26+ Pros and Cons of Immigration (Explained)

Every human being generally beholds the same characteristics and its supreme priority is social security, economic security, religious security, moral security, cultural security and may more. If the individual does not feel secure in the own nation secured for himself or herself, the leaves own nation. War-torn countries like Syria, Lebanon and Palestine contributes the most in terms of war exaggerated refuges, who comes in the western world to bury their hatchet 

Even if we explore the first American president great Abraham Lincoln’s many speeches, he was very sympathetic to the migrants. He often condemned the anti-migrant ideas as he once said, ‘if there are any abroad, who desire to make this the land of their adoption, it is not in my heart throw aught in their way, to prevent them from coming to the United States.’

Main Pros and Cons of Immigration

Pros of Immigration

Fastens the economic growth:

 Immigration fosters the economic output by producing more and giving the hours to the service industry. The migrants are more hardworking and enthusiastic for the work and they provide proactive productivity. 

When a migrant comes to the state, that person brings demand for his or herself. Therefore migrants uplift the accumulated the demand and expands the market. Moreover, migrants are the most obedient public. Under the burden of gratefulness, they never miss to pay the taxes. Ultimately the nation is benefited.

 The countries like Israel also experienced a huge amount of migrants after declaring the state is ‘free to all Jewish’. A survey on the immigration issue revealed nearly half of the migrant population resides in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Australia, Hungary, Greece, South Africa, Russia, Israel, France, Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Italy.

Huge supply workforce:

Many jobs are in the western countries market, which people do not prefer to do such as cultivating, washing, cooking and many other jobs with high labor j or blue color jobs. Migrants eliminate the gap and become a vibrant workforce and become the workforce of all kind of jobs.

Exposure to the richness of culture and greater culture:

A feelings of greater inclusiveness different culture that progresses with the help of diverse culture, region, music, song that is inevitable and it leads society towards tolerance, brotherhood.

Stops the ageing of the population:  

Many countries such as Japan are facing the critical challenges of low birth rate and rise in dependency ratio (ageing workforce that dose does not contribute to the tax as well as dependable on the Government). The migrants stabilizes the situation.

Enhances entrepreneurship:

Generally, the immigrants are more diligent, reliable, and hardworking and most importantly, risk-bearing as they have the courage to leave their country, their property, their estate and inheritance. The most classic example was Steve Jobs as his father was from Arab.

Navigation to excellence, skill and talents of the whole world:

The ‘brain drain’ word comes from this concept. Most of the third world countries losing their brainy and talented population in the hand of the developed world. 

In the greed of the money, fame, and extraordinary lifestyle they leave their country and contributes to the patron nation that offers the best exposure. Maximum big organizations standing in the western world hire topmost talents from the whole world.

Cons of Immigration

National security issue:  

Immigration raises the issue of national security as the war-torn frustrated migrants may get involves in the anti-national activity that harms the nation. For example, many war-devastated migrants joined the ISIS and the AL –QUDA.

The increased pressure of the infrastructure, the wealth of the country:

While migrants enter into the nation, they creates pressure on the infrastructure. The original mass has to share the infrastructure likewise schools, hospitals, roads, public transports etc. with the migrants. National wealth also gets distributed migrants and native people.

Adverse impact on wage growth:  

Cheap labor deteriorates wage growth as the job provider finds much more cheap labor in the market. Even the companies reduce the facilities for the employees when they get at a lower rate

More competition for native people:

Creates a massive threat to the jobs market. The low skilled population, as well as the high skilled native people, might lose their job with the adverse effect of the low-cost migrant labor.

Inherent lives in the identity crisis:

If the migrants came in a large scale then the culture and the ethnicity of the native people may get vanished. The moment when the migrant will be in the majority, they may oppress out the native people

Unexpected population rise:

With the unanticipated population rise the crisis of land, the value of land, cost of the house and rented house’s price escalates at a very sharp rate. Other disadvantages of the population which are faced by the third-word counties may arise the settled nation.

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