21+ Pros and Cons of DIY Pottery (Explained)

 Of the many things that can be learnt from DIY methods, pottery is one of the most common practices. Whether a student, home administrator, working individual or any other categorisation of people, pottery is considered to be one the most stress relieving experiences of the extra-curricular activities  that have been undertaken by many people across the world.

This ensures that the art of pottery making is not lost but at the same time something that is not ill learnt.  DIY methods may sometimes be tricky and sometimes they may not show you everything, but pottery is an experience everyone should go through.


1. A Great Hobby

1. Initial Investment is Expensive

2. Easy if Looking at Proper Videos

2. Making Pottery is a Mess

3. Better way to Spend Time 

3. A Big Space is Required

4. Great for Home Decoration

4. End Result May not be as Expected

5. Passionate Endeavour

5. Lots of Waste

6. Great for Time Pass

6. Pottery is a Difficult Skill to Learn

7. Good Gift to Loved Ones

7. DIY may Result in Wrong Methods of Learning

8. Business Endeavour

9. Good Way to Make a Little Extra Money


  • A Great Hobby:

Learning anything through DIY methods is a great way to expand your skill and knowledge base. This is better felt when you are completely new at DIY method learning and pottery is one of the most common things to be easily learnt using the methods of DIY.

  • Easy if Looking at Proper Videos:

If you are being guided by proper videos then your experience in making DIY pottery will be easy and quite relaxing. The processes you will be told to follow will lead to a great piece of art. Once you have mastered this, pottery will become a hobby.

  • Better way to Spend Time:

Instead of using smart phones and other forms of baseless entertainment that keeps your mind blocked off the real things in life, you will be able to focus on something that is not only productive, but also liberating. Making pottery is a beautiful art, to be done with care.

  • Great for Home Decoration:

DIY pottery is a good way to ensure you are done away with the problems of decorating hour home, as you will no longer have to buy expensive home decor from shops and showrooms, but can now create your own decor. This will ensure you save money.

  • Passionate Endeavour:

The endeavour of doing pottery is much more passionate and fruitful than several other hobbies, hence it takes from you your best and also produces your best, making it a liberating experience. The DIY pottery classes available online or through books are also quite good.

  • Great for Time Pass:

The greatest process of making DIY pottery is the amount of time it takes to complete, which is the reason so many people do it. It is almost like it is a process for you to get rid of your problems with the amount of time you spend doing pottery.

  • Good Gift to Loved Ones:

The cost of gifts and other money is also resolved when there is a pottery expert in the house. Through DIY pottery you can make small cups and dishes of ceramic to gift to your friends and family members on special occasions and other events.

  • Business Endeavour:

The making of pottery, if you have grasped a knack of it, can be turned into a business endeavour and you can ensure that you are not lost in the space of idling by turning your hobby into a business and sell some of your handmade pieces of pottery.

  • Good Way to make a Little Extra Money:

The best way to make a little more cash on the side is to turn your hobby into a business and then making money out of it. This will turn the art of pottery into a profitable business that can give you financial security.


  • Initial Investment is Expensive:

The investment you have to make when you are trying to ensure you are a better artist at DIY pottery is something that will take up a lot of money and time. This will make the pottery experience a difficult one for people with less money.

  • Making Pottery is a Mess:

The making of pottery is a mess when it comes to the cleaning up part and the initial days. The reason this is so problematic is that the beginning of pottery is quite hectic and time consuming, especially if you are doing it in a DIY process. 

  • Big Space Required:

The space required to do DIY pottery also has to be massive. This will result in the loss of space in the house, for the machine and the several pots you will make with several designs and re-designs lying around the house. This will make the problem of pottery a problem of family.

  • End Result May not be as Expected:

When making DIY pottery the experience itself may be fulfilling and stress relieving, but the end result may not be as you expect it to be. This makes it a strenuous task, to see hard work not ending in the result that you desired. 

  • Lots of Waste:

The waste that is produced from the beginning of the process of DIY pottery is problematic as it is a lot to clean up after your session is over. This is something that is also part of DIY pottery courses, but it is not as easy as it show it to be.

  • Pottery is a Difficult Skill to Learn:

The pottery skill that is to be learnt and learnt through DIY methods is difficult to maintain without practice. You have to keep making ceramic decors and other examples of pottery, making it quite difficult to continue with this new found tiring hobby. 

  • DIY may Result in Wrong Methods of Learning:

The results of DIY learning may not be the best experience at all points of time. The problem with many DIY courses is also that these courses are in many cases fraudulent and problematic. This is when you have to stay alert. 


DIY pottery is a great method of making a new hobby and ensuring that you are not lost in the pangs of boredom and nothing to do. The DIY pottery classes are also important for anyone who wishes to make a living out of a hobby, but one must also be aware of the problems of pottery.

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