21 Pros And Cons Of Lemon Water

Lemon water is an extremely common type of drink which is not just delicious, but also very much beneficial to the human health. There are many such individuals who begin their day by consuming a glass of lemon water instead of taking tea or coffee. A number of medical reports have pointed out the significance of lemon water and its impact upon the human health.

Benefits of Drinking Water with LemonDrawbacks of Drinking Water with Lemon
Helps in hydrating the bodyCan affect the dental health
Rich source of vitamin CCan cause various side-effects
Helps in losing weightLeads to frequent urination
Ensures to improve the skin health
Helps in better digestion
Prevention of kidney stones

Advantages of Drinking Water with Lemon:

  • Helps in hydrating the body:

This is definitely one of the biggest beneficial aspects of consuming lemon water because it definitely helps in hydrating the human body to a great extent.

Based on the reports put forward by the Food and Nutrition Board, the experts have repeatedly highlighted the importance of consuming a particular amount of water in any form on a daily basis. Therefore, if not plain water, consuming lime water can definitely serve as an effective alternative for hydrating the body and benefiting the same in various ways.

Lemon squeezed in fresh water can serve as the most ideal drink on a hot summer day. It can quench your thirst and definitely help to restore the energy of the body to a great extent.

  • Rich source of vitamin C:

Lemon water definitely serves an important role because it is one of the richest source of vitamin C that can benefit the consumers in various ways. Vitamin C is known for being a crucial antioxidant which prevents any kind of damage which might be caused to the cells by the free radicals.

It also helps in reducing the chances of causing various cardiovascular diseases as well as low blood pressure. Therefore, consuming a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemons can definitely serve its role in providing the body with the right amount of vitamin C.

  • Helps in losing weight:

One of the easiest ways of losing weight on a quicker notice is by consuming a glass of lemon water daily. It has been proven by various medical professionals that this can also help in avoiding the problem of obesity in various individuals if they make it a habit to consume lime water daily.

It is basically the polyphenol antioxidant which is present in the lemons which serves the crucial purpose of helping an individual to lose weight easily.

  • Ensures to improve the skin health:

Lemons play an important role in helping to improve the skin quality of various individuals who consume them on a daily basis in any particular form. Therefore, a glass of lime water has been proven as one of the most effective ways of preventing various skin oriented issues like early age wrinkling, aging, dry skin as well as various other.

Instead they have contributed significantly in improving the skin quality to a great extent by making it flawless. The vitamin C which is present in the lemons can prevent the skin from losing its natural moisture and therefore contribute in improving it’s quality in the most effective manner.

  • Helps in better digestion:

Constipation and various other stomach oriented issues can be easily prevented with the help of consuming lemon water on a daily basis. It can improve the digestive system of such individuals to a great extent. The consumption of a glass of lemon water early in the morning can definitely flex out the movement of the digestive system in the most effective manner. 

  • Prevention of kidney stones:

 One of the most important benefits of consuming lemon water on a regular basis is the fact that it can definitely help in preventing the formation of kidney stones. The citrate which forms one of the major constituents of citric acid definitely helps in reducing the acidic nature of the urine and therefore helps in the breakdown of the stones.

Disadvantages of Drinking Water with Lemon:

  • Can affect the dental health:

Although lemon water has been proven as an extremely beneficial way of improving the various aspects of the human health, however, it can affect and lead to various problems at the same time.

One of the most common kinds of negative side-effects is the fact that the daily consumption of lemon water can definitely affect the dental health of such individuals to a great extent. It can cause extreme and the most serious kind of damages to the enamel of the teeth. This mainly occurs due to the acidic reactions caused by such citrus fruits.

  • Can cause various side-effects:

The daily consumption of a glass of lemon water can definitely result in a number of side-effects which can be extremely harmful for the human health. Squeezing an excessive amount of citrus fruits like lemoncan result in heartburn, nausea as well as vomiting. Such disorders are mainly caused by the acidic products like lime water which can ultimately lead to such dangerous impacts upon the human health.

  • Leads to frequent urination:

A common kind of diuretic effect is caused to the human body as a result of the excessive consumption of citrus fruits like lemon. As have been suggested by various medical reports, the lemon water is known for being a rich source of ascorbic acid which leads to the habit of frequent urination.

The lemon which is squeezed in a glass of water serves a crucial purpose of being one of the richest sources of vitamin C that ultimately encourages the excessive product of urine in the kidneys.


Lemon water has definitely proven itself to be extremely beneficial for improving the health conditions of human beings in various ways. It is because of this reason that most of the individuals have taken up the habit of consuming the same on a daily basis every morning. However, lime water definitely has its own set of disadvantages regarding which the consumers should be well aware of so as prevent any kind of health trouble.

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