23 Main Pros and Cons of Ikebana

Flowers carry happiness and well wishes with them wherever they go. Flowers light up people’s mood and also give them a serene environment that calms our mind. Many of us prefer having flowers in vases and keeping them in our rooms so as to change the overall atmosphere of the room. Some people even prefer to have indoor flower arrangement to maintain the serene atmosphere.

Ikebana is one such kind of flower arrangement. It is a Japanese artform which is as old as 7th century. Apart from using flowers, Ikebana also uses various parts of a plant for the arrangement.


Has meditative elementNeeds proper guidance
Takes care of mental healthKnowledge about flowers
Encourages self-expressionAllergy
Escalates the aesthetic quotientRequires timely maintenance
Brings about a sense of fulfillmentExpense involved
Can be done in numerous waysCan attract insects
Brings life to the placeWastage of floral resources
Helps appreciate little things
Encourages cultural intermingling


  • Has meditative element

Meditation brings about solution to a lot of problems. Amongst many other things, it calms people down and helps them concentrate. Meditation ideally does not happen in chaotic places. For someone to meditate, they need to be in a place that enhances calmness and tranquil environment. Ikebana has meditative element and helps to create the perfect environment for meditation.

  • Takes care of mental health

Our mental sanity is very important to us. It is essential for everyone to take care of their mental health, especially as we live in a time when mental health is being affected so much by the chaos around us. Ikebana creates an environment that is far removed from chaos and promotes calmness of mind.

  • Encourages self-expression

People have different ways of expressing themselves creatively. If you still have not found a creative way of expressing yourself, then ikebana can be it. Even if you have found away to express yourself creatively, you can still make Ikebana another creative outlet. You can try arranging the simple things and turn them into something beautiful, as is done in ikebana.

  • Escalates the aesthetic quotient

Everyone of us wants the places around us to exude some aesthetic value. Ikebana does this easily. A simple Ikebana can turn an ordinary place into extraordinarily aesthetic with just some simple flower arrangements. This escalation of aesthetic quotient of a place cannot be done as simply as an Ikebana can.

  • Brings about a sense of fulfilment

There are a huge number of people who suffer from lack of confidence and drown deeper into the pool of lack of confidence. Ikebana, being a simple artform is easy to attempt and succeed at. If people are successful at making ikebana, it gives them a sense of fulfilment and boosts their confidence.

  • Can be done in numerous ways

There are various artforms in which the desirable result can be achieved only by following a strict set of rules. That is not the case with Ikebana. If a certain type of Ikebana does not suit you, then you can go for another one. As of now, there are more than 3000 types of ikebana with varying degrees of difficulties.

  • Brings life to the place

If you are in a place that looks dead, does not have enough life to it. Above that you do not have time to decorate the place immediately, then you can consider ikebana. A simple ikebana can do wonders and brighten up the whole place without much effort and thus acts as a savior.

  • Therapeutic

The presence of an ikebana in a room brings about a serene environment in the room and restores calmness. The process of arranging in ikebana is considered to be therapeutic. Even the presence of ikebana in a room is considered to have therapeutic elements.

  • Helps appreciate little things

Ikebana is not just the arrangement of flowers; various parts of plants are also used in ikebana. This usage of even the smallest things in an artform helps us to appreciate the little things.

  • Encourages cultural intermingling

Ikebana is a Japanese artform. In the days of globalization, it never hurts to learn about another cultural and inhabit that in one’s own culture. This encourages cultural intermingling.


  • Needs proper guidance

Anybody who is attempting ikebana needs proper guidance as to how it can be done and supervision when attempt it. If you do not have a guidance, the chances of succeeding at ikebana is likely to be low.

  • Knowledge about flowers

The selection of flowers is a very important part in ikebana. One needs to have enough knowledge about flowers before choosing them so that they do not happen to choose a poisonous flower. 

  • Allergy

Even if one knows sufficiently about flowers so as to not pick poisonous ones, they might still choose flowers that someone is allergic to. As allergies are very subjective, it is tricky to choose flowers.

  • Requires timely maintenance

To keep an ikebana in one’s home, one needs to take care of it regularly. Without the daily maintenance, the ikebana might not survive long enough.

  • Expense involved

Most beautiful flowers are very expensive and are hard to grow at home. If one wants to incorporate these flowers in their ikebana, it will be of major expense. Most people might not have enough resource to bear this kind of expense.

  • Can attract insects

Where there are flowers, there are supposed to be insects. It is okay if those insects are near the flowers in a garden but it becomes a matter of concern if the ikebana in the room attracts those insects. 

  • Wastage of floral resources

There is no doubt that ikebana looks beautiful but the overlooked part is that because of it, a lot of floral resources are wasted which could have been used for something else.

All in all, ikebana is a beautiful artform that is authentic to the Japanese culture and promotes peace and tranquility and it would do good for everyone to  adapt it.

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