23+ Pros and Cons of DIY Videos (Explained)

DIY videos are best suited to for those looking to save money and may look like the right answer. Doing something yourself, instead of paying someone to do it is not very hard. The several times the benefits of saving are shown as a good excuse to learn a new skill through DIY videos, if only a little bit is a justified argument. 

Making a cup of coffee at home is easy, but not all DIY is so simple should not be treated like reclaiming something you find at a thrift shop. It is going to save you an easy amount of money, leaving you with paint on your overalls and a smile.


1. Inexpensive 

1. You Can Lose Time 

2. Great Method to Learn

2. Chances of Learning it Wrong

3. Can be Done Without Help

3. Sometimes Not Reliable

4. DIY is the Future

4. Paid Content

5. Learn in the Comfort of Home

5. The End Product May Not Be Satisfactory

6. You Can Avoid Gatherings

6. There May Be Differences If A Group Project

7. One on One Sessions
 7. It is Always Helpful to Learn From a Teacher

8. You Can Learn at Own Time

9. You Can Replay Video As Many Times As You Would Like To 


  • Inexpensive:

The advantage of DIY videos, probably the biggest is that it is usually free and you learn a new skill that you could have hired someone to do, absolutely free of cost and ensure that you also get the job done just as well. This makes DIY videos a great option.

  • Great Method to Learn:

DIY videos is a great method to learn because you can learn without any pressure whatsoever and keep yourself from losing out on valuable time in transportation and other costs by sitting at home and learning from the internet. This makes DIY videos an option worth considering.

  • Can be Done without Help:

The skills learnt in DIY videos can be learned without any professional or personnel help. The videos are shot by video bloggers, who have great set ups to ensure the student or person learning the skill can learn it in the best way possible.

  • DIY is the Future:

The future of learning and picking up new skills can be learnt best through the process of DIY videos, and it seems like this will be the future of the new generations to come. It may also be the only way to better the conditions of learning in third world countries.

  • Learn in the Comfort of Home:

A great advantage of learning skills through DIY videos is the advantage of staying at home and learning when you please. Getting to know skills and picking up new skills is best learnt at your own comfort without the distraction of other elements and spaces which are not comfortable towards your learning methods. 

  • You Can Avoid Gatherings:

DIY videos is also a great method of learning for those who are not very comfortable in spaces that involve a lot of people and are usually occupied by group teachings . This is because they may feel they do not receive enough time on their queries.

  • One on One Sessions:

Another great advantage of DIY videos is the way they allow one to one learning, so that you are not disturbed by the presence of the other students, who may have varying levels of skill and require varying levels of attention.

  • You Can Learn at Own Time:

The DIY videos are usually free and can be watched as many times as pleased. This makes these spaces a great way of learning at one’s own pace and time without being hurried or rushed into new levels. Your learning will proceed as far as you would like to.

  • You Can Replay Video As Many Times As You Would Like To:

The DIY videos is also a great way to learn because if you do not understand a certain step, you can replay the video as many times as you would like to without being told to move on. This may not be the experience with a human teacher.


  • You Can Lose Time:

The biggest problem with DIY videos is that you can lose a good amount of time in learning a skill that you may not want to learn at all. This makes it difficult for the person learning to separate what is reliable content and what is not.

  • Chances of Learning it Wrong:

Unreliable video bloggers and personalities may teach you a skill that a professional teacher would object to, but since video blogging is based on click bait, the blogger may teach you the easiest way, but your education would be incomplete. This is a drawback of DIY videos.

  • Sometimes Not Reliable:

DIY videos are sometimes made by fraudulent characters and bloggers, which make it highly unreliable and also dangerous to a certain extent. Physical activities being learnt through DIY videos can lead to medical emergencies and can make you pay more money than you were trying to save.

  • Paid Content:

A lot of content on DIY videos is hidden behind paid content, hence making it inaccessible for free. If you want to learn a skill and are watching a series of videos, you may suddenly be asked to pay to continue, hence making your experience bitter and losing time.

  • The End Product May Not Be Satisfactory:

In the field of arts and crafts, if your content is not satisfactory, then you will see that your end result will also not be satisfactory. Since DIY videos will ensure you watch their videos, they will place unreal images in the beginning, but your end product may not be good at all.

  • There May Be Differences If A Group Project:

The projects that are being learnt in groups may cause stirs if the DIY content on the videos is not acceptable by everyone. This will make it difficult to keep the project going on and may instead be a rift in your productivity.

  • It is Always Helpful to Learn from a Teacher:

Learning from a teacher cannot be replaced by a process of DIY videos, hence it is best to sometimes learn certain skills, or certain parts of a skill from a person who knows how to do a certain skill better than you.


DIY videos are often the best method to learn a skill that was previously unknown and hence may be a quick option to learn something that you may not have been able to learn on your own. It may sometimes be the case that the videos are good enough to teach you in entirety, but it may also be the case that they are fraudulent.

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