25+ Main Pros and Cons of Yakult

Yakult or “Yakuruto” is a probiotic milk health beverage that has been fermented with a particular staring of bacteria known as the “Lactobacillus Paracasei Shirota”.The Tokyo-based company, “Yakult Honsha” is the seller of this product.

Now it has achieved international status and is sold in a host of other countries including the United States of America, India, etc. Yakult claims to be a perfect health drink that contains bacteria that maintain the balance of the good and bad bacteria in your gut.

The brand recommends consuming it daily and so let’s take a closer look at the beverage. 

Benefits of drinking Yakult DailyDrawbacks of drinking Yakult Daily
It improves your digestionIt has a very high sugar content
It strengthens your immune systemIt comes in plastic bottles
It can be a gentle form of skincareIt has dextrose, which is also a sugar
It can prevent yeast infection and/or UTIThe ultraheat treatment causes problems
It can prevent and treat DiarrheaHomogenization also destroys milk molecules
It can improve a few mental health conditionsIt contains artificial sweeteners

Advantages of drinking yakult daily

Improving digestion :

One of the benefits of drinking Yakult daily is aiding your body in the processes of digestion along with bowel movement.

The toxins generate by harmful bacteria need to be eliminated from the body, when they start dominating the good bacteria in our guts. Yakult aims to boost digestion while giving the body a gentle detox and avoiding constipation. 

Strengthening Immunity

Most of the immunity in a body comes from its gut. In case of a smaller ratio of good bacteria, than the bad ones, the immunity levels of the body drop drastically, leaving the body susceptible to infections, illnesses, etc.

Taking Yakult can help to strengthen the body’s immune system and ward off harmful bacteria and/or disease-causing germs. 

Drinking Yakult Daily Will Help In Improving Bodily Digestion

Gentle skincare

A daily dose of Yakult helps to achieve healthier skin and protection from eczema and/or skin allergies. A major form of elimination of toxins from the body in case of a bad digestive system is elimination through the skin. This can result in skin problems. Yakult reduces the chances of that, by improving the body’s digestion. 

Preventing yeast infections and UTI

Yakult can be an essential ingredient for having proper reproductive health coupled with good vaginal health.

On top of that having the stipulated serving of Yakult on a day-to-day basis can assist women in staying away from yeast infections. Yakult has also been seen to play a part in the prevention of any Urinary Tract Infection. 

Prevent and Treat Diarrhea :

Yakult, if consumed daily, had shown signs of having the ability to prevent diarrhea altogether or at least reduce the severity of the disease.

Taking antibiotics can have a negative impact on the good and bad bacteria balance in our guts. Yakult, being a probiotic drink, holds the power to successfully restore that balance in the gut. 

Improving Some Mental Health Conditions :

Yakult has the ability to effect an improvement in a handful of mental health disorders. In some instances, cases of anxiety or depression or OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or autism, or even a couple of memory problems have been recorded to have gotten better with probiotic drinks, like Yakult. Daily use is most likely to garner the best results. 

Drinking Yakult Helps In Skincare

Disadvantages of drinking yakult daily

Sugar Content :

Yakult has a frighteningly high sugar content making it act as a “slow poison” for developing kids. The Sugar content in Yakult weighs in at 17.5g/100ml. Even the Yakult Light version has a high sugar content, at 10.9g/100ml. The nutrition label on the standard Yakult bottle, clearly mentions that it contains 10.2g of sucrose. 

Skim milk powder :

Skim milk is quite an unhealthy source of food, owing to the fact that the highly nutritious fat in the milk, has already been “skimmed off””, by the heat treatment given to the milk, to make it turn into powder. This is a major ingredient of the probiotic drink Yakult, turning it into rather an actual inflammation health bomb. 

Dextrose :

A dextrose is a simple form of sugar, far less harmful than sucrose. However, it is still an excessive amount of sugar entering the body on top of the sucrose, also present in the drink.

Adults are recommended to have between 25-36g of sugar in a whole day and having the sugar-laden Yakult every day can lead to serious health issues. 

Ultra heat treated – 

Owing to the high-heat treatment(s), that the Yakult ingredient ‘skimmed milk’ is put through, a host of different milk proteins simply get destroyed. Simply put, the whey proteins in the milk, get denatured.

This denaturation has a negative impact on the renneting process. This high-heat treatment can also manifest in the form of autoimmune issues in humans. 

Yakult Has A High Sugar Content

Homogenisation :

The homogenization process is also a destroyer of milk molecules. It is used by milk companies to get a consistent texture.

It is basically blending milk and cream from the milk of the cow, to ensure consistency. The process makes the fat globules in the milk much smaller and also more uniform, altering the raw milk’s colloidal ultrastructure. 

Artificial Sweeteners :

Yakult also contains artificial sweeteners, like the “Yakult Light” contains the artificial sweetener, “Sweetener 995”, which also goes by the name “Sucralose”.

Artificial sweeteners are a very controversial topic, with them receiving wrath from a host of communities. Their biggest problem is that they are basically a form of man-made chemical, which is best to avoid inside your body. 

Plastic Bottles :

Research has shown that plastic leaches into our food products, disrupting the endocrine system, impacting the reproductive and hormonal systems.

Plastic has also been linked to neurological damage and even cancer. So, with Yakult coming in a plastic bottle, it might not be the right choice for proper health. Moreover, plastic bottles are not Eco-friendly. 

Now from the above-detailed analysis of the probiotic Yakult, it is easy to see that the product does have a host of risks to go with its obvious health benefits. So it is better to consult your personal physician before you start to treat yourself with the drink, as it can have serious adverse effects on your health. 

Yakult Is Made Using A Process Called Homogenization Which Is Harmful

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