26+ Pros And Cons Of Tea (Explained)

Tea is one such staple item which individuals from all over the country enjoy to the fullest extent. It is an extremely popular kind of delicacy for quite some decades now. It is also available in a wide range of flavors nowadays. However, the consumption of tea has its own set of benefits as well as limitations. They have been pointed out by various health experts from across the globe. 

Benefits of Drinking TeaDrawbacks of Drinking Tea
Serve as a refreshing drinkCan result in sleeplessness
It helps to fight cancerMight cause kidney damage
Ensures a better functioning of the brainCan result in heartburn
Contribute in boosting the immune systemHarmful for the unborn and nursing babies
Helps in weight loss
Minimizes the risk of ovarian cancer

Advantages of Drinking Tea:

  • Serve as a refreshing drink:

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of drinking tea is the fact that it can instantly refresh the human body. After a tiring day at school, college or work, the consumption of a hot cup of tea can instantly uplift one’s energy level to a great extent.

It is exactly for this reason that tea is considered as an extremely relaxing drink which can never fail to rejuvenate the human body. Due to a monotonous routine, the human brain can get blocked sometimes. It is then when a cup or two cups of any flavored tea come to the rescue.

Is Tea Refreshing Drink
  • It helps to fight cancer:

A number of reports have been put forward by the medical experts stating the fact that the consumption of four cups of tea can reduce the chances of cancer diagnosis. A daily consumption of the same has proven itself as an effective way of making the human body nearly 60 percent less prone to this deadly disease.

It is exactly for this reason that various statistical records have highlighted the fact that the purchase of green tea has become much higher in the recent times. Apart from green tea, other varieties can also be consumed to make one’s immune system stronger than before.

  • Ensures a better functioning of the brain:

Another important advantage of consuming tea on a regular basis is the fact that it can definitely enhance the proper functioning of the human brain. Amongst all, the human brain is considered as one of the most crucial organs without which the body cannot function.

Therefore, tea acts as an effective way of helping this important organ to function better and much faster. Upon working continuously for extensive hours, an individual might face trouble in keeping up a similar pace. It is during such times that a hot cup of tea can resolve it all and help the human brain to take up a better speed.

  • Contribute in boosting the immune system:

Based on medical reports, it has been proven that drinking tea daily can act as one of the most vital ways of boosting the immune system of an individual.

Thus, consumers have indulged more in the purchase of tea so as to make sure that their immune system is working absolutely fine. Tea serves as one of the best options to help an individual to recover from an illness much faster because of a better and stronger immune system that is inbuilt within them.

Does Tea Contribute to Boosting Our Immune System
  • Minimizes the risk of ovarian cancer:

Drinking tea on a regular basis serves as one of the most effective ways of reducing the chances of ovarian cancer. This particular disease has particularly become extremely popular in the recent times.

It is because of this reason that doctors and other medical experts prescribe the individuals to consume at least one cup of hot tea on a daily basis. This can definitely help to fight against the risk of ovarian cancer.

Disadvantages of Drinking Tea:

  • Can result in sleeplessness:

One of the major drawbacks of excessive consumption of tea is the fact that it can result in sleeplessness. Such a disorder can affect the human body in various ways along with hampering one’s daily schedule to a great extent.

If an individual consumes tea frequently, especially during the evening or the night time, it can result in disrupting one’s sleeping habit in an extensive manner. Being a caffeine, tea can definitely cause havoc to the sleeping order of an individual.

Can Tea Cause Sleeplessness in Humans
  • Might cause kidney damage:

The excessive consumption of tea on a regular basis have increased the cases of kidney damage in the recent times. Various medical reports have cited that tea acts as one of the major culprits for damaging the human kidney in most of the cases.

This particular organ plays an extremely crucial role in the human body. Therefore, causing damage to the same can disrupt the overall functioning of all the other organs present in an individual. Such a damage can cause a fatal result.

  • Can result in heartburn:

If a person is seen to consume excessive amount of tea on a daily basis, then it can definitely result in heartburn. An excessive amount of tea in the human body can result in an increase in the amount of gastric juice production which can thereby result in creating a burning sensation. It can especially affect the stomach as well as the chest.

It is exactly for this reason that the individuals suffering from any kind of chronic gastric disorder are advised not to consume tea at all.

Can Excessive Drinking Amounts of Tea Lead to Heartburn in Humans
  • Harmful for the unborn and nursing babies:

 Regular consumption of tea can act as a possible threat for both the unborn as well as the nursing babies. It is because of the reason that tea being a caffeinated beverage can result in extreme scenarios like miscarriages, lower fertility and various others. 


Tea is definitely one of the most popular edible products which have been ruling the markets for decades now. It is an extremely common drink all over the world. It does have its own share of medicinal values which can be extremely beneficial for the human body. However, an excessive consumption of the same can result in various disorders which can affect an individual to a great extent.

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