27+ Pros and Cons of Being A Personal Trainer (Explained)

A personal trainer is someone who is trained to create exercise routines or regimes for individuals who want to have a more active and fitter lifestyle. A personal trainer usually has a certificate and can deliver fruitful exercise routines.

A personal trainer helps to set goals specific to a particular person. People generally hire personal trainers to improve their general health and fitness. Personal trainers help in improving the trainee’s technique as well as motivate the trainee to adhere to a workout routine. 

Benefits of hiring a personal trainerDrawbacks of hiring a personal trainer
Suitable Exercise RoutineExpensive Service
Proper Technique      2.  Personal trainers may be inept
Proper Diet      3. Alternatives are available
Motivation to adhere to a routine      4.  The flexibility of an appointments
Reduces risk of injury       5. The personality of a trainer
Improvement of Mental Health
More likely to achieve faster results
Ensures discipline 
Makes working out more enjoyable

Advantages of Hiring a Personal Trainer

  • Suitable Exercise Routine

A personal trainer is trained to teach exercise to other people. Therefore, a trainer can design exercise routines specifically for an individual keeping the trainee’s body type, ability, and desired outcome in mind. 

  • Proper technique

A personal trainer will help to improve the posture and rectify the form of the trainee. One cannot observe oneself while working out but a personal trainer can do this. Using proper technique greatly improves the effectiveness of the exercise regimen. 

If the correct posture is not maintained while exercising it can lead to serious injuries that can take over months to recover from. Working out under the guidance of a trainer is most likely to ensure that you maintain your posture.

  • Proper diet 

A personal trainer will often regulate the diet of the trainee either themselves or take the assistance of a nutritionist to ensure that the trainee has a proper diet. This makes the workout sessions more fruitful 

  • Motivation to adhere to a routine.

Personal trainers hold clients accountable and motivate clients to stick to workout routines. A person is much less likely to miss a session if he/she has already made An appointment with a personal trainer. Sometimes, you only receive a partial refund of a prebooked session. This is another reason why you take your sessions with your trainer more seriously.

  • Reduces risk of injury 

The form and posture is significant and if those are not correct, injuries can be caused. The risk of an injury due to an incorrect technique of working out is therefore minimized. Exercises that require you to lift heavy weights or high-intensity training are especially advised to be performed under the guidance of a trainer.

  • Improvement of mental health

Physical exercise is extremely necessary for today’s busy lifestyle. It is recommended for every person regardless of whether the person suffers from a mental illness or not.

Exercise is also prescribed as a part of treatment for mental disorders like depression and anxiety. A personal trainer provides that extra motivation required to follow the work-out routine and also exercise effectively. 

  • Effectiveness

Due to all the aforementioned reasons like personalized exercise routines, dietary recommendations, personal attention, and motivation the effectiveness of the exercise program increases. A personal trainer usually ensures that you are taking a holistic approach towards fitness and helps you achieve your goals by guiding you in the right direction.

  • More likely to achieve faster results

Working out under the guidance of an expert trainer is more likely going to help you achieve your body goals. Also, having a trainer means you have someone to always keep you on your toes and bring you in the right direction when you are straying from your workout routine.

  • Ensures Discipline

Another benefit of hiring a personal trainer is that it makes sure that you are disciplined in following your workout regime. It is often easy to get caught up in our busy everyday lives; to make sure that nothing comes between you and your fitness goals try investing in an experienced and suitable trainer.

  • Makes working out more enjoyable

Hiring the right kind of personal trainer goes a long way in making your workouts more fun and enjoyable. Your trainer can interchange workout regimes and make you work out in a park too if you are feeling like it!

Disadvantages  of Hiring a Personal Trainer 

  • Expensive Service 

Hiring a personal trainer is costly and not everyone may be able to afford the services of a personal trainer. The rates charged by personal trainers differ from city to city and can range from $30,000 to $150,000 a year, depending on the area.

  • Personal Trainers May be inept

One has to hire a well trained personal trainer or from a reputed organization to be sure that the 

trainer will be able to meet the client’s needs effectively. Also, the risk of injury remains if the trainer is 

not an expert. 

  • Alternatives are available 

There are other alternatives available that one may consider. Many trainers provide online guidance 

that can be accessed for free or at much lower prices than hiring a personal trainer. The alternative 

options being cheaper to hiring a personal trainer also plays a huge role in influencing one’s decision 

regarding hiring a trainer.

  • The flexibility of appointment 

Most personal trainers will adjust the time of appointment to suit the schedule of the clients. So, even a busy person can avail of the services of a personal trainer. 

  • The personality of the trainer 

Personal trainers may sometimes be very rigid about following exercise programs or dietary 

recommendations which might be stressful for some clients. 

In conclusion, it can be said that hiring a personal trainer has both advantages and drawbacks. However, if a person can’t seem to adhere to specific routines or just needs someone to push and support them then hiring a trainer can be useful for them. Ultimately, whether one hires a personal trainer or just does it at home, physical exercise must be a part of one’s routine.

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