17+ Pros And Cons Of Sparkling Water (Explained)

Sparkling water basically refers to such liquid products that are loaded with carbon dioxide gas in the pressurized form. Such a process is carried out either with the help of natural or artificial processes. The sparkling water is known for the tart kind of taste that it provides. It is also known by the name of carbonated water. They are found to create an impact upon human health both in the positive as well as the negative ways.

Benefits  of Drinking Sparkling WaterDrawbacks  of Drinking Sparkling Water
Ensures improvement of swallowing abilityAffect the bone health
Provides better fullnessHarmful for the teeth 
Helps to prevent constipationCannot satisfy thirst
Lowers the risk of heart diseases

Advantages of Drinking Sparkling Water:

  • Ensures improvement of swallowing ability:

One of the major reasons behind the immense popularity of the sparkling water is the fact that it can definitely improve the swallowing ability of most of the individuals.

Such a beneficial aspect has been experienced both by the adults as well as the younger generation who are seen to consume various forms of sparkling water. A number of medical reports have thrown light upon the fact that the carbonated water has certainly shown excellent results in stimulating all the nerves of the human body which can ultimately help in better swallowing.

This basically happened as a result of the carbonation as well as the cold temperatures which have been jointly responsible for improving the swallowing ability to a great extent.

  • Provides better fullness:

The sparkling water is also extremely beneficial because it helps in providing a much satisfying and better feeling of fullness in most of the individuals.

As a matter of fact, it has also contributed in increasing such a feeling which has in a way helped to improve the health conditions of the most consumers. As compared to the plain water, the carbonated ones definitely stand way ahead in extending the feeling of fullness even after the completion of a fulsome meal.

This mainly happens because of the fact that the sparkling water contributes in helping the food to remain in an individual’s stomach for a much longer period of time.

  • Helps to prevent constipation:

An effective way in which the sparkling water has proven to be beneficial for the human health is the fact that ithas definitely relieved most of the individuals from the problem of constipation. The number of cases pertaining to constipation has undoubtedly experienced a sudden drop in its numbers because of the properties of carbonated water.

This type of water has certainly been one of the sole reasons in reducing the risk of constipation in most of individuals who consume the same. Their bowel movement has become extremely frequent as well as flexible which has ultimately resulted in a drop of nearly 58% as far as the constipation cases are concerned in the recent times.

  • Lowers the risk of heart diseases:

The sparkling water is known to have such properties which have contributed significantly in reducing the chances of people being frequently diagnosed with various heart diseases.

A number of medical professionals have thrown light upon the fact that the consumption of sparkling water in a particular amount can improve the functioning of the heart to a great extent. As a matter of fact, consuming the carbonated water can certainly help prevent the occurrence of a number of cardiovascular diseases which could have otherwise led to some serious consequences.

It has shown positive results upon the maintenance of the cholesterol as well as the blood sugar level in most of the individuals who consume it in particular amounts.

Disadvantages of Drinking Sparkling Water:

  • Affect the bone health:

One of the biggest drawbacks of consuming carbonated water is the fact that it has resulted in affecting the bone structure of most of the individuals in an extensive manner.

Such sparkling water can definitely affect the bone health of most of the individuals who consume them regularly. This has been proven by various medical researches that were conducted in the present times. It also results in creating a risk of increased bone loss which can affect the health of the individuals to a great extent.

The insufficient level of calcium as well as the increased quantity of phosphorus in such drinks can definitely be the reason behind the low bone density as seen in most of the individuals. Such a health issue can affect the individuals belonging to any age group.

  • Harmful for the teeth:

Another major reason due to which the consumption of sparkling water should be avoided as much as possible is becausesuch carbonated drinks are known for affecting the teeth health to a great extent.

The sparkling water is known for its extreme acidic nature which can therefore be one of the major reasons due to which such liquids have such a negative impact upon the dental health of most of the individuals. The acidic property of such sparkling water can certainly cause an erosion of the tooth enamel which can ultimately result in decaying the some and hence causing serious trouble to the individuals. 

  • Cannot satisfy thirst:

An individual can definitely not satisfy his or her thirst completely with the help of sparkling water. As compared to the regular water which is known for quenching an individual’s thirst to the fullest extent, the carbonated water can certainly not do the same.

This is mainly due to the reason that the sodium content in the carbonated drinks is so high that it fails to quench an individual’s thirst.


In the recent times, the popularity of the sparkling water has definitely reached new heights. Most of the individuals of the modern generation are seen to enjoy consuming the carbonated drinks which are available in today’s market. Such sparkling water can definitely benefit the human health in various ways.

It has been proven by a number of medical reports that the consumption of a particular amount of carbonated drinks can have immense positive impact upon the human health.

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