Jewelry Design: 24 Main Pros and Cons (You Must Know)


   The art and/or profession of creating the design for and the jewelry item itself, is termed as “Jewelry Design”. It is definitely one of the most ancient forms of decoration in the human civilisation. The earliest instances of jewelry design, date back to a minimum of seven thousand years, right up to two of the oldest human socities known to man, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

This form of art has taken up many shapes through the years, going from a simple beadwork in the ancient times to gem cutting and metalworking of the most sophisticated degree in the present day.

Your creative side is bound to receive a boostRequires very high investment of capital at the beginning
Jewelry Designers acquire a unique and incredible, new skill setLearning jewelry design requires extensive training
Increases your chances of achieving employmentThe whole industry is ripe with severe competition
Provides the jewelry designer with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillmentYouo have to devote years of your life to have any chance of being successful
Need for Jewelry is always there and thus a need for designersJewelry Design can be a very unstable industry to work in
Quality Jewelry Designers often acquire a lot of fameJewelry prices are very high, often leading to reduction in demand
Jewelry designs make each item unique
Jewelry designs are the thing that add even more beauty and monetary value to a piece of jewelry
Jewelry Designers acquire a huge amount of knowledge that can even benefit their future generations

Advantages of Jewelry Design

  • Creativity :

 Jewelry designing is bound to make you more creative, simply because of the allure of the raw materials. Once you start designing jewelry you are exposed to a plethora of beautiful and often quite rare gems and other stones. Then you design beautiful creations, with them at the centre alleviating their beauty even further. 

  • New Skill :

 Jewelry Design is a form of art in itself and you need to acquire a lot of skill and go through extensive practice to master this intricate art. Once competent enough to be a jewelry designer, you have already acquired an unique skill set that will help you in life and in seeking jobs. 

  • Employment :

 There is a dearth of quality jewelry designers. So if you decide to be one, not only are the huge jewelry brands always on the lookout for deft designers, you can also simply be self-employed. You can design on your own and sell them to jewellers, or even on your own. 

  • Fulfillment :

 One of the most rewarding aspects of being in the line of jewelry design is the extremely strong sense of accomplishment that you will get when you see a beautiful masterpiece, that you brought to life, literally from scratch. Also, when you see these creations being adored, treasured and worn by others, it is also undoubtedly, very fulfilling. 

  • Need :

 The need for quality jewelry designers and designs will always be there as long as there will be jewelry being made. One of the very few things that has remained constant throughout history and even now, is human beings want to adorn themselves in jewelry. Weddings, Special occasions, etc. we always look for an excuse to buy jewelry. 

  • Fame :

 Jewelry Designers are revered all across the globe. Many of the top jewelry designers are treated as rockstars and several have their own creations worn by models on the most prestigious fashion events happening all over the world. Their designs have often been seen to set the new trends in fashion. 

  • Uniqueness :

 Each and every jewelry designer has his or her own unique style of creation. This is reflected in the designs that they put on their creations, the materials that they use, their process of jewelry designing, just to name a few. This makes every piece of jewelry created, very unique.  

  • Knowledge :

Jewelry Designing requires extensive study and training in the subject, before you can be good enough to practice it. The vast amounts of knowledge that the designers gather during their training and even through experience, can be passed on to their future generations, thus also securing their futures in the process. 

  • Monetary Value :

 Most of the raw materials that jewelry designers work with, have quite a lot worth in terms of money just on their own. The designers are the people who find the perfect way to assemble all of these parts together to give birth to a creation that is even more beautiful, thus increasing it’s monetary value. 

Disadvantages of Jewelry Design

  • Capital Investment :

Jewelry Designing requires a relatively high amount of investment of capital at the onset, making it a non-viable option for income, for a lot of people. The raw materials required, the specialised tools, workplace, etc. do not come cheap requiring a lot of money just to be set up for designing.

  • Training :

Learning all the different nuances of jewelry design is a strenuous and extensive process. It takes hundreds of man hours to learn all of the techniques and processes attached with it and a lot of time to practice those techniques, in order to perfect them. There are also very few proper institutions that deal with the subject. 

  • Competition :

The whole jewelry industry is full of cut-throat competition. You have to be constantly on your toes to survive in this market. Even though once you are established, you can call your own shots, it will be a dangerous and tricky journey to reach that position as bigger competitors are always standing in your way. 

  • Time :

You need to spend in incredible amount of time to be any way successful in jewelry designing. From learning the craft, to spending years establishing your own brand if you have one, or giving years of your life to the jewelry brand for whom you decide to work. Anything you choose, will need a lot of time. 

  • Instability :

Though the basic demand for jewelry is always there the trends keep changing. So if you have one particular type of design you create, it has a chance of falling out of favour. This affects self-employed designers more, as the demand for some creations of theirs can suddenly just die out. 

  • Price :

 Jewelry is generally very costly. This means that the general mass of the population tends to buy jewelry only on special occasions. Often, they tend to veer towards imitations of the  real things which are relatively far cheaper than original pieces of jewelry, leading to less demand for jewelry and thus in turn jewelry designers. 

   Jewelry Design is an intricate form of art with the concepts for the designs renedered by the designer before the item of jewelry is created, by making detailed sketches of the item. The designer needs to have extensive knowledge and experience of the raw materials, the fabrication techniques, composition, trends, the market, etc. Jewelry definitely is here to stay and so jewelry design will also be equally important for it’s creation. 

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