15+ Pros and Cons of Keto on Vegans (Explained)

The internet is full of “great-for-you!” fad diets that seem to change in popularity every passing day. There are some diets that lack any scientific backing and can in fact put people’s health in great danger. Popular fad diets like the hCG, grapefruit and the blood type diets among others have been proven to be unscientific in nature and useless in helping people improve their health. 

However, there are some diets worth checking out. The ketogenic diet, made popular by influencers, is a high-fat and low-carbohydrate intake diet that has found favor among health fanatics, especially among the vegan community. 

Benefits of Keto on VegansDrawbacks of Keto on Vegans
Very scientific dietThere are too many limitations with a keto vegan diet
Does not clash with the tenets of veganismA person is stripped away of many essential nutrients if they follow both diets simultaneously
Ketogenic diet does not particularly require meat productsThe strict diets can cause many health issues 
Rapid weight loss results Affordability is the real question
Helps people who are susceptible to epilepsy
Reduces the risk of heart diseases
Promotes a healthy mind and body 

Advantages of Keto on Vegans:

  • Very scientific diet.

A benefit of the ketogenic diet is that it works on scientific principles, so you don’t have to lose mind and body about whether you are doing the right thing. The ketogenic diet focuses on burning off fats and reducing the dependence on carbohydrates. This way, the reduction in the intake of carbs and the increased dependence on fats and proteins for sustenance provides solid, long term results.

  • Does not clash with the tenets of veganism.

Veganism is a life choice — the choice to not harm animals, to not endorse hurting animals. Vegans make a conscious choice to avoid eating the flesh of animals or any of their by-products, like dairy. The ketogenic diet can easily accommodate these dietary restrictions. Plant-based fats are introduced for vegans so that they partake of the diet without having to sacrifice beliefs.

keto diet do not clash with the tenets of veganism
  • Ketogenic diet does not particularly require meat products. 

Ketogenic diets focus on fats for the main source of energy, but the loophole is that you can select whichever way you want to get your source of fats from. This means that the fats that you procur for your diet need not be meat-based fats. Some vegan sources of fats for a ketogenic diet are: coconut products, oils, nuts and seeds, etc.

  • Rapid weight loss results.

One of the best benefits of the ketogenic diet is that results are prompt. With vegan restrictions in place, the goal to lose weight in a healthy, medically approved manner comes about much faster. A rapid weight loss in a controlled manner encourages people to follow a safe and healthy diet. When a person sees fast results, they are motivated to follow their goals through.

Vegans On Keto Diets Experience Rapid Weight Loss
  • Helps people who are susceptible to epilepsy.

A ketogenic diet is designed to lower the rate of epileptic attacks and seizures in people, especially children. While a clear reason for epileptic attacks isn’t always apparent, some studies say that a keto diet could be the answer to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. Keto diets are often recommended to people who suffer epilepsy and epilepsy-related issues which cannot be treated by anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). 

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases. 

A vegan keto diet does more than simply help you lose some extra weight — it clears up clogged arteries, improves the heart, and keeps diseases like diabetes and obesity-related illnesses at bay. The chances of suffering a heart attack and heart-related issues are greatly reduced by the double benefit of a vegan ketogenic diet. 

  • Promotes a healthy mind and body.

A vegan keto diet promotes good health and healthy practices that have a positive impact on both mind and body. A good diet releases endorphins and serotonin, which creates a sense of happiness and wellbeing in the mind of an individual. While the keto diet encourages a healthy body, a vegan lifestyle promotes a well endowed mind and the opportunity to learn about and love nature without harming anybody.

Disadvantages of Keto on Vegans:

  • There are too many limitations with a keto vegan diet.

A vegan diet curbs any sort of meat options and animal by-products. A keto diet inhibits most, if not all sources of carbohydrates, and carbs are one of the most common types of foods — rice, bread, pastas, etc. There are too many rules to follow, some of which may well nigh be impossible for working people.

Keto Diet Has Too Many Limitations For Vegan
  • A person is stripped away of many essential nutrients if they follow both diets simultaneously.

Many dieticians recommend a reformed model of the vegan keto diet, because the two diet choices together prohibit many sources of necessary nutrition to enter the body. This leads to many deficiencies, and can even cause severe malnutrition. The rapid weight loss has also contributed to a lot of health issues.

  • The strict diets can cause many health issues.

One of the most problematic issues of the vegan keto diet are the innumerable health problems. Lack of fibre in the diet leads to constipation and gallstones. One of the side-effects of the ketogenic diet is the keto flu — a sort of reaction that the body exhibits against the burning of fats for energy instead of carbohydrates. 

Keto Diet For Vegans Causes Lot Of Health Issues
  • Affordability is the real question.

The vegan diet in itself is quite exclusive — the ingredients to many vegan recipes and vegan substitutes for dishes that traditionally use animal flesh are quite expensive and not easy to buy altogether. The ketogenic diet excludes many affordable items of food that are a necessity in many kitchens.

Veganism is more of a philosophical lifestyle than simply a diet. Choosing not to harm animals and their by-products may seem like a noble and honourable venture on paper, but with the many restrictions that a ketogenic diet imposes on a person, there are many pros and cons that need to be considered. Choose a diet that is scientific, with realistic goals that you can follow.

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