25+ Main Pros and Cons of Keto Cycling (Explained)

Anybody can follow a ketogenic lifestyle in an extremely sustainable way through keto cycling.Keto cycling is a less restrictive method referring to which a man follows a ketogenic dietary regime for some days and then endeavors to take a little break in order to consume high or normal levels of food products that are rich in carbohydrates.

This is how one can cut carbs for a few days in a week and resume increasing the carb intake on the remaining days of the week. This dietary regime is extremely affordable.  

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of keto cycling. 

Benefits of Keto Cycling:Drawbacks of Keto Cycling:
Less restrictiveCannot be recommended to those who want to lose weight
Intake of healthy carbsIt is quite difficult to continue this regime and sustain
Heavy intake of carbs on workout daysCalorie depletion
Ketogenic dietary regime is satisfyingFood obsession
Intake of quality proteins
Helps people who suffer from epilepsy
No intake of low-fat food products

Advantages of Keto Cycling:

  • Less restrictive: 

Keto cycling or ketogenic dietary regime is much less restrictive than normal keto dietary plan. This regime is specially designed for those who need a balanced diet for sustenance. Healthy carb intake is equally necessary along with other nutrients because the food products that are rich in carbohydrates are energy inducing food products. One needs to maintain an energy boosting diet in order to stay healthy. 

  • Intake of healthy carbs: 

Food items that mainly contain unhealthy refined carbohydrates with a low amount of fiber such as cookies, breads and other bakery items cannot ideally benefit someone and certainly cannot enable a person to reduce weight. Keto cycling, on the other hand, promotes intake of healthy carbs that are rich in fiber. Keto cycling, hence, helps one to maintain a productive and healthy dietary routine. 

  • Heavy intake of carbs on workout days: 

On the days when you choose to work out, your body requires energy boosting food products that are primarily rich in proteins and heavy carbohydrates. Since you have the luxury to consume the food items that are rich in heavy carbohydrates on certain days of a week, you have the liberty to have them on the days when you exercise.

This dietary plan is very practical and great for your health. This does not make you weak. Physical activities indeed offer several benefits, but in order to compensate for the amount of energy that you have already invested, heavy intake of carbs is highly recommended. 

  • Ketogenic dietary regime is satisfying: 

That you find a scope to alternate your high-carb diet plan with low intake of carbs, you remain more or less satisfied with your cyclical dietary routine. You can devour upon energy inducing food products when your body needs high calories and carbohydrates, and you can easily go back to a strict ketogenic diet plan when you understand you need to reduce some weight.

This plan is quite balanced and healthy. Except a few with severe health conditions, the majority finds this routine extremely beneficial. 

  • Intake of quality proteins: 

Keto cycling encourages intake of high quality proteins. Especially if you work out on certain days in a week, your body needs to repair the old tissues and muscles. For that, you need high quality proteins which you can find in red meat and fatty fish. This dietary regime is so lenient that it will give you the liberty to consume all the food products that your body needs at right intervals. 

  • Helps people who suffer from epilepsy: 

Pediatric patients who suffer from epilepsy are often advised to go for keto cycling. This specially designed diet plan reduces seizures. It also helps those who want to scrap body fat in brief timeframes. It also helps patients with neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease. 

  • No intake of low-fat food products: 

Low fat food products are beneficial at times especially if one intends to reduce weight and escape severe heart diseases, but these food items are not recommended for those who opt for a cyclical ketogenic diet plan.

Since people who choose keto cycling enjoy this cyclical intake of carbs, low fat food products do not benefit them much. On the days when they eat high quality proteins and carbs, they also need high-fat food products to sustain. 

Disadvantages of Keto Cycling: 

  • Cannot be recommended to those who want to lose weight:

People, who are hell-bent on losing weight that they have gained, are better advised to go for a strict ketogenic diet plan instead of going for keto cycling. Results may vary because there are instances when some people failed to follow this routine and ended up gaining a lot of weight. 

  • It is quite difficult to continue this regime and sustain

As already mentioned, some people find it extremely difficult to continue this plan and sustain. An unequal intake of high quality proteins and heavy carbs can damage one’s body and the person can even suffer from severe diseases.

One needs a dietician and a fitness expert who can plan a proper diet schedule and recommend only those food products that are beneficial for one’s body, mostly because everyone doesn’t have the same physical makeup. People need customised dietary plans that cater to their individual interests. 

  • Calorie depletion: 

Of course, high intake of calories is not good for health, but complete calorie depletion too harms one’s body. A certain amount of calories is important for each one of us. 

  • Food obsession:

Often people who opt for keto cycling have been found obsessing over mouth-watering cuisines. When one is prohibited from consuming the food products he intends to have, he naturally develops a latent obsession for those food products. This can damage one’s mental peace. 

However, despite some minor drawbacks, cyclical ketogenic dietary routine is extremely beneficial and most importantly less restrictive. The beginners, who have just started working out, can go for keto cycling because that enables them to keep their cravings for food in check and also sustain properly by consuming healthy nutrients. 

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