22+ Kindle Pros And Cons (Explained)

With advancement of technology, most of us have shifted to e-books. E-books are usually available for free or are very inexpensive and therefore quite convenient. Kindle is a device that has helped in boosting the usage of e-books. It offers great features to make reading more accessible and affordable. A Kindle can hold many books at once and there will not be any storage issues.

This cannot be said for our homes. There are also several features which allow a reader to customise his or her reading options. You can easily take notes, look up meanings and monitor your reading lists without too much hassle. 

Pros of Kindle

  • Many books can be stored at once:

A Kindle has storage space for a large volume of books. While we can keep buying books, we are bound to run out spaces on our shelves or for shelves. But this will not happen on a Kindle. You can add as many books as you want. 

is there large selection of books available on kindle
  • The device is quite lightweight and portable:

A Kindle does not weigh much and can easily fit in your bag. Therefore it is also very portable. This is definitely easier than carrying multiple books around, especially the number of books that you can have on your Kindle. You can add your books and read on a Kindle anywhere you want. 

is kindle a portable device
  • Important areas can be digitally highlighted:

If you are someone who does not like highlighting on physical books, then this is a great feature. You can highlight areas and then remove those highlights whenever you want. It is also easier to keep notes which can be deleted once your work is done. 

  • The font or font size can be adjusted:

This is a convenient feature for those who have a problem in reading small print. The font type or the size on a Kindle can be changed. You can set whichever font and font size you are comfortable with as a default option. 

  • Pages in multiple books can be bookmarked:

Since you can have multiple books at once on a Kindle, there is an option to bookmark each book. This allows you to keep a track of where you were in each book, even if you were reading five books at the same time. 

  • Many books are available at reasonable rates and some are for free:

The range of books available on Kindle is vast and most of them come at very affordable prices. There are also some books, especially old and popular classics which are available for free. Buying physical copies of books can be quite expensive. But this is really great and can work for every budget. 

  • Provides an overview of the contents of the book:

Kindle provides details about the book that you are reading or wish to read. The information includes a list of images, maps or people mentioned (especially in non fiction) as well as an overview of the content. This is more informative than just a blurb. 

  • Dictionary option:

There is a dictionary option on a Kindle. You can place the cursor on or tap on a word and its meaning and all related information will be immediately displayed. This is a great feature and you will not need to search the word separately on Google or go hunting for a dictionary to know the meaning.

  • Easy search option:

The Kindle has a search option which can be used to find specific sections in a book. This is very convenient and you can find the desired passage in a minute. The search option works efficiently and displays all relevant passages from which you can choose which you were looking for. 

  • The display light can be adjusted:

The light used on the background can be adjusted whenever required. If you are reading at night, then you can adjust the backlight or switch on the night mode so that you do not have to strain your eyes. This makes reading quite comfortable at all times. 

Cons of Kindle

  • Not a good option for those with poor eyesight:

If you have poor eyesight, then using a Kindle can be seriously damaging, especially if you are someone who reads a lot. While the illumination and font size can be adjusted, it will still affect your eyes and can cause serious problems in the long run. 

does kindle puts strain on the eyes
  • Ruins the experience of reading a physical book:

Holding a book and smelling the scent of new pages cannot be replaced by anything. With a Kindle, you do not get to experience this. You cannot feel the pages beneath your fingers and you cannot dog-ear or mark a page. There is hardly any personal touch that can be added while reading. 

  • Graphics are not displayed properly:

Kindle does not do a good job with graphics. If a book has images in color, then those will be displayed as black and white. Also, due to this reason, reading a graphic novel, especially one that has colored images, on Kindle is no fun at all. 

  • Not all books are available:

Several old books or rare books will not be available on Kindle. There are even some popular, contemporary books which are not available. If you rely completely on your e-books then you will definitely miss out on several great books which cannot be purchased for Kindle. 

  • Not easy to manage multiple books at the same time:

While you can read multiple books on Kindle, it is difficult to manage the whole list and keep a track of them. If you are doing research then you will have to go through many books at once and that might be difficult on a Kindle. 

  • There might be technical issues:

The Kindle after all is a device that runs on technology. Therefore, technical issues will definitely occur. It might due to poor maintenance or because of internal glitches. When this happens, you might lose all saved content or you might have to spend a lot to repair the device. 

is kindle prone to technical issues

Many of us lead busy lives and we do not have time to browse in bookstores. Having a Kindle saves us from that trouble. A Kindle can definitely never recreate the feel of a physical book but it is definitely the next best thing.

Also if you are someone who is comfortable with e-books then a Kindle is really a great option. You can keep as many books as you want and read them wherever and whenever you want. 

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