18+ Pros and Cons of iPhone (Explained)

There are smartphones, and then there are iPhones, a totally different animal on its own. 

The iPhone needs no introduction to place its significance in the smartphone market and how it took the market by storm. 

The advantages of having an iPhone are clearly a long list but there are some disadvantages too. 

So, before you jump on the wagon and get yourself an iPhone ( without breaking into a bank hopeful), here are the pros and cons, you need to go through. 

Pros Of iPhone 

You Will Have Convenience Of Having An Apple Ecosystem

The kind of ecosystem and ‘device family’ Apple has is anything unseen like it. 

No other brand is able to build such a huge ecosystem with multiple devices able to sync with each other so gracefully.  

It is almost like Apple encourages you to buy their other products once you buy one. 

Apple kind of favors the users of their one product by making things easier incompatibility with their other products. 

For example, if you have an iPhone, connecting it to Macbook to transfer files or phones is so much more convenient and smooth than with any other laptop. 

Apple has devices such as Macbooks, iPads, Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple desktops as well which are empowered to connect with each other without a sweat. 

Apple IOS and macOS are synced so beautifully that you can continue watching your movie from the exact point where you left it watching on your phone previously. 

As an iPhone user, when you have other Apple products, your life will become way easier and more fun due to this highly synchronized and compatible interconnected ecosystem. 

You Get Best Quality Phone Camera In The Market

It is impossible to talk about the advantages of the iPhone without mentioning its camera. 

iPhones have always been known for their ground-breaking quality of cameras and early adaptation of future technology. 

They have been leading the market since the early 20s with more and more advancements in their cameras. 

In fact, after them, other Android brands are trying to catch up with their camera capability but fail.  

iPhone Offers Something For Everyone 

Another great advantage of using an iPhone is something that Apple inhabited in recent years. 

They started to cater to people from all necessities and budgets. So you get the Apple branding, the reputation which comes along with the convenience of variations. 

Even though it is the best advantage with the iPhone, they’ve started working on it with their last success of the iPhone SE.  

A few years back, an iPhone would cost you not less than $1,200 which is pretty much for a phone. 

But with releasing their iPhone SE for just $400, they tapped into the smaller-budget market, taking it by storm. 

Then there was its predecessor with different budget ranges such as the iPhone 11 was for $700 and iPhone 11 pro for $900. 

Over time, this is going to be a huge advantage, so much so covering one of the biggest cons of buying an iPhone which has always been its expensive cost and not many variants. 

You Get A Single-Place Digital Store iCloud 

iCloud is a gamechanger when you are already enjoying the Apple Ecosystem, especially the iPhone and Macbook. 

It is a cloud service storage offered by Apple  which when turned on, automatically saves all of your files to the cloud. 

This becomes your lifesaver as it is used as a backup in case your iPhone gets stolen or lost. 

But more than that, with iCloud, you can use those files that are in your iPhone and Macbook, literally from anywhere. 

This changes the whole deal of carrying a storage device such as a pen drive. Also, make it convenient to use your files and photos from anywhere.  

You Get Frequent Software Updates 

Even if you own a five-year-old iPhone, you will still get a software upgrade from time to time. 

This is something only Apple provides to their users where you will get regular updates on your device. 

So, you will always have some new feature or advancement coming in without changing the iPhone set. 

Whereas if you compare it with Android leading brands like Samsung, they stop providing any software upgrade just after 18 to 24 months. 

This is also the reason why the iPhone user base or its ecosystem thrives for a longer period of time. 

It Has Easy  & Fast User-Interface 

The iPhone offers you an extremely simple user interface which makes using the phone so much easier for everyone. 

Not to mention, the similarity of the UI that all apple devices share makes the whole ecosystem again effortless and familiar. 

All the apps and user interfaces are focused to give the users a smooth experience. 

When you compare this with the Android, they definitely have more freedom and varieties but then that also makes them inconsistent with different models and brands. 

So, with Android, things get complicated and there is always a learning curve but with iPhone, once you get comfortable, you set for life as UI is quite consistent not just amongst iPhones but also Apple devices.  

iPhone Has Excellent Battery Life 

Another specialty for which the iPhone is known is its prolonged battery life. 

