Going to the Gym: 15 Pros and Cons

Nowadays people have become more concerned about their health and keep a check on their food habits. The most popular way to maintain health and improve body strength is by going to the gym regularly. The gym was established in the 19th century and has been evolving since the 1980s. People join a gym for their own causes someone wants to gain or lose weight or some want to build abs and muscles. 

This exercise has been a part of different schools. This article explains all the reasons you should join the gym and also mentions the drawbacks that may hold you back from going gym and you can obviously continue your workout sessions at your home. Gyms and other exercises and workouts depend on your body type and your focused body parts.

Pros of going to the gymCons of going to the gym
Machine and EquipmentHigh Membership Fees
Help from professional trainers.Lack of Privacy
Extra facilitiesOvercrowded
MotivationPoor Hygiene
Not Affected By WeatherEfficiency and Convenience
Encourage Your Social LifeDamage Your Heart

Advantages of going to the gym

  • Machine and Equipmen

One of the best parts of joining a gym is you can use a variety of machines that are expensive and occupies a lot of space in the house. The equipment has always been a reason to join and get membership in the gym. 

Gyms Have a Lot of Machines and Equipment
  • Help From Professional Trainers 

This is what you cannot get in your house even though you manage to bring the gym equipment at home. The trainers have devoted their research to making the best out of the time you spend in the gym. The trainers can save you from getting hurt and injuries that can be a lifetime. With more money, you can get a personal trainer at the gym.

  • Extra Facilities 

The extra facilities offered by the gym is something you would miss if you workout at home. These facilities are mainly provided in club gyms and they include healthy juices, shakes, swimming pools and much more. This is something which is available for you in those days when you don’t want to go to the gym, chilling at the pool with friends can be fun. 

  • Motivation 

This is not happening at home. If you work out at home, you barely feel that competition that occurs in the gym. Though it is pretty funny it’s true when you see people working out around you, you feel motivated. People barely experience that zeal to work out at home and get demotivated very quickly. 

Going to the gym Boosts Motivation
  • Not Affected By Weather 

The gym is an indoor workout. When you think to work out in the open area and fresh and the first obstacle that every other person faces is the weather condition that prevails. With bad weather condition breaks down your physical training sessions which you can avoid by joining the gym. This indoor platform is always ready to provide you with the best equipment to keep you fit no matter what the weather is.

  • Encourage Your Social Life 

So this benefit is significant for people who barely go out. They can join the gym and communicate with people, and enjoy the time. Joining the gym can have dual effects, spending time with friends and keeping yourself physically fit.

  • Prevent Against Diseases 

Going to the gym can be very beneficial for your health, keeping health problems at bay increases your life expectancy. Heart disease, blood pressure, and risks of other deadly diseases are decreased with regular workouts. Just an hour at the gym can be very helpful whether an adult, middle-aged o old person.

  • Reduce Stress 

Exercise of any sort keeps your body fit and agile. And going to the gym is no exception, this is the best way you can nurture your body and be confident in your skin and health. Science shows that gymming can reduce stress by 75% and improves the quality of your work and lifestyle. 

Disadvantages of going to the gym

  • Membership Fees 

The biggest pitfall in joining the gym is the cost that one has to incur in joining it. The advance money and monthly fees are quite high, and one has to bear to avail of all the facilities provided by h gym. If you want to join club gyms that can cost more than the regular gyms those are without extra facilities such as a swimming pool and much more.

Are the membership fees for the gym costly
  • Lack of Privacy 

This generally happens with people who are new to the gym and feel incredibly awkward working in a unisex gym. Obsessed people may feel out of place thinking that others may stare at them even though it is not always true. People are curious about the new member, which may be why they look.

does the gym lack privacy
  • Overcrowded 

This happens mainly in the local gym where they lack equipment. It can be problematic during busy hours especially in the morning before office time kicks off. One has to wait patiently for machines and other equipment as people gather up in one place, this sometimes demotivates candidates.

  • Poor Hygiene 

As the same instruments are used by many it becomes difficult for gyms to maintain hygiene. Some people don’t clean equipment after use so this can be annoying for other people.

  • Efficiency and Convenience 

Why going to the gym when you have an internet connection and youtube at your reach, Going to the gym can be tiring, do the exercise at home which is absolutely free and cost you only internet charges which is much less than the membership fee.

  • Damage Your Heart 

Continuous exercise can affect your heart so next time when you visit the gym keep a check on your heart rate and pulse rate. Excessive weights can damage hearts which sometimes becomes irrecoverable. 

So here is what one can conclude with the pros and cons mentioned in the article that going to the gym is surely a good habit but one should always be aware of the worth of the money that they spend. If the facilities are worth it, it is always preferable to join a gym else go for a walk or work out at your home.

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