23+ Pros and Cons of Having House Plants (Explained)

House plants are the perfect anecdote to a pretty house. It is a sight that calms the eyes and the mind. After a long, tiresome day of work, coming back home to a decoration of house plants can really uplift the mood. House plants also serve as a great past time.

For those of you who do not like big, social gatherings and would rather spend a day or two of the weekend cuddled in comfort at home with your favourite web series, house plants are the best past time in between episodes. You can water, soil and decorate them. 


  • Betterment of Sleep:

House plants help you sleep better as they are the best companions for a peaceful sleep. The house plants produce oxygen and reduce the content of harmful substances in the air. Hence your house will be free from benzene, formaldehyde, making your breath fresher, day brighter.

  • Better for Home Décor:

House plants are a great, inexpensive and classy addition to your home décor. People who love nature will love the presence of house plants all over the rooms of your house. They add to the greenery and help in concentrating as well as maintaining serenity.

  • Humidity Modifier:

Plants act as great catalysts in maintaining the balance of humidity in the air. Since plants soak in the excess moisture in the air through their leaves, the humidity levels of the house keep reducing and keep your home fresh and happy. Tropical plants are especially recommended.

  • Sleep Apnea:

Plants are a great addition to help patients with sleep apnea sleep better. Patient with severe sleep apnea have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night. With their regular sleep apnea machine, and the addition of plants to their room, their sleep will be heavily aided.

  • Reduce Stress Levels:

Plants are a great anecdote to help you reduce stress levels. People who work high stress jobs and fall into the trap of anxiety from time to time should by all means increase the number of plants in their room as they help with reducing anxiety.

  • Heart Disease:

If a member in your family has a heart condition, gift them a house plant, else if they live with you, add some house plants to the insides of their room and your house. These plants help patients with heart as they reduce the risk of breathlessness.

  • Improve Gardening Skills:

House plants give you an extra skill set to show off to your friends. A good skill to pick up would be gardening as it involves work with your hands and requires you to work a good day’s work. House plants ensure your gardening skills improve.

  • Inexpensive Hobby:

The hobby of growing house plants is now something that many urban professionals and urban residents are practicing. This is because it is a hobby that is much easier on the pocket than most other hobbies. House plants give you something to do with your free time.

  • Variety:

House plants give you a lot of variety. From tropical plants to cactuses, to plants that are mainly for betterment of eyesight, house plants are found in various shapes and sizes. Hence you will have plenty of options irrespective of whether your house is big or comparatively small.


  • Possibility of Mess:

If you are an absolute beginner at this hobby, then there is a possibility of you making a mess from trying to place house plants by yourself. The soil, the earth, mixing it with fertilizer, is work that will make a mess.

  • Risk with Pets:

Unidentified house plants can be risk if you have pets. House plants are great additions, but not at the expense of your cat or dog. Many plants have elements like azalea in them which make it harmful for your pet. They can be poisonous in nature.

  • Suitable Environment Required:

Although house plants can grow in all types of houses, one has to take extra care of ensuring the house plant does not die due to indoor environment. Our houses often have problems of central air-conditioning, central heating which make it difficult for plants to sustain.

  • Difficult during Vacations:

House plants need care and nurture, hence it is impossible to leave them unattended if you are going for a vacation. The house plants need to be looked after and someone has to take care of them during your vacation. It is essential to water them.

  • Molds and Fungus:

If not looked after with proper care and nurture, house plants can lead to degeneration. Their leaves might develop molds and fungus which may be released into the air of the house and the air that your breathe, making it counter-productive to have those house plants.

  • More Effort and House Work:

House plants will add to your household chores, since they have to be maintained properly in order to ensure best productivity and good air in the house. If you are a person who does not mind house chores in weekends, house plants are suitable.

Attraction to Insects:

House plants and the fertilisers used to cure them may attract a variety of insects and animals like rats if not maintained properly. In addition to household chores, you will have to ensure your plants are kept clean and far away from the reach of insects. 

House plants are undoubtedly a great hobby for the urban professional. It adds to your home décor, keeps the air clean, ensures you are not breathing good, fresh air and keeping calm and collected, but at the same time, house plants also add to your work at home and if you are a person who likes to have their weekends off from chores and extra work, then house plants are not the best option for a hobby.

Apart from that you also have to make sure your plants are cared for in the proper manner, or else they might lead to newer problems. All in all, house plants are a great addition to your home and with a little effort anyone can become good at maintaining them. 

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