20+ Pros And Cons Of Dip Nails (You Must Know)

Gel and acrylic manicures for nails of both hands and legs have been one of the most desired and most preferred way of doing one’s nails and keep it in a maintained condition since long, yet this trend of dip powder nails is assumed to take its place, or at least become another preferred alternative for those who require even more durable manicures.

Extremely popular on various social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, it is actually an option that has been there around for years but is only now emerging as an option for everyone.

Easily done at homes and even they are also available via various professionals out there, and there are many pros and cons to consider. Since more than last 20 years, gel and acrylic manicures have been gaining immense popularity due to their lasting property and due to the fact that they can last up to so many days, nearly around two weeks. But, like every other things, this also has some set advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of dip nails

Pros of Dip Nails:

Lasts long, nearly around 2 weeks:

The technique of manicure has been popular amongst the various people for many years, majorly due to its long-lasting property. A dip powder nail manicure involves applying an acrylic coat over the nails and this is the reason why this manicure is likely to last two weeks.

The use of long-lasting colors is made in order to make it last for a longer span of time. This can be considered to be one of the greatest advantages of this kind of manicure and this is one of the biggest reasons why it is preferred over other manicures. 

Some products may contain vitamins which are healthy for the nails:

The products that are used for dip nail manicure, tend to contain vitamins. Vitamins are regarded as a great ingredient in order to make your nails healthier and bring luster to the nail enamel. Moreover, vitamins also tend to protect the nail from the bad effects of chemical products.

Apart from that the vitamins also help in nail growth and prevent the nails from breakage. But it is to be taken consideration that one must be sure of what products are being used as the ingredients of the products may vary from brand to brand to brand. So, good branded products must be used for the manicure.

If they have any bad effect, it does not last long:

One of the most important benefits of dip nails manicure is that, even if sometimes the product or the process leave some negative effects on the nails, it does not last long. The bad effects may show some impacts on your nails but it will slowly fade way and will not last long.

So, if someone is practising this dip nails manicuring techniques he or she can rest assured that they are not caused their nails to get permanently damaged. The damaged, if any, can be recovered and the effects really last for a few days only. 

The root of the nails does not get damaged:

The process of dip manicure involves a primary coating on the nails first and then it involves the application of some other acrylic nail paints in it. Thus, one can rest assured that his or her nail roots are safe from the harsh effects of the dip nails.

According to the experts, the roots of the nails will not be damaged in the whole manicure process and a new layer of nail will tend to grow in its place, keeping the roots intact and unaffected.

More intense and vibrant colours:

It is already mentioned above the acrylic colors are used in the dip nail manicure process, and one of the most advantageous reasons why this is one of the most preferred manicure processes is the availability of colors. Often these are available in a wide range of various colors and paints. Most of the colors are vibrant, bright and vivid and are preferred by the modern tastes of this generation. 

Easy and simple process:

The application and removal of these paints quite simple, easy, hassle-free and less time-consuming. It just requires you to soak off the product. The removal process can be carried out simply and easily. But, one must remain cautious about the fact that he or she is careful during the time of the removal. 

Cons of Dip Nails:

It can cause damage to the nails.

The main risk associated with this process is the risk of proper sanitation. If this is not taken care of, then it would cause harm to the nails and thus it is of utmost importance that one should be aware of the products that are being used on the nails.

The process of dip nails is quite different from the other traditional methods of manicure. The acrylic, dip nails manicures involves some pigmented powder in order to cement the polish. It can cause some adverse effects to the nails. 

Sometimes the methods are not followed properly:

There are a number of processes to carry this dip nail manicure. One is by, some nail professional may directly dip the nails in to the container of the powder, whereas some may paint it with the help of a brush.

It is to be kept in mind that the nails should be painted with the help of a brush and not dipped in order avoid germs picked up on the nails because of dipping.

During removal, it can cause the nail enamel to wear off:

This is another one of the most important thing to take into consideration. During the process of removal one needs to be really careful as a careless approach may end up harming your nail and may cause the nail enamel to wear off.

The soaking of the product may sometime be time-consuming but one must not lose the patience and carry it out smoothly as, without it, it might cause some serious damage to the nails. Though the effects will not last much longer, but it is definitely something which one should be careful about.

There is a risk of improper sanitization:

This is one of the reasons why some nail experts that say dip nails should be avoided. Since the process involves there is always a risk of improper sanitation of the container associated with it. Moreover, the brush might also be not sanitized properly before using it.

May dehydrate the nails:

The powder that is used for the dip nail process may be sometimes harsh on one’s nails and may cause it to get dehydrated. This is mainly because the seal layer of the nails are broken during the process and this is to be taken care of properly. Although the dehydration may be temporary and might not last long, but it can certainly cause some irritation to the person applying it.

So, the above pros and cons of dip nails might be helpful for you to decide whether you should go for it or not.

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