23+ Pros and Cons of Decoupage (Explained)

  Decoupage(découpage) is an art form where an item or object is decorated by sticking a host of different elements onto it(mostly using glue), like paper cutouts that are coloured using a combination of special paint effects, gold leaves, etc.

Mostly it is used on common objects like a small box, gift cards, furniture, etc. to beautify the object and give it a unique quality. The art is often coated with varnished to make the final result look like a painting or an inlay work. 

Pros of DecoupageCons of Decoupage
Really adds beauty to an objectThe art needs to be regularly maintained or it may not last long
Raw materials can be easily acquiredPrice of objects with decoupage are considerably higher
Adds an unique quality to the objectTakes a significant amount of time to create a single art
Can create one of a kind gifts Really high skill set is required to create good decoupage art
Now, even three dimensional images can be put on objectsCannot compete against the turnover time of computer-generated art
Highly boosts creativityVery few new artists taking it up owing to minimal interest
Can provide small employment opportunities
Innumerable number of designs can be created
Cheap and easy way to redecorate objects
Increases the monetary value of the object

Advantages of Decoupage

  • Beauty

This is the main reason for decoupage, as the process is responsible for adding beauty to an object. The whole attractive quality of the object receives a huge boost. Even ordinary objects like a box or a piece of furniture can be given a whole new look by making use of decoupage. 

  • Raw materials

The items needed for performing decoupage are very easy to acquire, for example paper, glue, paint, etc. They are quite readily available and generally lacking they are also relatively quite cheap. This means that even without spending too much money, a person can create something beautiful, by using the method of decoupage. 

  • Unicity

Once decoupage is carried out on a particular object or item, it will always make the item stand out from the rest. Decoupage helps in giving the object a very unique look. Thus the owner of the material is also proud of it as it is one of a kind. 

  • Gift

Decoupage can come in handy when you decide to give a person a gift. Even at a low cost, decoupage can help you acquire a beautiful gift that is also one of a kind. It is sure to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the receiver of the gift. 

  • Three-dimensional image

Advancements in technology has also entered into the field of crafts and the art of decoupage has benefited greatly from it. Elements in various sizes can be cut out of a number of identical images and then layered, one on top of the other, with spacers in between thus creating a 3d image. 

  • Creativity boost

Decoupage is an art and thus is heavily reliant on creativity. As a result if someone decides to take up decoupage and starts practicing it, they are bound to become more creative with time and also acquire a very unique skill set. This can help them later on in life. 

  • Employment

Learning the techniques of decoupage can actually open up a string of employment opportunities for a person. Apart from tying up with bigger companies that are involved in this art, one can also open up their own business, albeit small scale, and acquire earnings that they can completely call their own. 

  • Designs

There are innumerable possibilities possible when it comes to decoupage art. Not only can you get thousands of images easily nowadays, owing to the explosion of the internet, but the creators can come up with their own ideas and simply put it on paper. This makes the art even more unique. 

  • Refurbishing

Decoupage is one of the best and cheapest ways possible to refurbish old items which are of value to the owner, like old furniture, etc. After a little structural renovation of the item, a person can use decoupage to give that item a completely new look and increase it’s aesthetic beauty greatly. 

  • Monetary Value  –

Decoupage, apart from making an object more beautiful, also increases it’s monetary value. After decoupage, that same item can sell for a higher price. There are numerous people across the globe, who collect decoupage art, for their own collection and/or to sell these rare items at a greater price and gain a profit. 

Disadvantages of Decoupage

  • Longevity

Owing to the fact that most of the art mostly requires paper, to be created, they do not always last for very long. Decoupage art requires a lot of delicate handling and proper care for it to last for a long time. In case of no proper maintenance from time to time, the art can get destroyed. 

  • Price

This is definitely an issue, as the price of an object with decoupage art is considerably higher than one without. Even though the raw materials might be cheap, highly skilled decoupage artists are hard to come by and thus charge significant amounts. The unicity of the items also add to the price. 

  • Time

It takes a significant amount of time to create a decoupage art. This heavily brings down the number of materials that can be produced with decoupage art on them, than the ones without. Also a person looking to buy something like furniture, might not want to wait that extra time to get their product. 

  • Skill

It takes a lot of time and practice to get really good at decoupage. As a result not everyone can do it and this is a major reason that there are so few artists who actually have proper knowledge and skill in the art of decoupage. It is a time consuming and really precise art form.

  • Competition

Decoupage’s productivity is limited, as it is handmade and with the advent of the digital age decoupage is losing out to computers. Quantity has become the name of the game and with computers creating patterns in the blink of an eye and with printers to print them in a jiffy, decoupage is all but dead. 

  • Interest

Owing to all it’s negative factors, the younger generation seems to have lost interest in the art and as a result only a handful of new people come into the field of decoupage. It is taught in very few educational institutions and with it’s limited job opportunities in the market, decoupage cannot interest the mass. 

  Decoupage is definitely a hard and time consuming art form. It has several other disadvantages. However, the value of the beauty and uniqueness that it adds to an everyday object is simply priceless. It also has a human touch which we seem to have lost in the present scenario, while trying to build more gadgets to make our lives “better”. 

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