24+ Pros and Cons of Democratic Candidate (Explained)

A democratic candidate belongs to the ‘Democratic political party’ and believes in equal distribution of wealth and opportunities. He ideates the structure of a government that is ruled by the people or the majority. He believes in a political principle that advocates equal rights, treatment and opportunities for everyone.

In other words, it can be said that he is an upholder of democracy. He does not support unfair social discriminations between the rich and the poor. He does not introduce divisions between people based on their castes, creeds and religious beliefs. He advocates autonomy and governs an elected democracy. 

Now let us explore the pros and cons of Democratic Candidate

Benefits of Democratic CandidateDrawbacks of Democratic Candidate
Pro feminismHas an enormously wide range
Pro LGBTQ+ communitySome of the democrats do not vote
Healthcare for everyoneLimited influence or supervision of unions 
Promotes equal rightsLack of motivation
Pro poor and pro racial minority  Cannot eliminate corruption completely
Accepts all religious institutions 
Regards climate change as a crucial issue

Advantages of Democratic Candidate: 

  • Pro feminism:

A democratic candidate is ideally pro feminism. He or she values the rights of women and ensures equal treatment and opportunities for them. Women should not be dehumanised and they have complete freedom to exhibit their independent identities in a patriarchal social system. A democrat or a democratic candidate upholds women’s rights and safety in a sovereign country. 

  • Pro LGBTQ+ community:

A democratic candidate is essentially pro LGBTQ+ community as he protects their individual rights, identities, freedom of expression and opportunities. A democrat does not discriminate between a heterosexual couple and a gay couple and he tries his best to support same sex marriage in any community. A democrat finds himself responsible for upholding the rights of a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 

  • Healthcare for everyone:

A democratic candidate does not prefer to establish any sort of division between the rich and the poor. He or she strongly believes that every individual has the right to avail healthcare facilities irrespective of their social or economic positions. Every individual deserves to be treated and medicated even during the times of emergency and a democratic candidate endeavours to ensure that equal distribution of treatment and medicines. 

  • Promotes equal rights:

One of the biggest achievements of a democratic candidate is that he promotes equal distribution of wealth and opportunities. Unlike a Republic candidate, he does not encourage the development of a huge gulf between the rich and poor and does not believe in social injustice. He protects the rights of both the civilians and the minorities so that a democratic balance is established between the two sections of the society. 

  • Pro poor and pro racial minority:

As already explained in the previous points, a democratic candidate is inevitably pro poor and pro racial minority. That he does not indulge in dividing a society on the basis of caste, class, creed and religion, speaks volumes about the fact that he intends to build up a secular, sovereign and democratic state without any invalid and unjust discriminations. He makes sure that both the poor and the minorities receive the equal amount of rights and opportunities as do the rich and privileged sections of the society. 

  • Accepts all religious institutions:

Inclusion of diverse religious institutions within a democratic paradigm is something that a democratic candidate promotes. Religious sentiments can oscillate between the extremes of being orthodox or liberal in nature. A democrat ensures that both the religious ideals and institutions are equally accommodated in a sovereign state. 

  • Regards climate change as a crucial issue:

Climate change is indeed a significant matter of concern and without the shadow of a doubt it needs to be taken into immediate consideration. A democratic candidate believes that certain measures are needed to be institutionalised regarding the growing hazards related to climate change. 

Disadvantages of Democratic Candidate: 

 Has an enormously wide range:

Believe it or not, but a democratic party as an enormously wide range. The size of the party may keep increasing without any hindrance or limitation. This may lead to a clash of decisions and ideologies which can further disintegrate the singular spirit of their political agenda. 

  • Some of the democrats do not vote:

One of the major disadvantages of a democratic party is that many of its candidates do not vote. This is exactly the reason why a Republican finds an opportunity to win the elections and rule a state and without any strong opposition. 

  • Limited influence or supervision of unions:

The power of a union in a democratic state is limited. It cannot exercise its power over the majority. This may affect the entire political hierarchy leading to corruptions and countercultural movements. If there is no influence of the union, the spirit of the democracy may collapse sooner or later resulting in a complete chaos. 

  • Lack of motivation:

A democratic candidate may suffer from severe lack of motivation or genuine interest in conducting something productive for the majority. He may lose interest because there is no appraisal or reward for doing anything better than someone else. A collective spirit may destroy a worker’s desire to achieve more. As a result, the society in its entirety may experience an economic stagnation. 

  • Cannot eliminate corruption completely:

Even if a democratic candidate tries his best to eliminate corruption and poverty, it is impossible to do so. The current political scenario does not acknowledge the struggles of the poor. There are multiple economic loopholes that may affect a federal or even a democratic political establishment.

The never-ending greed and access to monetary discrepancies may elevate this problem further. Hence, an ideal, utopian and corruption-free state is something that nobody can create. Corruption cannot be eradicated completely. 

Despite these disadvantages, a democratic candidate has the potential to improve the social, political and economic conditions of a state only if the majority supports the cause. Equality is desirable under any circumstances. If the basic rights of every individual are protected, a nation can become better and more productive.  

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