused due to mold present in dried fruits.

Leads To Asthma Attacks

However there is not as much research as has been done, but since dates lead to allergies. And it can cause asthma too.

It’s better if you take extra care if you have the condition.  Not just that, people who have asthma are 80% affected due to airborne substances including molds.

Lead To Weight Gain

Well, dates are high in fiber and they are rich in energy density as well as calories which can lead to unprecedented weight gain.

If you are eating a gram of dates, you are consuming  2.8 calories which boosts the density of foods and weight gain too.

Not For The Babies

Dates are too thick and it’s not for babies which can be hard to chew on.

Since the intestines are still developing, that is not digested. This can also lead to complications.

Also, it can block the windpipe of infants and it can choke too.

That’s why they wait for the infant to grow so they can eat the dates.

Cause Hyperkalemia

Dates can lead to hyperkalemia, and it’s a condition where your potassium level becomes too high in your body.

Dates are rich in potassium and if you are consuming too much of it can cause a problem.

So if you have high potassium, it’s important to avoid eating dates.

Wax Coating Leads To Harmful Effects

These Days many companies are selling dates in wax coated on the surface to appear in order to add the shiny texture.

The shine adds freshness but it’s also bad for your health.  The wax is made from petroleum or it can be a chemical spray.

This can also cause issues related to the digestion system in the long run.

Cause The Fructose Intolerance

Dates are a natural sweetness that comes to fructose. Certain individuals find it difficult to digest the fructose and it leads to fructose intolerance.

The sugar might not get absorbed completely and it can pass through the digestive system.

This leads to gas as well as abdominal pain, and sugar starts to react to the natural bacteria.

It Can Lead To Tooth Decay

Dates are rich in fluorine which is good for keeping the teeth strong and enamel as well as preventing the teeth from decaying.

However, if dates are not good for your teeth as it is rich in sugar as well as carbohydrates which triggers the teeth decay.

It can lead to a rise in cavities. 

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