This is because they have the best battery management system in the place as compared to any other operating system. 

The competence of their battery management system can be demonstrated by this example. 

If you turn on the GPS and keep the screen turned off on an Android device, the GPS will drain all batteries over a brief amount of time. 

Even though the screen is off and you are not using any app, still GPS runs in the background which takes all the battery. 

So, the onus is on users to turn it off or keep noticing that you wouldn’t leave it on because if you did, you will be penalized by battery drainage. 

This becomes unfortunate for older people or anyone who is not very tech-savvy to keep it in check. 

But when you compare it with an iPhone, you don’t have to worry about GPS and battery drainage, as it is taken care of already. 

The overall system manages the battery to sustain it long as possible without interfering with usability. 

iPhones Have High Resale Value 

Any other Android device, no matter how costly you bought it, lost its value to more than half even if you bought it for mere seconds.

But with iPhones due to their long sustainable life, Apple ecosystem, regular software upgrades, and tons of other features, even the older phones have great resale value. 

In fact, if you go to the market to buy a second-hand or refurbished iPhone, it will still cost you more than most of the new flagship Android phones.

You Get Faster Processing 

If you compare any latest Android phone with even the 3 or 4 years old iPhone model, you still get the iPhone as a winner in your corner. 

According to tech experts, since the beginning, iPhone processors have always been two steps ahead of Android phones. 

You can measure the processing power using the geek bench score where the newest iPhone has 1337 compared to the latest Android Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra only has 432. 

This definitely settles the fact that the iPhone has a faster processor than any other Android competitor in the market. 

iPhone Assure High Security 

Android phones have always been susceptible to being breached by hackers easily. You have higher chances of security breaches with Android than with iPhones. 

iPhones rarely have a chance of security breach. Only in extreme conditions can it be breached as everything goes through Apple’s strong firewall.  

However, it does come with restrictions and some awareness especially when you are downloading anything from a third party. 

Cons Of iPhone

Having An Apple Ecosystem Is Also An Disadvantage 

While the Apple Ecosystem is a boon, it is also a curse, so this has to go in both pros and cons section. 

Since Apple encourages their one-product users to get into this ecosystem and replace every other product with Apple products. 

It is quite like a cult where once you go in, it becomes really difficult to get out.

Not just do you become dramatically habitual of this ecosystem enabling you to become biased with Apple products but also makes you blind to alternatives. 

You will become ignorant of other brands and even might become too clingy to buy another or update your previous model. 

Also, you cannot just have an iPhone and use a Windows laptop. Over time, the ecosystem will compel you to buy Macbook and possibly other devices as well. 

You Won’t Get Headphone Jacks 

This sometimes becomes a frustrating disadvantage of owning an iPhone where they do not offer any headphone jack in the phone. 

However, now it has become quite a trend where the OEMs are adapting it like crazy. More and more Android flagship phones are coming without a headphone jack. 

But it still counts as a disadvantage also because you can either charge your phone or listen to the music due to only one lightning port. 

There are AirPods offered by Apple but that is highly expensive where even the lowest one will cost you $160 as per this date. Even third-party BlueTooth headphones are costly. 

Apple Seem Overpriced 

The Apple products might be infectiously attractive, the prices cost a fortune for an average earner. 

Paying something like $1200 for a phone is unusual and takes a lot to go for it. 

This becomes even more outrageous when other brands are pushing really hard to bring their flagship phones in the budget range. 

In fact, you can buy three or at least two flagship latest models of Android phones with similar features and capabilities. 

Then, there are brands like One Plus which become the pioneer of budget-friendly but highly competent Android flagship phones. 

So, when there is a whole market where you are getting so many great options with affordable cost, buying an iPhone almost feels like being cheated. 

Limited Storage 

iPhones do not come with a slot for SD cards, so the idea of upgrading or increasing your storage doesn’t exist at all. 

The alternative is, you have to buy the higher-end variant of the model which has more storage which means paying more. 

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