30+ Pros and Cons of Fruitarian Diet (Explained)

Well, the diet is also known as fruitarianism or fruitarian diet, this can also be considered as the vegan diet’s subset.

But here you are allowed only the fruits in the botanical sense. This also adds nuts, some vegetables, and beverages.

The diet has become popular in recent days, but it has both pros and cons.

To understand if it’s for you or not, here are the listed pros and cons related to the fruitarian diet that you should consider.

Pros Of Fruitarian Diet Cons Of Fruitarian Diet
Budget friendly Cause tooth decay 
Increase in life expectancy Too much of sugar 
Less chances of overweight Cause acidity and bloating 
Positive effect on overall health Unnatural diet 
Keep body hydrated Makes you hungry 
Packed with nutrients , vitamin and fibreNeed more control and discipline 
Good for skin Not for kids 
Decrease in factory farming Drop in energy 
Good for people and environment Vitamin deficiency 
Easily informations available 
Improve digestions

Pros Of Fruitarian Diet

Fruits Can Be Budget Friendly

One of the pros that you get here is that the diet is quite cheap as compared to others, it solely depends on the fruits and you can choose from a wide range of options.

There are exotic fruits, tastes, preferences, and you can set your budget according to what you can afford and whatnot.

Increase Your life Expectancy

Since fruits are healthy, they can help in increasing life expectancy.

However it needs more studies and evidence, but some of the studies show that fruitarianism can help in boosting your overall life.

Fewer Chances Of Overweight

Compared to the diets you get, those who are doing the fruitarian diet, they tend to get slim and not suffer from obesity or being overweight.

This is because of the nutrients and also keeps them away from eating more.

It also includes consuming the excess amount of fruits that have calories and they have less amount of calories.

For those who are looking for losing weight, the diet can be helpful.

Positive Effect On Your Health

The fruitarian diet is also associated with a healthy lifestyle, it also helps in improving health.

If you are dieting in the right way, it can also help in lowering the conditions related to heart and other forms of cancer.

Improve The overall Digestions

Fruits are good for your digestion and it improves the diet too.

They can improve the condition of your gut flora. Since your digestive system is important for keeping you healthy, the diet can help in boosting digestion.

But it also improves the health level.  Not just that, you need to keep the supplements so you have all the nutrients needed.

This Is Good For The Environment And People

There are a lot of people switching to diets that can help in decreasing the demand for meat.

This helps in saving the environment from the problems that lead to meat consumption.

There will be fewer animals will be killed, and more people will save the environment as well animals

There Will Be Less Need For Factory Farming

In order to meet the global supply, a high fraction of meat comes from factory farming.

However, factory farming can imply which is quite poor treatment toward the animals.

Switching more people towards the fruitarian diet, the need for factory farming will decrease.

This will help give a better future to others, including animals and the planet you live on.

Keeps You Hydrated

There are a lot of fruits that contain a lot of water, and this is helpful in keeping you hydrated, especially in summer when the body needs more water.

Not just that, a fruit-based diet keeps you feeling energetic, and helps in getting better digestion which provides you with a productive mindset and healthy body.

It Rich In Vitamin, Fiber, And Antioxidant

Fruits are high in fiber which helps in contributing to bowel function and keeping it healthy.

Dietary fiber also helps in keeping the lower blood cholesterol, as they have the binding with the bad cholesterol.

Apart from this, you get better control of blood level as you absorb less sugar and slowly.

It contains vitamin A, C, E, and K, along with B vitamin,

A lot Of Information Is Available

Compared to diets, it was easy to follow a conventional fruit-based diet since you get a lot of options and information available on the internet.

You can also get information about what kind of diet will suit you. So you don’t have to pay for getting the perfect diet.

Cons Of Fruitarian Diet

It Has a High Level Of Acidity

One of the cons you get is the fruit-based diet has problems regarding acidity.

It can lead to causing problems in the stomach.  So if you are intaking a lot of fruit, it can increase the acidity which can cause issues.

Some people might be sensitive to the high acidity level  and suffer from discomfort

And excessive acidity can make your body in a state where your body can’t process nutrients and vitamins which harms health problems in the long run.

It Can Lead To Vitamin Deficiency

Fruitarian diets have one of the highest risks of causing vitamin and nutrient deficiency to others who are following different diets.

There are some of the important nutrients you get in meat that can’t be covered by the fruits.

However, it’s important to have the supplement so it can cover all the missing nutrients that are important for the body.

It Can Be Challenging For the Daily Life

The diet can be challenging to implant if you are following the fruits especially if the region is not having too many options.

If you are in an area where meat is popular and you can’t find more options, this will be difficult to get the diet done successfully.

Hard To Find And Stock The Fruits

Fruits have their lives, so if you are overstocking it, this might get worse after some time.

Not just that getting the fruit on a daily basis means you need to purchase them smartly.

There might be some fruits that you don’t get since the season has changed. Also there are different factors that cause problems to have the diet right. 

It Has High Level Of Confinement

Since it includes nuts and fruits, you need to be confined of your choices in the stores.

Also, you need to have a high level of control over the foods you get in the market.

There are some fruits that are hard to get, and you need to keep your diet confined. Also, add the extra effort to follow it on a daily basis.

Your Mental And Physical Power Effect

However it depends on the level of knowledge you have regarding the diet, this can affect the physical and mental power.

When you start the diet, there are chances that you feel the change. Sometimes it can be good as you are following it right, but if not, you might feel your mental and physical power.

It’s Hard To Get Motivated

It may be hard to stay motivated when you are following the fruit diet.

Especially if you like meat and prefer some kind of food which is not in your diet, it will be hard to stay motivated.

It also makes you refrain from trying all the delicious food.

It Might Cause The Health Problems

The diet has health benefits but it can lead to serious health issues if you are not following it correctly.

Not all fruit is going to provide the nutrients that you need, So it’s important to have the supplements to cover all the needed things.

It’s Not For The Jobs Which Cause Physical Exhaustion

It’s important to consider what kind of job you do, as your diet will play a grand role.

Every diet has its own effect on the strength and overall body

So one of the drawbacks is that it can lead to problems and exhaustion if you do a lot of physical work.

The diet might lead to exhaustion and a major drop in energy if it’s not in the right way, and for the job which needs physical strength, this can be a problem.

Not For The Kids

If you are considering putting your kids on a diet, this might not be the right one.

So if you are feeding the dead fruit died, this can cause serious problems and have long-term health effects.

The parents need to refrain from going on a diet until it’s important for their health.

It Can lead To Feeling Hunger

It can cause the problem as it has a saturated feeling. You might feel uncomfortable since you feel the hunger on a more daily basis.

It might be not enough to keep you full, depending on the lifestyle you do.

It’s an Unnatural Diet

Fruitarianism is also considered as one of the unnatural diets, as you have more options and variety in the diet.

Having all in food maybe not be the natural diet especially if you are born in a family with a range of food in the traditional way of eating.

It Has More Sugar

Fruits also contain high levels of fruits, the excessive amount can cause problems for the body.

Not just that if you have diabetes, some of the fruits are not for you.

Lead To Tooth Decay

The next con you get is tooth decay since fruits are natural sugar which is not good for the body especially if the intake is high.

This can make your teeth look bad and cause decaying, which is not the best thing.

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