27+ Pros and Cons of Drinking Fruit Juice (Explained)

Nowadays fruit juices have become an essential part of our daily eating habits. It is found in almost every household where they are consumed by all the family members. Therefore, the fruit juice markets have earned a striking amount of profit in the recent times for such increased number of sales. Fruit juices are available in an extensive range of varieties with different flavors which serves as a delight for all. 

Benefits of Drinking Fruit JuiceDrawbacks of Drinking Fruit Juice
Delicious way of consuming fruitsAll juices are not 100% natural
Rich in vitamins and antioxidantsLacks a proper amount of fiber
Better method of good diet qualityCannot ensure complete detoxification
Ensures phytonutrient boostingHigh in calories and sugar
Unhealthy for the teeth

Advantages of Drinking Fruit Juice:

  • Delicious way of consuming fruits:

In today’s world, there are many such cases wherein it has been shown that people still do not consume enough fruits on a daily basis. This has resulted in various health issues arising due to lack of nutrients.

However, the consumption of fruit juices has proven itself as a healthy as well as a delicious alternative for the same. It is exactly because of this reason that they have gained so much popularity on a worldwide scale. As a matter of fact, experts have found that that a single 4-ounce glass of any fruit juice is equal to one entire serving of fruits.

Therefore, in today’s busy schedule if one does not have the time to consume one complete apple, he or she can easily grab a glass of fruit juice that can provide a sufficient amount of nutrients.

  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants:

Fruit juices are known for being rich sources of essential vitamins as well as antioxidants. This has been proven by experts due to which the consumption of fruit juices have become all the more popular.

Breakfast tables are almost incomplete without glasses of fruit juice nowadays. It has been found out that a single glass of orange or any other citrus fruit juice are a rich source of vitamin C which can fulfill the daily requirements to a great extent.

This can ultimately help in boosting the immune system of the consumers along with providing the human body with radical-fighting type of antioxidants. It also serves as one of the best sources of folic acid which is equally good for health.

Are Vitamins and Antioxidants Abundant in fruit Juices
  • Better method of good diet quality:

A number of reports have thrown light upon the fact that consumption of 100 percent pure fruit juice can definitely guarantee an improvement in the diet quality. This kind of an improvement has been seen both in the children as well as the adults.

They have served as one of the key sources of Vitamins A as well as C. Fruit juices are also known to contain essential mineral resources like potassium, folate, magnesium and various others.

The popularity that such fruit juices have earned in the modern world can be well justified with the fact that they have indeed contributed in improving the health standards of a large number of consumers.

Is Drinking Fruit Juices Better Method of Having Good Quality Diet
  • Ensures phytonutrient boosting:

Apart from being rich sources of essential vitamins as well as minerals, fruit juices have earned the much deserved fame for helping in phytonutrient boosting. Phytonutrients basically refer to such compounds which are generated naturally from plants and are therefore rich in antioxidants.

They also consist of anti-inflammatory components which can benefit an individual’s health to a great extent. A large variety of phytonutrients like polyphenol and others which are present in the fruit juices have contributed immensely in reducing various risk factors pertaining to high blood pressure and others.

Disadvantages of Drinking Fruit Juice:

  • All juices are not 100% natural:

Although the consumption of fruit juices on a regular basis has become extremely popular in the present times, many such reports have been put forward showing that not all fruit juices are made with natural products.

A number of artificial coloring as well as harmful chemicals are also used during its manufacturing process which has affected a number of consumers. A number of health issues have come up in the recent times due to the consumption of such fruit juices which are not 100% natural.

Are all Fruit Juices 100% Natural
  • Lacks a proper amount of fiber:

The companies manufacturing fruit juices try to make the entire product by using significant amount of various kinds of fruits. But even while doing so, it does lack out on important vitamins, minerals as well as fibers.

Therefore, no matter how much popularity such fruit juices have gained in the present times, the consumption of an entire fruit will always remain the safest and the healthiest option for all the consumers. 

Do Manufactured Juices Lack the Proper Amount of Fiber Intake
  • Cannot ensure complete detoxification:

Even though it has been proven that the fruit juices consist of a significant amount of phytonutrients, they cannot serve as the ultimate solution for the detoxification of an individual’s immune system.

The liver requires a particular amount of protein as well as calories which can serve the purpose of transforming the toxic materials into such a form which the human body can easily eliminate. Therefore, the fruit juices are seen to lack many such phytonutrients which can benefit the immune system completely.

  • Unhealthy for the teeth:

A number of studies have shown that nearly 85% of the damage that is caused to the hardness of the tooth enamel has been caused due to the excessive consumption of fruit juices.Cavities and tooth decaying have become an extremely common issue in the present times. Most of such cases have been the result of the acidity caused by the fruit juices on the tooth enamel.


In today’s world, consumption of fruit juices has become extremely common and forms an essential part of the regular eating habits of almost every individual. It certainly does have a high range of nutritional value which has been beneficial for all the consumers. However, an excessive consumption of the same has led to many health issues in the present times.

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