18+ Pros and Cons Of Kissing (Explained)

Kissing is the way to show your affection to your loved ones. The strongest relationships are shared by kisses to communicate their love to each other. 

It is a romantic gesture between the couples. It is also good foreplay for sex between sexual partners. 

Kissing is the very foundation of every non-platonic relationship as it brings the people to each other intimately and bonds them. 

However, you might know this but there are advantages of kissing and so are the disadvantages. 

Here you go to see how kissing can be good and bad for you as well. 

Pros of Kissing  Cons of Kissing 
Kissing Is Be Good For Teeth Can Spread Cavities 
Kissing Burn Calories It can Transmit Gingivitis and Periodontal Diseases
 Its Feel-Good Hormones 
It Helps You In Bonding 
Kissing Impacts Your Self-esteem In A Tangible Way
Romantic Partner Boost Sex Drive 
Kissing Reduces Stress 

Pros of Kissing 

 Kissing Is Be Good For Teeth

Kissing is good for your teeth. This is quite an interesting fact about kissing as well. 

Kissing actually promotes good dental hygiene in a very different way. What happens is when you kiss, your mouth produces more saliva. 

Saliva is a natural lubricant that helps remove the plaque by washing it away or eroding it away. 

So, kissing basically increases the saliva production in your mouth preventing or reducing the plaque, also further from dental health problems. 

Well, it might sound gross but it is indeed true how kissing end to be helpful to your body. 

Kissing Burn Calories 

It is actually one of the fun fact about kissing that goes around quite a lot, about how it helps to burn calories. 

Well, this is indeed true!  Kissing can help you burn calories ranging from 2 to 26 per minute where it depends upon how much passionate you are while kissing. 

Certainly it is not a workout regime but it is a good know that it helps loosing calories overall when you are at the pursuit. 

Kissing Releases The Feel-Good Hormones 

When you kiss someone, it is due to the affection and love you feel for someone. 

Kissing evokes feelings in the person and connects to the other person. It certainly makes people feel happy and feel good. 

It happens because kissing releases the feel-good hormones in your body. It also boosts the happy hormones in you. 

What happens is, when you kiss, your body releases chemicals including oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. 

It makes you feel euphoric and connected to someone in the most intensive way. Surprisingly, it also lowers your cortisol which is called stress hormones. 

Kissing Helps You In Bonding 

As you know,  kissing releases feel-good and happy hormones in your body which are basically the chemicals releasing such as oxytocin. 

It is the same chemical that helps humans bond with each other. It helps to pair with others.  

When you kiss someone, there is a rush of oxytocin you feel which causes the feeling of love, affection, and attachment one feels towards another person. 

That’s why kissing your partner improves the relationship as it boosts the relationship satisfaction of the person. 

It also promotes a long-term intimate relationship with strong bonding. 

Kissing Impacts Your Self-esteem In A Tangible Way

Improving self-esteem does give a clear understanding of what really goes into it. 

But kissing actually has a tangible effect on your self-esteem. It not just release happy hormones but also reduce cortisol levels. 

And that’s something that helps in the potential feeling of self-worth. It helps the case by reducing cortisol levels, also called stress hormones. 

According to the research conducted in 2016, the participants who were found to be unhappy with their physical appearance had high levels of cortisol in their bodies. 

Certainly, there is more research needed on the accuracy of this benefit. However, even if kissing temporarily increases the self-esteem of the person, it is still a good benefit to have. 

Kissing Your Romantic Partner Boost Sex Drive 

Kissing is defintely the starter for the sex to happen. It builds the momentum that lead upto the sex between two partners. 

Moreover, it increases the sex drive in the person. So it is also proven to be great foreplay making the sexual expereince even better. 

Kissing Reduces Stress 

As mentioned earlier that kissing releases hormones that also prevent or reduce the release of cortisol. 

It lowers cortisol levels which are also called the stress hormone. Kissing overall increases happiness and hence it reduces stress. 

Just like kissing, other ways to show affection like hugging or saying something like ‘I love you’ also reduce stress. 

Kissing Also Reduces Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand. So when Kissing releases happy hormones and reduces stress, it also helps you manage anxiety. 

A kiss can actually stop people from panicking or getting anxious as it has a calming effect on people. 

It takes away to breathe for a moment and makes people focus on breathing again including relaxation and wellness. 

Since it releases oxytocin, the same chemical is also known for increasing relaxation and hence helps in anxiety. 

Kissing Reduces Your Blood Pressure 

According to Andrea Demirjian, known for his book called “ Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures”, kissing, reduces blood pressure. 

He stated that when you kiss, your heart rate, in some way dilates your blood vessels. 

When the blood vessels dilate, the blood flow increases and that causes a decrease in the blood pressure for some time immediately. 

So, overall this can be concluded with the fact that Kissing is not just metaphorically good for the heart but quite literally. 

Kissing Can Soothes Headaches 

Well, say goodby to the excuse “ Not tonite dear, I have a headache”. You can actually kiss them to help soothe their headaches. 

It happens as the dilatation of blood vessels caused by kissing lowers the blood pressure. 

So it may help soothe the headaches or even prevent them by reducing stress and anxiety. 

Making your loved one happy enough to not have the headaches in the first by kissing them is also a good way. 

Kissing Can Improve Your Immune System

Kissing involves the swapping of your spit. And it can boost your immunity as it exposes you to new germs over the span of time multiple times. 

According to a 2014 study, it is found that couples who kiss very often share the same microbiota through their saliva and on their tongues are found to have a stronger immune system. 

Cons of Kissing 

Kissing Can Spread Cavities 

On one hand, you know that kissing is good for dental health as it increases the saliva production in your mouth preventing or removing plaques. 

And then, the fact that kissing can actually spread cavities as well.  Just like the cold, you can actually pass the cavities to another person via kissing. 

And actually, any kind of dental or gum disease is communicable to another person through kissing. 

According to the researches, a person can catch cavity problems in their teeth just as easily, or commonly they can catch a cold. 

It is true that cavities are formed by not taking care of your teeth, not cleaning and brushing it, or eating too many sugary foods. 

But still, you have a higher chance of catching up with a cavity from another person by kissing. 

Even if the person has a history of cavities he or she is also more likely to catch a cavity by kissing someone. 

Kissing Can Also Transmit Gingivitis and Periodontal Diseases

Just like the cavities, the same also goes for any gum disease. Kissing can actually be the medium of transmission of Periodontal disease and Gingivitis from one person to another. 

If you have been diagnosed with any periodontal diseases or Gingivitis, you should think twice before kissing your loved one or spouse. 

The same if your spouse or loved one got a disease, it is better to show your affection in some other way. 

Even the children are prone to get these gum diseases easily from their parents when they share kisses. 

If parents have gum diseases of any sort, they certainly can transmit it to their kids via kissing.

So it is better to be cautious about the dental health of your partners around yourself and yours around your loved ones. 

Make sure you and your family go for regular dental checkups and monitor the dental health of your family as well. 

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