12+ Pros and Cons of Dispensing Robots (Explained)

Robots that are dispensing were introduced first, at outpatient pharmacies and retail outlets, during the 1990s.

The goal that was behind the creation was to lead to expediting of the filling up of the prescriptions and also the making and running of the pharmacy in an even more efficient manner.

Keeping in mind the various ways, there has been a record of high benefits from these machines, both to the patients as well as the staff in the pharmacy; these are in use, currently, around the Nation and the World, in the process of filling up all types of prescriptions.

 Advantages of Dispensing Robots

Speed is accelerated.

The biggest benefit that is recorded, concerning the machines in concern, is that it gives out a very fast service. Thus, there is no need for the customers to wait in long queues in order to receive the prescribed medications.

These machines tend to fill up the prescriptions faster and more precisely than a human can do.  

Safety is implemented.

The same-looking pills can easily be discounted or even confused by a human. But, these machines are designed so that they end up distinguishing even similar-looking pills, with great precision.

To add to it, the sterile environment that these pills or other medications are kept in decreases the amount of contamination by these specialized machines or robots. 

Customer service is provided more efficiently.

When robots are given the task of filling up things and attending to the customers, it gives way and time to the pharmacists to give their time in a better manner towards the care of the patients.

This enables the pharmacists to have more time to talk to the patients and in case of no prescription, when there is a disease that is very mild, such as cough and cold, to give them suggestions, thus improving the quality of their life.

This also enables the pharmacists to provide basic care to the patients like basic immunization.

Security is provided.

The dispensing machines have all the medications and pills locked in and also keep a record of all the pills that are being dispensed. This helps the pharmacists to have a record of the medications and also to order beforehand the medications that are on the verge of getting over or reaching the expiry date.

On the other hand, as only a very few staff members have a piece of knowledge about how to use these dispensers, keeps the safety of the medications intact. 

While these machines offer many benefits, they do not completely remove the danger of pharmacy errors. Automation has a few disadvantages, such as:

Variety is introduced.

With the availability of numerous types of automated machines that dispense, there are specific procedures attached to each of them, thus, enabling the equal distribution of work, even in concern to these robots.

The machines that are comparatively older could be less reliable than the more recent ones, with new upgrades, but could be more complicated to be used.

pros of dispensing robots

Disadvantages of Dispensing Robots

Mistakes can be made.

Unfortunately, the automated dispensing machines at the pharmacy could make mistakes too, and if, by mistake, the wrong drug ends up being introduced to the machine, the customers may end up getting hold of the not needed medication much before it is identified.

Breakdowns can occur.

To reduce human-made errors, just a few members of the staff are trained in the usage of these machines at different locations.

This may lead to the delaying of the services that are needed on an emergency basis to the customers. This may also lead to the malfunction of needs of reloading of the medications. 

Software problems can take place.

The machines in concern can be run by programs on the computer, which may lead to failure a lot of times. It can take a lot of time to register and load the medications into the machines, as it has to be done with great precision so that there are no problems to be incurred in the future.

Drugs that are being used are one of the primary components of medical therapy. Ranging from a significant part in the hospitals’ budget.

Implementing these systems is safe and more organized, and efficient in controlling the costs while assuring the fact that the prescriptions are precisely followed by. These automated pharmacies that provide automated prescriptions lead to a cut down in the rate of mistakes and provide better assistance.

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