23 Pros and Cons of Digital Generation

For some years now, children are born with technology in their hand. Even before they learn to walk or speak properly, they know how to operate smartphones and other technological gadgets and navigate through various applications. They have been growing up with technology and do not take much time adapting to new technology. It comes to them as naturally as any other basic work.

This generation is the digital generation who are more comfortable with technology than anything else and has made it a crucial and inseparable part of their life. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this.

Benefits of digital generationDrawbacks of digital generation
More learning opportunitiesJob insecurity
Free learning contentComplications with privacy
Regularly updated informationShort span of concentration
Adaptability to changeOverdependent on technology
Can apply for jobs onlineInability to make real life connections
Can apply for colleges onlineManipulation by digital media
Good with social mediaFake people
Good at technology
Concerned about social issues


  • More learning opportunities:

The digital generation can choose to learn a new thing every day. Earlier one had to search for things to learn, apply for a course if they wanted to, go to the designated place and invest a certain amount of time to get complete the course. But the digital generation do not have to go through so much.

They can search for courses they might be interested in just by investing a click. Then they can apply for the course and complete it without even getting out of their room.

does the digital generation have more learning opportunities
  • Free learning content:

Gone are the days when one had to physically go to a library, apply for membership, and then borrow books from library only to return it within the stipulated time. The alternative was to buy the books which mostly were not affordable for everyone. Now, the digital generation can access almost all learning material free of cost. This availability of free material boosts the learning process.

  • Access to regularly updated information:

The digital generation do not have to wait for months to receive a book that has its information updated. Rather, technology caters to these updates every moment. They do not have to wait for next day’s newspaper to have detailed information about an incident. They have access to detailed information of an incident the moment it takes place.

  • Adaptability to change:

The digital generation is bombarded with updates from various sectors every single moment of their life. They need to change the way of their work every now and then. This makes them very flexible and increases their ability to adapt to changes at various places. This makes them qualifies for various tasks.

  • Can apply for jobs online:

One does not have to go around the city applying for jobs at various offices across the city. They can apply for jobs very easily now. They use technology and internet to check the qualifications required and then apply for job from the comfort of their home. If they are selected, only then they go for interviews.

  • Can apply for colleges online:

Earlier people had to go from college to college in order to procure the application form. Now, people can apply for any college in the world no matter where they are. Keeping up with the college authority is also a lot easier than it used to be as most of the notices the issued online for the convenience of the students who do not stay nearby.

  • Good with social media:

In the current world, every company somewhat resorts to social media in order to advertise and market their product. Social media is a very important part of marketing and has undeniable contributions to the success of any business. The digital generation is the one that has grown up with a social media and know how to navigate effectively through various platforms.

is the generation good with social media
  • Good at technology:

Currently there is no other generation that is as good and as updated with technology as the digital generation. Any job in the current scenario requires basic technological knowledge, something that the digital generation already possesses.

  • Concerned about social issues:

The digital generation is updated with what goes on in different parts of the world. This makes them aware of issues that concern people of different social class and helps them become compassionate towards others sufferings.


  • Job insecurity:

With the advent of technology, things can be done more efficiently with technology than with the help of humans. This, somewhat eliminates the need for humans in some job arenas.

  • Complications with privacy:

The digital generation puts whole of their lives and private information online. If their accounts are somehow hacked, it might raise concern regarding their privacy and put their life at risk.

  • Short span of concentration:

The digital generation is used being subjected to things that are short-lived and change very fast. This affects their concentration span and makes them lack patience in other arenas.

  • Overdependent on technology:

Technology might make people’s lives easier but the digital generation is getting increasingly dependent on technology. This is so severe that they feel purposeless if they are kept without technology even for a minute.

  • Inability to make real-life connections:

The digital generation is so used to meeting and interacting with people online that they have mostly lost the ability to make real-life connections. This is considered as a social problem.

is the digital generation unable to make real-life connections
  • Manipulation by digital media:

The most manipulated generation by digital media is the digital generation. Digital media manipulates people into believing that they need things which they do not actually need and thus, makes them spend more and more money unnecessarily.

  • Fake people:

Technology allows people to maintain anonymity, hind behind a façade or assume the identity of someone else for spreading hate and other immoral purposes. The encounter with these people affects the mental health of the digital generation.

Many things that used to be toiling earlier are now easy for the digital generation. But too much involvement with technology also harms them.

are the lot of fake people in this digital generation

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