23+ Pros and Cons of Yoga (Explained)

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that was first practiced in the peninsula of what is now known as the Indian subcontinent. The practice of Yoga is recommended by health experts across the world at this point of time, with several communities across the globe practicing and perfecting the science, philosophy and practice of Yoga.

It must be mentioned that the popularity of Yoga around the world has a lot to do with the speeches of Swami Vivekananda, who was a philosopher and practitioner Yoga from India. He travelled across the world preaching of its practices and popularized Yoga.

Advantages OF DOING YOGA:

  • Healthy Body:

As we all know the primary benefit of Yoga is that it keeps the body sharp and enhances the functioning of various organs across the body. It keeps the aged fit and the young flexible. A good practice of Yoga is the perfect method of keeping fit.

Does Practicing Yoga Maintain Your Body Happy And Healthy
  • Enhancement of Athletics:

Yoga is the perfect solution to athletes who want to increase flexibility, speed and endurance, as it not only keeps the internal body functions fine, it also helps in the recovery of muscles. Fitness coaches around the world keep the practice of Yoga for maximum recovery.

  • Ease of Access:

Unlike gym and swimming, or other forms of fitness training that require you to become a member of a club and spend lots of money, Yoga is an exercise that can be done whenever there is some free time to spend. You must carry a mat.

doing yoga keeps body healthy and happy
  • Not Expensive:

Yoga is a practice that does not require the membership of expensive gyms and clubs, although if you would like to, then you could practice Yoga at a club too, but to cut down on expenses, practicing Yoga at home is the best way to stay fit.

  • Easy to Learn:

The basic exercises of Yoga are easy to learn and practice. For instance several mobile phone app allows you to learn Yoga and its basic philosophy and exercises for free. Hence, unlike lifting weights, you do not have to spend months learning how to do Yoga.

  • Mental Agility:

If your line of profession requires you to think quickly and develop on new ideas simultaneously, then Yoga is the perfect exercise for you. The practice of Yoga, just once in a day for ten to twenty minutes can keep your head calm and you life collected.

  • Lower Stress:

Yoga keeps the mental juices flowing as it is essentially a philosophy that ensure you keep your blood circulation proper. The practice of Yoga requires concentration and peace of mind and this is just what you will get by doing Yoga after a long, hard day’s work.

Does Practicing Yoga Aid With Stress Management
  • Lose Weight:

In a world, where individual’s are constantly reminded of their bodies and develop body image issues, a practice like Yoga can ensure you become a natural at losing weight by not even joining an expensive gym. Yoga keeps exercising your digestive system helping you maintain body ratio.

  • New Perspective:

Unlike regular crossfit programs and several weight lifting, body building programs, Yoga gives you a new philosophy of life as well. It keeps your mind running and shows you a new way of life by recommending explanations for several exercises and categorizing them with respect to the body.

yoga helps in managing stress

Disadvantages OF DOING YOGA:

  • Cramps: 

Doing Yoga is difficult in the beginning as it gives you muscle cramps. It is very important to drink high levels of water while doing Yoga because Yoga pushes the muscles towards new heights. It requires maintaining a healthy diet; else Yoga can lead to cramps and illness.

Does Yoga Cause Cramping In The Muscles
  • Expensive with Personal Trainer:

If Yoga is practiced with the help of a personal trainer, then it can become expensive.  A personal trainer will ensure your practice remains fine, and show you the methods of achieving new heights in the practice of Yoga, but it will be considerably expensive.

does yoga lead to muscle cramps
  • Must be Practiced with Considerable Caution:

Yoga is a form of exercise that must be practiced with a considerable amount of caution and regular practice. It must be done under supervision in the beginning to avoid several problems of ill practice. Practicing improperly may lead to future body damage.

does yoga increase the risk of stroke
  • Fraud:

Since Yoga is an extremely popular practice in the world right now, it is naturally plagued with frauds. There are several institutes, personal trainer who may not have the slightest idea about the philosophy and practice of Yoga, but they will charge money and fool you in this manner.

  • Choosing the Right Form:

In Yoga it is sometimes difficult to choose the correct style of Yoga. Since Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, its roots are not only found in India, but other parts of South East Asia as well. Choosing the right form of Yoga can be frustrating.

  • Physical Concerns:

Just like all shoes and clothes do not look good on all types of people, exercise too should be chosen in accordance with one’s lifestyle and eating habits. Yoga can cause severe pain and destabilization of joints for aged people and amateurs. Consult a doctor before beginning.

  • Risk of Stroke:

Patients of high blood pressure and diabetes might find it difficult to practice Yoga without supervision and should not do this as it increases the risk of suffering from a stroke. The people who are suffering from these ailments should definitely avoid the practice of Yoga. 

By all means Yoga is a great form of exercise for those looking to stay fit, and a great form of spirituality for those looking for something more than just a good body. Keeping mind and body fit is made achievable by the practice of Yoga.

One should make sure to do it under supervision when beginning the practice and then gradually move towards practicing by oneself when one has achieved a little more clarity and practice. The doctors should be consulted for people with clinical diseases before beginning the practice of Yoga. 

Does Yoga Raise The Chance Of Having A Stroke

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