23 Main Pros and Cons of an Insurance Agent

An insurance agent is an individual who basically helps their customers to choose from a wide range of insurance policies that will be best for them and can suite their requirements to the greatest extent.

Such agents are also known as insurance sales agent. There are many such insurance agents who work for selling theinvestment oriented products and services along with mutual funds, variable annuities as well as other kinds of securities.

Just like any other profession, choosing the path of becoming a successful insurance agent can have its own share of uphill as well as downfalls.

Good potential of earning good incomeProblems in building a client base
Flexibility of work scheduleLeads to a lot of added anxiety as well as pressure to sell
Ensures that the earning process can start earlyProblems in lead generation
Requirement of zero investmentConsumers fail to understand the policies
Ensures to make a significant difference in people’s lives
Help in learning from various industrial experts

Advantages of Insurance Agent

• Good potential of earning good income:

One of the major reasons why the profession of an insurance agent is becoming extremely popular is due to the fact that it offers the possibility for an individual to earn a good amount of money.

While working as an insurance agent and by focusing on working in the sales department, a clear suggestion can be made regarding generation of better numbers as well as commissions.

Flexibility of work schedule:

While working as an insurance agent independently, one can definitely function in a flexible manner by strategizing their working schedule and schemes as per their own convenience.

One can easily take the decision of taking an entire day or even a few hours off from work and can therefore enjoy the benefit of their work plan as per the availability of potential clients.

Ensures that the earning process can start early:

With the help of particular degree of qualification, an individual can definitely choose insurance as an effective career option that can definitely serve to put forward a number of opportunities for such individuals to gain proficiency in this particular field.

By fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria which includes holding a qualification degree in the 12th standard examinations that are conducted by any recognised educational board, an individual can definitely succeed by choosing insurance as a career option.

Requirement of zero investment:

For building a successful career option in the path of insurance, such individuals do not require to make any such investments in terms of money. But the only investment that should be done by them is by devoting the appropriate amount of time as well as effort towards their profession so as to ensure that there are no loopholes within the same.

Ensures to make a significant difference in people’s lives:

 Insurance agents have definitely earned the much deserved fame for successfully bringing about a positive change in a number of people’s lives who have sought to various such insurance policies. They have helped build people to construct their assets while assisting them to take care of themselves as well as their family requirements in the most effective manner.

Help in learning from various industrial experts:

After becoming a well reputed insurance agent, an individual can definitely earn a wide range of opportunities that can ultimately help in developing the personal as well as the professional skills of such well acclaimed insurance agents. A large number of industrial experts can provide various expert-led training sessions for such individuals to gain better prospects in the future.

Disadvantages of Insurance Agent

Problems in building a client base:

The individuals who choose the path of becoming successful insurance agents are often subjected to a number of challenges that might come up as a result of not being able to find the appropriate number of potential clients. By failing to do so, they might not be able to proceed in this particular profession, but instead undergo a greater degree of loss in generating good amount of leads.

Leads to a lot of added anxiety as well as pressure to sell:

Irrespective of the kind of companies that an individual wishes to work for as an insurance agent, there will definitely be a certain degree of added anxiety as well as pressure which might build up in the course of the time. Such anxiety issues can eventually create negative impact upon such insurance agencies failing to meet the wide range of sales target.

Problems in lead generation:

Although there are many such large-scale agencies which depend and focus upon strategizing the large number of marketing departments for the generation of leads, but on the other hand, there are many such companies who rely completely upon particular insurance agents for improving the policies of lead generation.

This may ultimately result in being intimidating for a large number of agents who have just begun their job in this particular field and can therefore be extremely tiresome for the others who have been a part of the same for quite some years.

Consumers fail to understand the various insurance policies:

The entire concept pertaining to the insurance field and strategies can prove to be a complex issue for many insurance agents who aspire to become proficient in the same. Without a proper understanding, this may lead to a number of misconceptions as well as various queries coming up regarding the wide range of insurance policies as well as the coverage options.

This may ultimately result in such insurance agents with poor knowledge regarding the various aspects who ultimately fail to reach out to a number of consumers.


The popularity of becoming an efficient insurance agent has definitely reached new heights during the modern times of the ongoing 21st century. Like any other profession, this field too has its own share of pros and cons that can help in ultimately determining the success rate that one can achieve from this particular career option.

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