25+ Pros and Cons of Drinking Water after Having a Meal (Explained)

Drinking water is an important part of our life. It is one of the basic necessities of our life. Drinking the right amount of water can keep our body healthy, help in metabolism and keep many diseases at bay. Not drinking the right amount of water can have numerous adverse effects on one’s health. There adverse effects range from serious diseases like kidney stones to something which is apparently trivial like skin break-outs. 

We often become so busy with our daily work that we forget to drink enough water and how it is important to keep ourselves healthy and functioning.

Benefits of drinking water just after having a mealDrawbacks of drinking water just after having a meal
Never harmfulReduces food value
Necessary for a few diseasesExcess is never good
Bursting mythMight make one throw up
Aids digestionMakes one feel fuller in stomach
Drink whenever you are thirstyDoes not help in weight loss
Need to be hydratedMakes one feel hungry faster
No rule for drinking waterResults in overeating


  • Necessary for a few diseases:

Drinking water at any time of the day or night is beneficial to our health in ways more than one. It serves the medicinal purpose for a lot of diseases for which the treatment might have substantial costs. Drinking water right after the meal is said to dilute the gastric juices. This dilution is required for many stomach diseases and thus helps the patient lead a healthy life.

  • Bursting myth:

There is a widespread myth about drinking water right after meal. It is said that drinking water right after meal dilutes the enzymes that release from the stomach after the meal, which causes indigestion.

This is a myth and is not supported by any scientific evidence. Most of our food contains a huge percentage of water. If water could actually dilute these enzymes released from our stomach for the purpose of digestion, then the water from the food might as well have done it. But that does not happen.

  • Never harmful:

Water is most harmless thing ever that one can drink, provided the water is clean and all harmful germs have been removed. To consider that drinking water might cause harm to one’s body is completely foolish. Thus, anyone or anything that says that drinking water might be harmful at a certain time should not be paid any heed to.

  • Aids digestion:

The myth about drinking water right after one has their meal says that it causes problems with the digestive enzymes in the stomach and thus causes problem with one’s digestion. But that is not the case. Instead, drinking water helps with the natural process of digestion of food.

  • Drink whenever you are thirsty:

We feel thirsty only when our body lacks water. So, it can be said that if one is feeling thirsty, it means that their body is falling short of water and requires more water intake to fulfil the body’s demand of water. Therefore, no matter the time, one should not hold their thirst in any way.

  • Need to be hydrated:

Hydration is very important for one’s body to go on and keep working throughout the day. If one is not hydrated enough, they will tire more easily and might even faint. So, whatever goes on, one must remember to keep themselves properly hydrated, no matter the time.

  • No rule for drinking water:

There must be no rule about drinking water because drinking water, nevertheless the time, is always beneficial for health. So, whenever one feels like- be it before a meal, during a meal or after a meal- one must have water.


  • Reduces food value:

This might as well be a myth but it is said and known widely that after meal, during the time when the enzymes work on breaking down the food into its simplest forms so that the body can gain nutrients, if one drinks water then the nutrients from the food gets diluted and thus, reduces the food value.

  • Excess is never good:

Though water can be considered to be the harmless and the most beneficial drink to have, it can still be said that excess of it is not good. Although water will not be as harmful if drunk excessively as other things might be, it is best to avoid such occurrences.

  • Makes one feel fuller in stomach:

A meal is much heavier than any other time that people have food. After a meal, one is naturally supposed to feel full in their stomach. Having water above that, right after the meal makes one feel even fuller in the stomach and cause uneasy feeling.

  • Might make one throw up:

When one becomes too full, the tendency for them to vomit increases. This is because the body cannot process so much at the same time. So, if one drinks water right after having a full meal, they tend to feel fuller temporarily. This might make them throw up.

  • Does not help in weight loss:

Drinking enough water helps one loss weight by increasing their rate of metabolism. So, if you are drinking enough water, you can expect to lose weight. But when someone drinks water right after they are done with their meal, it slows down the metabolism rate and does not result in weight loss.

  • Makes one feel hungry faster:

Drinking water just after having meal aids in the process of digestion, which is a good thing. But the downside to that is they feel hungry faster and much before the time designated for their next meal.

  • Results in overeating:

Though drinking water does not directly cause overeating but because it helps in digesting food faster, the ultimate consequence is overeating which is not fit for people who aim to lose weight.

Drinking water can never be harmful for anyone. It does not matter when they drink water, it will always keep them healthy.

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