24+ Pros and Cons of Dynamic Data Masking (Explained)

Dynamic Data Masking, or DDM as it is commonly known over the data hubs and centres of the world, is a new form of technology that is on the rise. The reason Dynamic Data Masking is becoming popular is because it is the kind of technology that ensures it tracks and analyses real-time data masking of production data.

Dynamic Data Masking is a technology that alters the stream of data, hence preventing the data requester from getting their hands on the kind of data that is highly secretive and sensitive in nature. Dynamic Data Masking also ensures that no real alteration occurs in the original production of data.

Pros of DDMCons of DDM

1. Information is Masked

1. Not a Perfect Solution

2. Original Data Remains Unaltered

2. Not Available for Physical Data Security

3. User Can Still Access Original Data

3. Only Applicable to Read-Only Context

4. DDM is Easy to Configure

4. Less Mature

5. Partial Masking

5. Risk of Corruption

6. Centralized Data Making Policy

6. Relatively New

7. A Random Mask is Used on Numeric Data

7. Reviews are Not the Best
 8. Co-ordination

9. Role Based Security


  • Information is Masked:

The first pro of Dynamic Data Masking is very naturally, the fact that the data when inquired into by a user on a database is masked to provide only what is relevant and necessary, leaving out everything else, keeping it secret. This technology also ensures non-alteration of original data.

  •  Original Data Remains Unaltered:

The original data that is masked when a user accesses the database remains completely unchanged and true to its original numbers even when the data for the user is masked due to security purposes. This makes the technology a new advance in the data collection world.

  •  User Can Still Access Original Data:

A user who has the required level of permission and appropriate authorization from the proper sources in the firm, or those maintaining the database, can also access the original data without falling into any trouble or risking alteration of the data on database.

  •  DDM is Easy to Configure:

Dynamic Data Masking is a very simple technology to configure by the administrators in setting up of a database. The technology uses Transact-SQL commands, making it very easy for the administrator to function without requiring changes in the code of application of the software. 

  •  Partial Masking:

Dynamic Data Masking also allows the administrator to use the functions of the software for the purposes of partial masking. This means that the data that is to be accessed from the database of the company can be masked partially to reveal aspects of the original data.

  •  Centralized Data Masking Policy:

The technology of the Dynamic Data Masking is designed in such a way that the administrators of the firm or the database can ensure that the database is maintained in a centralised form, without any other lower-layers of authorisation available unless provided. This makes it secure.

  •  A Random Mask is Used on Numeric Data:

A random mask is used on the data that is numeric in nature. This makes it very convenient for the administrators of the database to ensure that the functions of the database are secured with a strong algorithm for numeric data. 

  •  Co-ordination:

Dynamic Data Masking is the best method to ensure that the co-ordination between the administrators is top notch, with methods like centralised data masking policy, as mentioned before. The co-ordinators can secure the database by being the only ones who can access the database of company and firm.

  •  Role Based Security:

Dynamic Data Masking is the kind of technology that works on the basis of the  role based security, ensuring that the operations of the database are kept in the control and specific operations of the database itself and ensuring the database can only be controlled by a few.


  • Not a Perfect Solution:

Dynamic Data Masking is not a perfect solution for the security options of the database as it is not capable of providing security if the user using the database keeps on asking and querying for the hidden data.

  • Not Available for Physical Data Security:

Dynamic Data Masking does not provide the physical security of the data. Hence the data can be corrupted using the physical attributes of virus implantation and such methods. This makes is susceptible to the attacks of hackers and other forms of database corruptors. 

  • Only Applicable to Read-Only Context:

The Dynamic Data Masking facility is applicable to databases that host information like the queries of the customer base, or the consumer base of a departmental store, etc. Other than this the database of statistics, things that can be altered are not suitable for DDM.

  • Less Mature:

Dynamic Data Masking can be used for the purpose of ensuring that the database is kept safe by not altering the original content of the data, but it must also be pointed out that the functioning of DDM is rather immature when compared to other software.

  • Risk of Corruption:

The problems with new software like Dynamic Data Masking is that it always runs the risk of being corrupted with several people accessing it, or with pressure on the database at all points of time. For massive database sizes it is best to use other options.

  • Relatively New:

The functioning of Dynamic Data Masking is important only to the extent that it does not alter the original data and keeps the normal data functioning on terms of the original data not being altered, but the technology is relatively newer and requires the several important updates.

  • Reviews are Not the Best:

The reviews of the technology of Dynamic Data Masking are not the best because users have complained of several crashes and problems regarding the advancement of the technology in terms of speed and memory. Dynamic Data Masking has left users with positively mixed feeling.


The new technology of Dynamic Data Masking cannot be written off with just a few experiences and reviews, instead it must be ensured that the data that is collected from the DDM services is well planned and better designed in the future, making it useful for the customers of this product.

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