24+ Pros and Cons of Lace Work (Explained)

The various forms of style and fashion are taking over the world right now. It is not the case any longer that fashion is reduced to just the talks and actions of elite city population but has not combined with ethnic forms of various countries and cultures to form something that is absolutely dynamic and new.

This is where the idea of lace work has also incorporated itself. Lace work has been an age old form of fashion, but it has now been revived with newer elements that make it look fabulous. Let us take a look at the various pros and cons.

Benefits of Lace WorkDrawbacks of Lace Work

Great for Photo Shoots

Lace Work is Difficult to Make

Beautiful Design 

It is Sometimes very Expensive

Comfortable Texture 

The Problem of Transparency may be Uncomfortable to Some

Versatile Usage

The Investment is More Than Other Forms

The Clothing is Great for Summers

Heavy Lace Work is not Suited to Tropical Climate
Lace Work Design is a Great Festive WearCombination is Not Possible

Variety of Lace Work

Not Durable if Worn Regularly
 The Various Styles can be Worn for Various Occasions

Alternative to Other Forms of Dresses


  • Great for Photo Shoots:

The best thing about lace work is that it is a great design and fashion choice for photo shoots, as the texture and colours of lace work dresses look fabulous. In today’s world fashion is highlighted through the work of photos and that is why lace work is in demand.

  • Beautiful Design:

The design of the dresses is beyond beautiful, sometimes even resembling the forms of architecture that can be found in Rome and ancient Italy. This is because the inspiration of the designs is also from old age Roman culture and history. Lace work makes dress look delicate.

  • Comfortable Texture:

The texture of these dresses is also very comfortable. This makes them an obvious choice as summer dresses. With lace work on summer dresses, the one wearing these dresses appears elegant and beautiful. This is another reason why lace work is so popular and in demand with the generation.

  • Versatile Usage:

The usage of the dresses made with lace work, also known as lace dresses quite versatile in form. These dresses can be worn to an afternoon siesta with friends and they can be worn to parties with work friends and also to weddings. This makes them valuable and multipurpose.

  • The Clothing is Great for Summer:

The lace work dresses is a great addition for summer collections and summer wardrobes. Often recommended by fashion experts across the world as the go to dressing choice for summers, lace work is also called the ‘summer’s child’, because of its extreme comfort.

  • Lace Work Design is a Great Festive Wear:

The design for the dresses when done with lace work is the kind of design that one would wear during festivals. Lace work dresses are often called so because they have the advantage of not only daytime wear, but also of being great evening and formal wear.

  • Variety of Lace Work:

The various forms of lace work that are on offer through the year and the various designs that keep the lace work in line with fashion make it very appealing. Chantilly lace, Lyon lace, Corded lace are just a few options available and all of them look great!

  • The Various Styles can be Worn for Various Occasions:

The various styles mentioned above can be worn for various occasions. When it comes to fashion, there is no event of occasion that lace work may not be suitable for. This extends from birthday parties to even funerals, lace work provides just the tone for the setting.

  • Alternative to Other Forms of Dresses:

The best things about lace work and its inherent demand is the availability of lace work for various occasions as alternatives to other forms of dresses. This is because the lace work is considered to be an alternative to silk and satin as well. 


  • Lace Work is Difficult to Make:

The problem with lace work is that it is quite difficult to make due extensive labour processes. The dress not only has to be made separately, but the lace work too is highly detailed and has to be done by highly skilled people.

  • It is sometimes very Expensive:

The lace work can be bought local as well. These dresses are more priced than normal silk or other material dresses, but the lace work dresses made by international brands are sometimes priced extremely high. This is one big disadvantage of affording lace work.

  • The Problem of Transparency may be Uncomfortable to Some:

The lace work designs are often made in such a way that there may be some revealing elements in the dresses. In the West, it is easy but in more backward and conservative countries, this may be a big problem.

  • The Investment is More Than Other Forms:

The initial investment in making lace work dresses is more than other forms of dresses precisely because of the labour involved. This means that the dresses will become expensive when sold to the retailers. By the time it reaches market it will be even more expensive.

  • Heavy Lace Work is not Suited to Tropical Climate:

The tropical countries usually hit extreme conditions in the months of summers. The lace work dresses which are light do not pose a problem for this kind of work, but the lace work which is heavy is a big problem for these countries.

  • Combination is Not Possible:

The combination of lace work with other forms or materials of dresses is not possible, hence it is said that the lace work is often exclusively made for only certain kinds of cloth. This makes lace work heavy in size while also reserved for certain materials only.

  • Not Durable if Worn Regularly:

The lace work of the materials that are worn as dresses are often not durable if used as regular wear. Several consumers have complained of the lace work falling off or disintegrating over time if the dresses are worn quite regularly. This is a drawback. 


The lace work on dresses is often considered to be the most beautiful forms of designing that has existed in the line of fashion, but like all beautiful things it also has its own limitations. Lace work is definitely a good option for occasions, but may not be so apt for regular use.

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