28+ Pros And Cons Of Guava (Explained)

Guava or Psidium guajava is known as a tropical fruit that has a lot of health benefits.

This fruit contacts antecedent and nutrients like lycopene as well as vitamin C.

Well, where using guava has its benefits on skin, health and overall there are some of the drawbacks too.

And in order to know more about it, here are the pros and cons that can help you in considering both sides of guava.

Pros Of Guava Cons Of Guava 
Improves complexions Frequently bloated feelings
Protect from UV rays Leads to gas situation 
Manage sugar level Cause diarrhea 
Natural skin toner Leads to irritating bowel movements 
Keep skin hydrated Crave more sugar 
Reduce menstrual pain Contains bacteria contamination 
Boost immunity Not for pregnant ladies 
Protect heart health Not easily available 
Purify scalp Its seasonal fruit 
Reduce cough 
Easing stress 
Improves vision 
Treat split ends 
Makes your hair healthy 
Reducing tooth pain 
It’s delicious and healthy 
Boost digestion system 

Pros Of Guava

Improves The Complexion

Using the pink guava can help in making your complexion better. As it infuses with freshness and radiance.

You can prepare the face scrub at your home and it can beautify the skin. Also, it gets rid of all the dead skin cells that make your skin look darker.

You can mash some guava and use the egg yolk. Apply on the face and let it sit for 29 minutes.  Massage and rinse with warm water.

The seeds help in exporting your skin and remove all the impurities.

Protection From The UV Rays

Guava also contacts the antioxidant which helps in keeping your skin away from sun damage.

The compound which is known as lycopene helps in designing against the damage from environmental pollutants and UV rays.

A single piece of Guava contains 2.9 grams of lycopene which is twice as compared to tomatoes.

It’s a Natural Skin Toner

Using unripe guava is one of the natural astringents that you can get in nature.

You can use it or wash with decoction as it will keep your skin toned, wrinkle-free and fresh.

Apart from this, it has minerals n vitamins, and nutrients which also help in tightening the skin if it’s loose, as well as enhancing the elastin on its surface.

You can also get blemishes and redness away.

It Manages The Diabetes

Guava contains fibers that can help in lowering the sugar level. Also, it can prevent constipation which is known as one of the common problems due to diabetes.

According to an Indian study, it says that eating guava without peeling the skin can help in keeping the sugar as well as cholesterol levels low.

Also, it reduces the chances of diabetes.

Keeps Skin Hydrated

You can add this to your diet as it will keep you properly hydrated.

Not only is it good for your body but it also maintains skin health too.

Guava is known as a rich source of hydration as it contains 81% water.

You can munch on this as it will help in releasing water in your body, keeping the skin cells saturated and moisturized.

Protects The Heart

Guava contains fiber which helps in lowering bad cholesterol which leads to protection from heart diseases.

Not just that, it has potassium which helps in lowering the blood pressure level.

Guava leaves also have polysaccharides which are a type of carbohydrate which act as antioxidants and help in fighting against oxidative stress.

This is crucial as oxidative stress can be one of the major reasons behind heart failure.

Not just that, you can use the guava teas in tea as it will help in preventing atherosclerosis.  

Boost Your Digestion System

With one guava, you get around 12% or 3 grams of dietary fiber which is recommended.

According to sources, the leaves of the guava can help you in treating vomiting and nausea.

Medical literature states that guava can help in treating diarrhea since it contains the properties of antimicrobial and antispasmodic.

This is especially true as it extracts the leaves and the fruits.

It can also help in fighting against the simian rotavirus like harmful gut microbes. And help in preventing infections related to digestion.

Relive The Menstrual Symptoms

According to a study, 197 women who had dysmenorrhea which is painful menstruation found that taking 6 mg of drug that contains the guava extract per day helped them in getting relief from the symptoms.

Also, the leaf of guava extract can help in spasmolytic effect and also relieve the cramps.

It Boosts The Immunity

Giava have the replete which contains Vitamin C  . According to the sides, vitamin c helps in boosting the immunity in the body along with that it helps in fighting against the disease-causing pathogens.

Vitamin c also protects your body cells from damage. This reduces the serious dimensions of risks which include cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.

However, it’s important to make sure that you are consuming ripe fruit as it contains most vitamin C.

It’s a Delicious And Healthy

Guava not just offers you health benefits but it can be a healthy salad too. You can use this as dressing since it contains low calories and nutrients. you can maintain your weight control along with having delicious fruit to eat 

You can prepare the salad by adding the guava. apple, pineapple, and banana.

Not just if you want something quick, just cut the guava in four pieces, add salt as well as pepper. And you are good to go.

Helps In Purifying The Scalp

Another benefit that you get is that guava leaves extract can help in purifying the scalp.

It helps in removing the product build-up, grime, and dirt that are on your roots.

Also, the astringent properties help in eliminating the extra oil and keep your scalp healthy.

Help In Easing The Stress

Well, eating guava can also help in reducing your stress as it contains magnesium.

This helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles along with easing the stress,

According to some strides, magnesium also helps in relieving anxiety.

Helps In Reducing The Tooth Pain

Guava leaves contain antimicrobial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful if you have a toothache.

You can use the leaves as it’s a part of treating periodontal diseases.

Reduce The Chances Of Cough

Guava leaves have anti-cough properties. According to the sides, water extracts from leaves help in reducing the chances of developing a cough.

Stimulates The Cognitive Function

Guava also has vitamin B6 and B3 which are known for promoting cognitive health.

With the help of vitamin b6, it can reduce the risk of causing dementia, depression, and cognitive decline.

It Treats The Split Ends

If you are getting too many split ends, you can consider using Guava for it.

As its effective and rich source of water, along with that, it provides the hydration that your hair needs in order to prevent split ends.

You can mash the guava, add honey and make it a hair pack for hair.

Use it over your hair and from roots to tops, wait 15 or 20 minutes, and wash off using a mild shampoo.

Cons Of Guava

Feeling Frequent Bloated

Like most fruits, this one is also a trigger that makes you feel bloated.

It contains a high amount of sugar which is known as fructose. And the human body is naturally not well equipped to handle the amount.

That’s you should know the right amount of intake, as it will keep you away from feeling bloated.

It Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Due to fructose malabsorption, it can lead to mess-up digestion issues. The fruit has seeds which are for making new plants and it’s not for the humans to diest.

This can cause irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea-like problems which should be a problem.

Makes You Crave More Sugar

When you over-consume the guava, you might spike the sugar level in the blood. And if you are unable to sustain it for long,  you might feel like eating again.

The reason is, guava is not rich in protein or fat which makes you feel full.

Even though it contains fiber, it’s not enough to prevent the sudden sugar crash in your blood which leads to more cravings.

Prone To Bacterial Contamination

Guava could be exposed like other fruits to different kinds of bacterias such as salmonella, coli, listeria, etc.

This can be attached through the soil, water, or wind. And even though the exterior keeps these bacteria out, it might get penetrated and contained inside if the skin is not rough enough or broken.

It’s a Seasonal Fruit

According to experts, people eat a sufficient amount of fruits so they don’t develop any kind of heart condition. Also, this keeps them content and does not affect their health.

But Guava is seasonal, they aren’t available everywhere.

Also, it’s hard to find in certain places and it might be too expensive to purchase it.

It Has Side Effects

Well not If you are taking in small amounts or needed intake, but in case of overconsumption, you might face some serious side effects.

The leaves cause headaches, kidney issues, and anemia.

Not just the pregnant woman should avoid this. And it can lead to flatulence and gas.

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