15+ Gotomeeting Pros and Cons (Explained)

GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service which was created and marketed by LogMeln on July 24, 2014. It is a desktop sharing, online meeting and video conferencing software which allows the users to meet with their customers, computers users, colleagues, friends, clients etc. via the internet in real-time. 

In 2015, Citrix announced specific plans for the GoToMeeting business, being as a stand-alone subsidiary in the market having a value of about $4 billion. Eventually, in July 2016, Citrin and LonMeln merged the GoToMeeting family with them. The Alexa rank of GoToMeeting in the year 2020 is at 695.

Benefits of using GoTo meetingThe Drawbacks of using GoTo meeting
Supports Android and IOS devicesVague audio quality at times
Contains administrative capabilitiesVague screen sharing visibility in smaller devices such as mobile phones
Cost-effectiveNot completely free
Leading securityAbsence of audio muting by the host
Increases sales by efficient workingExcess of crosstalk noises 

Advantages of GoTo meeting App

  • Easy transfer of information: 

One of the significant benefits of using GoTo meet is that you can help your participants with any issues or struggles they are facing, regarding using the application. All the participants have permission to take over any of their machines and help them solve any technical error they are facing.

You can show your participant the needed information making the transfer of information relatively easier. 

  • Easy sharing of files: 

Sharing any document or file at a GoTo meeting is very easy. You can share the documents and files with the entire team very quickly and smoothly.

Also, you will notice that most of the features present on GoTo meet much similar to Skype such as the add-ons option which is used for customizing your services, which mainly includes the face-to-face video contact during the meeting sessions. This makes the application relatively more comfortable to work on. 

  • Medium quality data connection required: 

If you are a user of GoTo meeting and have a medium quality internet connection, you are good to go. The only requirement to conduct or attend a GoTo meeting is to have a sufficient quality internet connection.

With that, you will be able to participate in your meetings anywhere and anytime. It makes it easier for everyone to join just with a simple link and the GoTo meeting software, and an internet connection. 

  • Permits 250 participants: 

GoTo meeting allows a total of 250 participants in a meet with the help of its SaaS option. The SaaS option helps your session turn into a webinar. It can be used for all-company events or large-scale meetings with your consumers etc. The flexibility of your meeting options are relatively unlimited and works very smoothly. 

  • Recording availability : 

GoTo meeting enables its users to record their discussions after they are ended. You can also share the recordings with the other participants who were absent terming it as a flexible option for them not able to attend the meeting because of time issues and can later join in. 

  • Availability of integrations: 

GoTo meeting app has ample integrations which can help the participants in any manner. It permits you to incorporate with Zapier, Google Calendar and also enables you to integrate with Google Chrome in their software which can increase your productivity during work. 

  • Multiple Industries use this Platform:

You can also take the advantage of conducting a meeting with someone, placed in the most remote locations with ease. Many of the schools, churches are using this software to provide the students with classes and service from home because of the Covid-19 situation. The versatility of this software is quite strong. 

Disadvantages of GoTo meeting App

  • Requires a moderate internet connection: 

As the software works perfectly in a sufficient or medium internet connection, this can also be a drawback to some, who are not able to have an access over a moderate amount of internet connection.

If the ISP pings your modem often, then GoTo meeting will not support such poor connection. It, therefore, requires a sufficient amount of error-free data connection for its platform to run smoothly.

If supposedly, an error occurs during the meetings because of your internet connection, you will be forced to restart your session, which can disturb the other participants. 

  • Upgrades are required for smooth performance: 

GoTo meeting requires the current IT equipment of your devices to support the meeting process. If you are using an old machine, you will be asked to upgrade your system with the new technology and then will be allowed to enjoy the benefits of the GoTo meeting. 

  • Often glitches are found: 

Joining a GoTo meeting is very easy as you need to install the application, fill the small details, share the meeting link and start with the meeting. But, at times when the connection process slows down for unknown reasons.

The glitches are often an issue recorded with the app which disrupts the entire process. 

  • High costs for the premium features: 

GoTo meeting does not offer a ‘free’ plan for all the time. The entry-level or the starter plan is priced at $19 per month which consists of a 20% discount if purchased an annual subscription.

In this starter pack, only 10 participants are allowed to attend your meeting, which is mostly not sufficient in any sector. 

  • Limited Participants:

If you want to upgrade to the premium feature of this platform that includes drawing tools, unlimited recordings, access to all mobile applications, and much more, you will need to take the pro plan which costs $29 per month in which 150 participants are allowed to enter. 

  • Limited chat function: 

Unlike the Saas meeting options, the GoTo meeting has an absolute limit on the chat function within the conference. Users are not allowed to create and conduct their own chat rooms in a company in order to help your team members to collaborate before attending the meeting.

It is like a meeting tool with no real-time collaboration facility. Although you have easy options of sharing documents with each other in ease, chat function is quite limited. 

  • Sufficient requirement of bandwidth: 

GoTo meeting requires at least bandwidth of 1 Mbps to help you run all the features properly, which are available via your SaaS platform. This is a minimum amount of requirement for the people who are using a broadband connection or people who may use remote DSL or mobile hotspots which usually do not contain enough bandwidth to use this service. 

  • Allows Limited Information to Share:

In GoTo meeting, the screen-sharing and computer audio via VoIP only requires about 0.04 Mbps per service which can be quite useful for participants living in very remote areas where a substantial bandwidth can’t be supported. However, still, the amount of information shared is quite limited. 

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