22+ Pros and Cons of Internet (Explained)

The internet and the easy access to the internet is probably the most important technological development that has entered the human world since the invention of electricity and airplanes. The internet is not only a place to find entertainment and information, but also the quickest place way of getting all forms of updates about the world and the society in general.

While the internet has some clear advantages, it is also a place with a reputation of being manipulative and even dangerous at times. The internet can reveal location and expose you and your loved ones to unforeseen danger and hatred.

Pros of Internet

Cons of Internet

1. Vast Information Access

1. Illegal Activity

2. Opportunity to Meet New People

2. Threatening Individuals

3. Virtual Experience of New Culture

3. Dependency on Internet

4. Medium of Jobs 

4. Addiction

5. Means of Marketing

5. Health Hazards

6. Entertainment

6. Risk to Personal Information

7. Opportunity to Learn

7. Risk to Family Members

8. Means of Communication with Relatives

9. Exposure to the World


  • Vast Information Access:

The internet is a place where information can be accessed for free and without hesitation. The reason this is a good place to know about the functioning of the world is because it is a platform that is completely based on content from the general masses and groups.

is there a wide range of information available on the internet
  • Opportunity to Meet New People:

A great place to meet new people, the internet has a reputation of creating friendships that have lasted for several months and years. The cross country friendships that we so often hear of, is often made and developed through the internet activity of the members.

  • Virtual Experience of New Culture:

Several websites on the internet offer the kind of information and services that can provide a great in depth knowledge of the world and the various cities of the world. The internet also avails tours and virtual guides of cities that you may have never visited.

  • Medium of Jobs:

The vast market and communications base of the internet makes it a great place to find a job. This helps the people using the internet without having to go out of their way to find a job to help them sustain themselves and their families with care.

  • Means of Marketing:

The internet is also the only place in the world that brings the market to such a compressed section, making it the highest profitable space for the creators of social media content, website content, lifestyle bloggers, etc. The internet makes it easy to promote your brand.

is there vast selection of employment marketing opportunities on the internet
  • Entertainment:

With several videos, blogs, web series, social media platforms, the internet is also the perfect place to find entertainment after a long, hard day of work, making it quite easy to find something that suits your needs. Unlike television where you have to watch broadcast content, on the internet you can select your own content.

  • Opportunity to Learn:

The internet is a great place to learn the arts and crafts. It also helps students studying for exams quickly learn their topics with ease. This makes the internet the go to place whenever there is something to learn like a skill that you may want to pick up.

  • Means of Communication with Relatives:

For several aged couples, the internet is the only place to help them connect to their children and relatives who live far away. This also helps in the reduction of their rabid loneliness and makes the internet a great source of warmth and lasting happiness.

  • Exposure to the World:

The newer generations are much smarter than the previous generations precisely because of the use of the internet. They have become enhanced due their exposure to the world, making them independent of the adults to find out information that even the adults may not know. This is making our future smarter.

Disadvantages OF THE INTERNET:

  • Illegal Activity:

While there are several uses and advantages to the internet, there are also horrible consequences to using the internet. This makes it a place where it is dangerous to leave children and naive individuals unattended. The use of the internet is much safer than it was before, but we must know that it is still a hub of illegal activity.

  • Threatening Individuals:

The internet is also the only place where threatening individuals can have access to your information and you data without you even knowing. This makes it relatively unsafe to use without protection and anti-virus. The internet should be used with utmost precaution due to the threat of imposters and cons.

  • Dependency on the Internet:

A study from a 2013 survey done in the UK shows that an estimated 84% of the population of the country cannot do without having to access the internet every 5 hours of their daily lives. This access may be for several reasons like entertainment, communication, information, etc. 

  • Addiction:

The internet is a dangerous addiction that does takes away from people their loved ones, like any addiction would. A research upon 5 families from the city of Madrid in 2018, shows that the families with the least access and use of internet are the ones which later developed stronger bonds to deal with family problems. 

is the internet addictive
  • Health Hazards:

The most common health hazard resulting from the internet is the drying up of the cornea. This is because the internet is a space which can only be accessed through the devices of tabs, smart phones, laptops, etc. Hence long exposure makes it physically challenging.

  • Risk to Personal Information:

The internet is a place where the personal data of a person can be exposed or used by people unknown to blackmail, threaten and use the data for extortion reasons. The main reason this happens is because the internet is a place where several criminals are looming at large.

is there a risk of personal information being exposed on the internet
  • Risk to Family Members:

The leaking of data and personal information may also be a threat not only to yourself but also to your family members. Since several email and conversations are recorded when using the internet, these files can be accessed and then used for extortion for high prices. 

The internet is a great tool for knowing about the wonders of the world if used with precaution and care. This does not usually happen because the internet is also a place where people may come across bad experiences and threatening problems. This is why it is best to use to internet for knowledge purposes primarily.

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