19+ Pros and Cons of Drinking Distilled Water (Explained)

Distillation of water basically refers to the process of removing all the mineral content from the water. This is done in three major steps which includeboiling, collection of the steam and finally the process of condensation to bring the water back to its original form. Therefore, many individuals are seen to undertake this process before consuming their water on a daily basis. This kind of water does have its own set of benefits as well as drawbacks which can impact the health in a significant manner.

Benefits of Drinking Distilled WaterDrawbacks of Drinking Distilled Water
Ensures cleansing of the bodyHas no particular taste
Lowers the chances of waterborne diseasesImpaired rate of metabolism
Lowers the risk of harmful chemical consumptionFailure of essential mineral replacement
Distinct changes in various aspects
Increased chances of possible contamination

Advantages of Drinking Distilled Water:

  • Ensures cleansing of the body:

One of the biggest advantages of consuming distilled water is the fact that it contributes significantly in cleansing as well as detoxifying the body from all the unwanted materials. This ultimately helps in making the individuals much stronger as well as fitter.

The consumption of pure water has been proven as an effective way of cleansing the body by most of the medical professionals. It is exactly because of this reason that people are advised to consume more and more quantities of water on a regular basis. By distilling the water, it helps in providing much more effective results which contributes in improving the overall functioning of the body to a great extent.

It also ensures a proper functioning of the kidneys which ultimately helps in cleansing the human body effectively.

  • Lowers the chances of waterborne diseases:

Another effective benefit of consuming distilled water on a daily basis is definitely the fact that it ensures to reduce the chances of waterborne diseases. It contributes effectively in making the individuals less prone to such serious waterborne health disorders that drink the right amount of distilled water on a regular basis.

All kinds of disease oriented microbes along with various types of bacteria and viruses can be gotten rid of by the effective process of distillation of water. Therefore, the consumption of distilled water on a regular basis can therefore ensure lowering the chances of waterborne illness.

  • Lowers the risk of harmful chemical consumption:

The process of distilling the regular drinking water can effectively help in reducing the chances of individuals being highly prone to harmful chemical consumption. The water supply from any sources is known to contain a significant amount of harmful chemicals.

Therefore, it is exactly for getting rid of the same that distillation of water has been identified as an effective way. The consumption of the chemical-free water can therefore contribute in the betterment of the healthcare of all the consumers in an impactful manner.

Disadvantages of Drinking Distilled Water:

  • Has no particular taste:

One of the most striking drawbacks of consuming distilled water is the fact that it has no such particular taste which often results in people denying to consume the same.This mainly occurs due to the reason that the removal of all the minerals from the water results in producing a flat taste to the distilled water.

Unlike plain water, this kind of water which has undergone a treatment might not be enjoyed by all. Therefore, most of the people tend to avoid the same. This ultimately results in increasing the chances of dehydration to a great extent.

  • Impaired rate of metabolism:

The process of distilling the water results in getting rid of all the minerals including the essential ones which include calcium as well as magnesium. Most of the individuals often avoid consuming such food products which are loaded with such minerals and therefore results in causing major deficiencies in the body.

This can lead to a number of health disorders. If an individual avoids consuming such a meal which contains minerals and calcium, then he or she must consume distilled water. Without developing such a habit, it can ultimately result in various serious issues like osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and various others.

  • Failure of essential mineral replacement:

Due to a lack of proper mineral content, the distilled water often serves as a drawback for many as it can cause various health issues due to mineral deficiencies. The distilled water also does not ensure to replace all the essential nutrients and minerals which are lost from the body as a result of urination or sweating.

Such a limitation can result in people denying consuming distilled water which cannot serve its role of replacing all the essential minerals that are lost from the body.

  • Distinct changes in various aspects:

The consumption of distilled water can result in causing various striking alterations in the mineral content, electrolyte as well as the pH levels in the body. Such a change especially occurs in the body tissues as well as the blood which can therefore result in a number of serious consequences.

The distilled water is also known to bring its pH level down to nearly 5.8 which ranges to a great extent. Such a combined reduction in the minerals as well as the electrolyte levels can damage the human in an effective manner.

  • Increased chances of possible contamination:

The process of distillation of water involves getting rid of all the harmful content so as to make it completely safe for drinking purpose.

However, in many such cases it has been seen that distillation does lead to contamination which mainly occurs from the container in which the water is stored. The distilled water often gets contaminated from the chemicals as well as the minerals which generally occur from the plastic containers in which they are kept in hot areas. 


The concept of drinking distilled water has been popular for quite some time now and many individuals are seen to develop this particular habit. A number of beneficial aspects of this particular kind of water has been identified by the medical experts due to which individuals resort to this method of treating the drinking water. However, distilled water does have its own set of drawbacks which can affect the human body to a great extent.

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