23 Main Pros and Cons of Handmade Jewelry

The questions of what kind of jewelry to buy has always perplexed the consumers over the years. Whether as a gift, or for oneself, the question of selecting the right jewelry is one that can decide what you pass on to your next generations. The jewelry that you buy in your lifetime is also the relics that will be known as part of your family lineage.

Homemade jewelry is a great option as a gift for people who like wearing unique designs and are daring enough to go for these designs without hesitating. The homemade jewelry is also often better made and more intimate towards the design.


1. Made with Care

1. Validity Questions

2. Inexpensive

2. No Brand Value

3. Unique Designs

3. Machine Made Jewelry is More Reliable

4. Can be Customized to Your Preference

4. Option of Returning When Buying from Brands

5. Informal Relationship with Seller

5. Machine Made Jewelry is More Sturdy

6. No Middle Man

6. Hand Made Jewelry is Fragile

7. Support for Small-Scale Business

7. It is Safer to Gift Brand Made Jewelry

8. Personalized Experience

9. Produce by People Who Enjoy Their Craft


  • Made with Care:

A great advantage of homemade jewelry over machine made or factory produced jewelry is the fact that the homemade jewelry will very naturally be better made and made with more care than machine made jewelry. This makes it a great choice for those who admire handy craftsmanship.

  • Inexpensive:

The homemade jewelry will naturally be cheaper than branded or factory made jewelry. This is because homemade jewelry is usually made by small craftspeople, who ensure that their production is lesser, but better and provides more value than the ones made in factories. The price of homemade jewelry is low.

are handmade jewelry inexpensive
  • Unique Designs:

The jewelry of the brands usually follow a pattern that serves their customer base and consumer market, but it is only with homemade jewelry that you will find the kind of designs that win hearts and show you another side of human subjectivity and beautiful art.

are handmade jewelry unique
  • Can be Customized to Your Preference:

The best thing about homemade jewelry is that the jewelry can be customized to your preference and not only based on previous templates, like you would see in a brand valued showroom. The purpose of homemade jewelry is to show you different arts.

  • Informal Relationship with Seller:

It is often the case that homemade jewelry is the kind of jewelry that is made by the workers who also have other part time jobs, and the homemade jewelry business is something that they are just setting up with the intention of pursuing art.

  • No Middle Man:

The homemade jewelry market is rid of middle men and people who want to keep hoarding and increasing the prices of the jewelry. The basis and functioning of homemade jewelry is such that its market is designed to provide satisfaction in monetary terms and design terms.

  • Support for Small-Scale Business:

By buying homemade jewelry, you will also be supporting small businesses that are just on the road to starting out. This makes the selling of homemade jewelry a better method of developing the economy of the country, as you will be essentially supporting common people.

  • Personalized Experience:

Not only in design, but also in terms of money and experience in general, the buying of homemade jewelry will bring out the best in your consumption of a unique piece of jewelry that will soothe your wants and at the same time make it easy on money.

  • Produce by People Who Enjoy Their Craft:

The jewelry that you buy from brands and showrooms are often made by workers who are exploited and have to work very hard in the furnaces making and designing stones, but the same cannot be said about homemade jewelry. It is made by people in their free time.


  • Validity Questions:

The homemade jewelry that is often purchased by young people and made by people who have no problem with the trying out of different styles, are sometime highly invalid with questions of stones and designs. It may be the case that there is a case of fraud and cheat.

  • No Brand Value:

The homemade jewelry does not have any brand value whatsoever, and if you are a person who prefers brand value over the designs and intimacy of products you buy, then homemade jewelry will not be a good option for you. This will make you dissatisfied with your purchase.

is it true that handmade jewelry has no brand value
  • Machine Made Jewelry is more Reliable:

The jewelry made through machines is often more reliable and better made than homemade jewelry as they are certified and made by craftsmen who have honed their skills over the years. Homemade jewelry is often made by people who are just starting out.

  • Option of Returning When Buying from Brands:

The jewelry that you do not seek to buy from the homemade jewelry sellers, but have landed up with it due to some miscommunication and bad selection may be stuck with you forever, as there is no option of returning this unwanted jewelry.

  • Machine Made Jewelry is Sturdier:

Machine-made jewelry is naturally sturdier and more reliable than homemade or handmade jewelry. The problems of shape and durability will not last with the jewelry that is made through the machines. This is because they are very big businesses and maintain a certain quality.

rehandmade jewelry fragile and less than sturdy than machine-made jewelry
  • Homemade Jewelry is Fragile: 

The homemade jewelry is quite difficult to maintain due to their fragile nature and form .The jewelry is usually made with utmost care, but with very delicate materials which are not known to last a long time. Hence they are not durable for the very long-run.

  • It is Safer to Gift Brand Made Jewelry:

The jewelry made by big brands is always a better option as a gift due to its durability and reliability. It might be the case that you gift homemade jewelry to a friend and the jewelry does not last, then it will be embarrassing.


The jewelry that is homemade is often the best kind of gift to give to a person who is very close to you and enjoys the kind of gifts that are unique and outside the box, but the same cannot be said about a person who does not enjoy the gifts that are not branded and not of a certain conventional design. 

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