24+ Pros and Cons of just having Bread and Water (Explained)

   Crash Diets have become the rage nowadays and there are a number of Crash or Fad Diets in existence. Their growing popularity stems from the fact that they promise quick and easy results and everyone wants to have reduced weights without having to work hard for it.

So the simple diet of having just bread along with water everyday and achieving lower weights quickly can seem extremely attractive. But, every diet plan has it’s pros and cons. So let’s look closely at this one and find out it’s features. 

Benefits of just having bread and waterDrawbacks of just having food and water
Causes rapid weight lossReduced Testosterone
Has high satiation quotientImpaired Wound Healing
You ingest several nutrients Vision is affected
More Iron & Less SugarHigh risk of infection
Body is well HydratedVery bad for bones
Poor Skin & Hair Health
Mental Health deteriorates
Negative Physical Implications

Advantages of just having Bread and Water

  • Weight Loss :

   Eating only bread and water, in the form of a tactic for rapid weight loss, can be categorised as a Crash Diet. This diet has a pattern of eating and drinking only bread and water respectively for a day, followed by normal eating for the next. This diet plan has generally been found to deliver measurable results really fast. 

  • Satiation :

   Studies have shown that in between bread and pasta/rice, eating bread, when it comes to a low-calorie diet,  is way more satiating than eating rice or pasta. Now even though whole-grain and white bread are similar in calorie content, whole-grain bread has a considerable fiber and protein content. Both these two elements accentuate the bread’s satiating qualities. 

  • Nutrients Intake :

     Breads contain two Vitamins of the B Group, namely – Thiamine or B1 and Niacin or B3. They have the important job of releasing energy from the food we eat. The Group B Vitamin Folate(Folic Acid), present in bread can help prevent neural tube defects like the Spina Bifida. Thus having bread and water gives you these important nutrients. 

  • More Iron & Less Sugar :

   Breads have a lot of iron. Especially white bread, that is completely fortified with iron. Now iron holds a lot of importance in the departments of energy, concentration and of course, healthy blood. Moreover, most breads have a very little sugar content and so just having bread and water will definitely bring down your sugar intake. 

  • Hydration :

   Having water as your every meal is bound to keep you very well hydrated. Having your body filled with water makes sure that the filled up waste inside your body gets flushed out through urination and also sweat. This reduces the chances of  UTIs and Kidney stones. Moreover water also aids in the digestion process of the body. 

Disadvantages of just having Bread and Water

  • Reduced Testosterone Levels :

   The food we eat has an effect on our weight and how the body’s internal systems function. Bread contains extremely small amounts of fat and is considerably rich in fiber, making a diet of simply water and bread disastrous for the hormonal levels. A fiber rich diet with minimal fat content can drastically reduce the body’s testosterone levels. 

  • Impaired Wound Healing :

   Bread tends to be lacking when it comes to Vitamin C. Vitamin C is absolutely imperative for proper growth and development of the human body and also acts as an antioxidant. On top of that this nutrient is very important for the wound healing process. So only eating bread and water would at the very least, delay wound healing. 

  • Affect Your Vision :

   Bread and water are two things that are completely devoid of the Vitamin A. This nutrient is very important for the maintenance of the lining in our eyes, that prevents the entry of harmful bacteria. There is a possibility of night blindness, since the absence of Vitamin A, dries eyes out, causing damage to the Cornea and the Retina. 

  • Increased Risk of Infection :

   A diet of just bread and water can leave you more vulnerable to a variety of infections. Both the Vitamins A and C are absent in bread and water. These Vitamins are intrinsically involved in the maintenance of the immune system’s integrity. Infections that are relatively innocuous could also turn into severe health issues owing to the compromised immunity. 

  • Not Good for Bones :

   The Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, which is basically a part of your bone structure. Moreover, bread has absolutely no percentage of the Vitamin D and low levels of all these vitamins can result in Osteoporosis(a specific bone disease that reduces bone integrity and highly increases risk of fractures). Bread only has negligible amounts of calcium. 

  • Poor Skin and Hair Health :

   “Dietary Fat” is not present in either bread or water. Now Dietary Fat is often something kept out of diets owing to the fact that it has a very high calorie content. However, completely leaving it out of your food intake can spell disaster for your body. The body requires fat to keep both your hair and skin healthy. 

  • Mental Health :

   Consuming only bread and water can have massive negative impacts for mental health. People can experience extreme irritability and fatigue and also cravings, with the body deprived of essential calories and nutrients. Now as a result, the subject can find it very hard to fall asleep, have problems in interactions and/or being productive in their everyday lives. 

  • Physical Effects :

   On this diet, the body will consume muscle protein with fat. When the diet is over, the body will regain the weight, but in fat. So the dieter will basically have a bigger percentage of body fat in comparison to muscle, than when he/she started out. Also, constipation is a real possibility with bread generally containing minimal fiber. 

   So in conclusion, even though you are more or less assured of having a quick reduction in weight in a short time, at first, there will be severe repercussions on your body(both physical and mental), if you try this diet. In case you decide that you want to give this a go, do so only after consulting a professional physician, to make sure you can handle it. 

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