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23 Main Pros and Cons of iPhone 11

In the current world, we are practically unable to function without our phone. Phones have made everything convinient and faster for us. Phones have our biggest secrets and a breach in the security of our phone can put us at risk and harm us immensely. Hence, people tend to invest in phones that will not compromise their security and keep their secrets intact and their life easy.

In such a scenario, Apple’s iPhone has been able to gain the trust of the users with regard to security issues and continues being the huge tech giant that it already is.


Cheaper than iPhone 11 pro Better display in iPhone 11 pro
Varied colorsNo headphone jack
Convinient sizeOld style notch
High quality rear cameraNo external memory option
High quality front cameraNo RAM varient 
Best performanceCharger is not up to the mark
Great battery lifeNo fingerprint scanner
Water resistant design 


  • Cheaper than iPhone 11 pro

iPhone 11 is cheaper than iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 pro max while having almost the same specifications as them. It seems pointless spending extra for a phone if it has specifications which is almost the same as the one that is cheaper.

  • Varied colors

We all have colors that we prefer and want our phonesto be of those colors. With iPhone 11, the chances of us getting the color of our choice is increased. iPhone 11 can bought in many colors- black, white, yellow, purple, green and red. This varied range of color options is something that is not available in iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 pro max.

  • Convinient size

Sometimes phones come in sizes that are too big to hold in one hand or in pockets, while other times they are too small to binge watch while travelling. The size of the body of iPhone 11 is 5.67”*2.81”*0.32” and the LCD screen is 6.1 inches which makes it the perfect size to hold with one hand.

  • High quality rear camera

Nowadays, we do not always need traditional cameras if we love clicking photos in general. Our phone cameras serve as competent gears. iPhone 11 with its 12 megapixel wide angle lens and 12 megapixel ultra wide lens camera can be your friend if you are a shutterbug.

  • High quality front camera

Who can survive without a good selfie camera in these days. Be it a social gathering or some alone time at hoem, a sgood selfie camera always comes handy. For this, iPhone 11 has 12 megapixel selfie camera that supports 4k videos.

  • Best performance

iPhone 11 gurantees the best performanceas it comes with the best processor in the world. It comes with A13 Bionic  with the help of which it can carry out 8.5 trillion operations per second.

  • Great battery life

Running out of battery on the phone is the worst thing that can happen when a person is having a long day or is out ona road trip. To prevent this from happening, iPhone 11 comes with a great battery which can get about 16.5 houts to 17.5 hours in a single charge.

  • Tough

We have all had that one time when we drop our phones accidentally and then worry ourselves sick worrying about the damage that might have been caused. iPhone 11 comes with a tough exterior so as to give us some relief about our phones.

  • Water resistant design

With its water resistant design, now you can take your iPhone 11 deep under the water. The phone can be taken upto 2 metres under water and kept their for upto 30 minutes. So, now you can fulfill all your wishes of underwater photography.


  • Better display in iPhone 11 pro

iPhone 11 pro models have have OLED screens which makes colors look more vibant and makes the black color appear inky rather than gray. This is not available in iPhone 11and thus the display is not as good.

  • No headphone jack

If you want to use a standard headset with iPhone 11, it’s not possible as iPhone 11 does not have a headphone jack 3.5mm for headphones. Hence, the only option available to the user is to use a bluetooth headphone.

  • Old style notch

Nowadays almost every phone has a notch display though it was originally introduced by Apple. But even though most other phones have improved their notch display, there is still a big notch at the top of iPhone 11.

  • No external memory options

We can never click enough pictures and videos as we go through our daily life and thus we can never of storage in our phones. But iPhone 11 does not have an option to expand the memory using a memory card in case we exhaust the built-in memory of the phone.

  • No RAM varient

iPhone 11 comes with a 4 GB RAM. This is constant is all the varients of iPhone 11 where the ROM storage changes. So, if you are not satisfied with the option of a 4 GB RAM, then iPhone 11 might not be for you.

  • Charger is not upto the mark

iPhone 11 comes with a 5W charger which is not satisfactory consideringhow the higher-end models of iPhone come with a 18W charger to support fast charging.

  • No fingerprint scanner

Most phones come with a fingerprint scanner as a security check to unlock the phone. But iPhone 11 lacks this feature. Everyone might not be comfortable with the face unlock feature that it has, in which case they manually need to enter the password.

  • Heavy

Your phone should be something that will support you without being a burden. But iPhone 11 is considered to a quite a heavy phone. So, if you carry your phone in your pocket, it might wear you down.

All in all, iPhone 11 is a phone that will support you throughout if you make do with few of the inconviniences that is caused by the lack of a few features.

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