23 Main Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a must have in the world of beauty. Long lashes have always been associated with beauty and femininity. Long lashes can make even a plain face look absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with long, hooded eyelashes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have what you don’t have.

Many people opt for natural remedies like coconut oil to lengthen their lashes, or even use fake lashes. However, some go the extra mile and get lash extensions. Is it a good or bad idea? We will examine some advantages and disadvantages of the much touted eyelash extensions.

Benefits of Lash ExtensionsDrawbacks of Lash Extensions
More natural looking than false lashesA very expensive option
Brightens your faceMight lead to complications
Enhances your eyesCan cause traction alopecia
Can be customisedMay lead to temporary or permanent loss of lashes
No need for mascaraQuestionable ingredients
Falls off naturally in 6-8 weeks’ time Very high maintenance
Get makeup ready quicker
Boosts your confidence

Advantages of Lash Extensions

  • More natural looking than false lashes.

Eyelash extensions are glued on to your natural lash line like fake lashes, but unlike the latter, stay on for a longer period. They can be considered semi-permanent when compared to fake lashes which can be pulled off whenever you want. Lash extensions look much more natural and feel softer than their fake counterparts.

  • Brightens your face.

Eyelashes have the power to alter the way you look. Smaller or practically non-existent eyelashes can make a face look slightly bloated, and make the eyes disappear. Lash extensions help to brighten your face and your whole outlook. Lash extensions lend tired or puffy eyes a natural beauty.

  • Enhances your eyes.

Lash extensions help bring out the beauty and charm of your eyes. Longer lashes have been typically associated with feminine faces, and lend a rugged beauty to men with long lashes. Lash extensions are a solution to your small lashes. They can enhance your eyes, and add depth and volume to your face.

  • Can be customised.

Like natural lashes, lash extensions come in different sizes, lengths, shapes and density. If you want lash extensions, there is a whole array of options to select from. You can choose very thin or very thick lashes, and select the type of curl you want. Suffice it to say, you will be spoiled for choice.

  • No need for mascara.

Applying mascara to the lashes is a tedious job for some, but with lash extensions, it doesn’t have to be. People use mascara to make their lashes look darker, but this becomes redundant if you use lash extensions, as you choose the thickness of your lashes. 

  • Falls off naturally in 6-8 weeks’ time.

You may want to change your choice of extensions and, or simply want a break from having to wear extensions at all. Well, you don’t have to worry, because lash extensions are not permanent fixtures — they fall off within 6-8 weeks alongside your natural lashes.

  • Get makeup ready quicker.

Putting makeup around your eyes is one of the most tedious and cumbersome jobs ever, that require a lot of patience and a steady hand. With lash extensions, your makeup time is practically cut in half, and you don’t have to almost poke your eye out to make your eyes look pretty.

  • Boosts your confidence.

A pretty face will always boost one’s self confidence. If you do not feel pretty or comfortable in your own skin, a pair of long, thick eyelashes can make all the difference in the world. Longer lashes make your face look glamorous and helps you believe in yourself.

Disadvantages of Lash Extensions

  • A very expensive option.

The application of lash extensions is a very gruelling process. Each lash is attached individually to create a natural effect, and this takes many hours to complete. Therefore, lash extensions are a very expensive option that are exclusive to the rich and elite. 

  • Might lead to complications.

When you go for lash extensions, make sure the lash technician uses clean instruments and conducts business in a hygienic manner. Otherwise, you might be afflicted with skin irritations, eye infections, and a whole range of eye related disasters. Lash extensions, after all, are no child’s play.

  • Can cause traction alopecia.

While this is rare, using lash extensions for prolonged periods may cause traction alopecia. If you wear lash extensions for years and do not take care of them, or wear lashes that are heavier than your natural lashes, you may lose your natural lashes, and never regrow them. 

  • May lead to temporary or permanent loss of lashes.

The wrong type of adhesive or lash material may cause dangerous effects. Irritation due to glue can lead to painful, swelling eyes, and lash extensions themselves may cause you to lose your natural lashes. Make sure you go to a reputable clinician for lash extensions.

  • Questionable ingredients.

You should always question the lash technician about the ingredients that make up the adhesive or glue. If the clinician does not answer your questions, you should leave immediately. Some adhesives contain formaldehyde, a known irritant that rages destruction on eyes. Opt for the pricier but safer adhesives that contain cyanoacrylates, which do not cause as much irritation to the eyes.

  • Very high maintenance.

Lash extensions are pricey options that are extremely high maintenance. You have to return to the clinic to fill out your extensions. In fact the longer you take to visit the lash technician to fill out your lashes, the more the lashes fall, and the more your technician charges you for it. They may even put in a new set, which cost a lot more.

Eyelash extensions can truly be a great improvement on the face, but what matters most is where you go to get your lashes done. You should choose only reputable salons, ask questions so that you get the best lashes for your face shape, and forgo coupons. Never skimp on eyelash extensions. Remember to care for your lashes.

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