22 Main Pros and Cons of Home Decoration Setup

A home one of them most prized asset of an individual and also requires quite a share of investment. However, after several years of use it may look worn down of its true beauty and potential. A redecoration of home thus becomes very important.

This is where the role of a Home decor steps in. When it comes to giving a fresh new look to one’s home there are so many criteria and a good Home Decorator or Interior Designer makes provisions for most of those things important to us, yet manages to give our home a surprising make over.

Set your own moodDealing with customers
Reflects your own tasteCan overwhelm visitors
Recreate spaceCan be expensive
Increase home valueResale is more difficult
Ensures satisfactionBranding competition
Fun recreationTiring profession

Advantages of home Decoration Setup

  • Sets a Mood

Having a own home decoration setup gives one the freedom to choose any option from the colour palette. Since each colour has its own personality, by choosing different colours for the walls, furniture, carpeting and accessories, one can set the mood for a room according to one’s own preferences. For eg; a sky-blue bedroom creates a peaceful oasis, while a bright yellow playroom can mimic sunshine.

  • Reflects Personal Tastes

Home decor is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from the “cookie-cutter” look of an empty home.Everything that has been chosen and are used for home decoration purposes is essentially a reflection of the home decorator’s own taste.

  • Home value increase 

When a person is diligent about redecorating the home, it’s safe to say the same for the homeupkeeping as well. Maintaining things in their condition and upgrading therequired areas with furnitures and other accessories are perfect ways to increase the home value.

  • Recreating space 

Home Decoration projects generally evolve and change over time. In fact, there can be more than one instance that a specific space can serve forone purpose or dual purposes. For perspective, if a rather large and unused space is moulded for a new room with a bathroom, the overall value of the house gradually increases.

  • Fun recreation:

Sewing as an art is a fun hobby and can be used to ensure that the people who are sewing have something to do at the end of the day. Turning this hobby into a profession through professional sewing is one thing that makes the day go brighter and ensures you are at a better position.

  • Ensures satisfaction

As humans, at the end of the day all one craves is a warm, comfortable place to eat and a soft spot to sleep at night. It is an innate nature of humans to design their homes with personal comfort in mind. Ideally, before deciding whether to purchase a piece of furniture, or sprawl out on bed after bed in a showroom or even before deciding on the perfect mattress, most people will prefer to try it out at least once. 


Dealing with customers:

One of the toughest aspect of having a own setup is the gruesome thought of dealing with customers. It’s a task that leaves the most experienced of the salesman feel fatigued. While there are quite a few things one has to deal after making a foray, this is one of the primary reasons why home decoration is considered a tough profession.

  • Can overwhelm Visitors

If you’ve ever walked into a home in which every nook and cranny is filled, you might know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by someone else’s idea of design. If a room has several pieces of furniture, it can be difficult for a visitor to find a clear path to walk and can often be an uncomfortable experience. One of the primary downside of home decorating is that one person’s masterpiece is another person’s rummage sale.

  • Can be expensive

Homesare still considered the most valuable investment for any middle class household and can take a toll on their daily expenditure if they plan to spend on home improvements. For the average family, that money could be saved for college tuition, to pay down a mortgage or to buy a new car. Because most home decorating is not done at one time, it’s easy to spend more money than you believe you have.

  • Resale ismore difficult

Interior decorating is highly personal. For instance, if one spends following the theme and furniture of his own taste, it might not necessarily impress everyone who might consider purchasing the home. On the other hand, ifit’s a family who makes frequent moves, it is important to remember that you’re not only decorating for yourself, but also for any potential buyers.

Branding Competition

The home decoration companies which are brandedor the personal enterprises who have attained a big name, are often told to hire people who do the professional work. Hence to make the house more approachable and get a market share, one needs to compete with these sharks of the market to get success and profits.

Tiring Profession: 

Home decoration work is extremely tiring and it more often than not ensures that the person is drained out after the day. This is because the person into professional work not only has to come up with ideas and designs for customers but also has to make sure that they work fine and are in accordance with the customer’s preferences as well.

A home decoration job requires practice, precision, and patience and because it’s also very time-intensive, a lot of homeowners are looking to outsource the renovation jobs of their homes, both inside and out, to a professional. All in all, if you dohome decorating and do it well, you are in a great position to start a startup that has the potential to be very profitable.

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